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Individuals who are interested in earning a political science degree can do so using an online platform. Studying online provides many benefits that a traditional classroom does not. Unlike a traditional classroom, online courses are extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling. Students can study when it best fits into their daily routine. As long as their assignments are turned in on time, they can study whenever they can fit it into their schedules. For individuals who are raising a family and working a full-time job, studying after everyone else has gone to bed may be the most beneficial.

Another benefit of enrolling in an online Political Science degree program is that the student can continue working at their current job. Whether they are already working in a field that uses political sciences or are ready to change careers, learning in an online format gives them the option to continue working while they attend school. For many students, the only way to return to school is to do so in a way that allows them to keep working and supporting their families.

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Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Online Political Science Degrees

To rank the best online political science bachelor’s programs, Bachelor’s Degree Center editors researched hybrid and fully online programs from accredited, trustworthy institutions. For the ranking, editors used data from IPEDS and Niche, including tuition rate, student satisfaction, and graduate salary.

1. Washington University in St Louis

Washington University in St Louis offers a political science BS that is one of the best online political science degrees available. This program gives students the opportunity to gain knowledge regarding political life as part of their wider education. It’s great preparation for those who wish to attend business or law school. Some political science majors further their education by getting master’s degrees in urban planning, journalism, and social work. Many graduates go to work at local, state or federal government agencies.

With an overall Niche grade of A+, Washington University ranks highly in categories such as diversity, academics, athletics, value and campus life. The University cultivates a community of achievers who encourage one another to remain tenacious and express their creativity. Students acquire confidence and the knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen field. Faculty members are leading members of their various fields and work side by side with students on projects.

What We Like: Only 15% of students are accepted into the university. If you are one of the lucky freshmen or transfers, you become part of an elite club of academic excellence.

Degree: Political Science, BS

2. University of Iowa

Students who attend the University of Iowa’s political science BA program enjoy one of the best online political science degrees available in the state. This major prepares students for work in the public and private sectors. Some graduates go on to work in nonprofit organizations. Domestic and international jobs held by recent graduates include the Peace Corps, government administration, public policy and banking. Other graduates prefer to continue their education by getting higher degrees in public policy, public administration, international relationships and law.

The University of Iowa has nearly 33,000 students who come from all 50 states and over 100 countries. Educating students since 1847, the university is the oldest college in the state and is located in a picturesque college town.

What We Like: The University of Iowa is the number one higher education institute in the state. This gives students the opportunity to receive the best possible education.

Degree: Political Science, BA

3. Penn State World Campus

One of the best online political science degrees includes Penn State World Campus’ political science BA. Upper-level courses in this program focus on research and writing projects so that students can hone their skills and prepare for careers in journalism, business, law, government, and the private sector. With this degree, graduates emerge prepared for graduate school in fields such as public administration and political science. For military students, this degree refines the skills needed to advance within civilian or government jobs.

Penn State Online has just 2,500 undergraduate students. this public university accepts just over half of students who apply. Other popular majors include nursing, information science, and business.

What We Like: 88% Of students surveyed were confident that they would find a job upon completion of their program.

Degree: Political Science, BA

4. Northeastern University

The political science BS at Northeastern University is one of the best online political science degrees in the country. This program provides introductory courses for students who are not familiar with the subject. After mastering the basics, students take more focused courses on political science and finish with a capstone course that gives them hands-on experience in the political science process. Students analyze how the American government works through comparative political and international relations studies. As part of their electives, students can choose from a number of minors or areas of concentration.

The university’s Lifelong Learning Network is located in Boston and is a private institution. The university keeps the enrollment small and there are approximately 2,200 undergraduate students who major in nursing, finance, business, and other popular fields.

What We Like: Northwestern University has a low student to faculty ratio of 12:1, ensuring students can get individual attention when they need it.

Degree: Political Science, BS

5. Sam Houston State University

One of Texas’ best online political science degrees, the BA/BS in political science at Sam Houston State University lets students choose from different curriculum concentrations such as international relations and foreign policy, comparative government, and public administration. The program offers internships with local county and city governments, the U.S. Congress, and the Texas Legislature, just to name a few.

Sam Houston is located in Huntsville and has over 15,000 undergraduate students. Nearly four out of five students who apply are accepted by the University. Other popular majors include business, liberal arts and humanities, and criminal justice.

What We Like: Among the many fine universities in Texas, Sam Houston ranks number 11 in the state’s top public higher education institutions.

Degree: Political Science, BS/BA

6. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University has a political science BA that is another one of the best online political science degrees available in Texas. This program is designed for students who need a solid foundation and political science and offers specializations in areas of interest. Graduates obtain excellent preparation for law, teaching, journalism, politics, and civil service. Insight into the workings of politics pays off in careers that lead to public policy and foreign policy leadership for students who pursue that track. Other graduates enter business and other fields.

Texas Tech is a public research University. It focuses on creating an innovative and creative environment for teachers through scholarship and research opportunities that include students. The University works towards student success by giving students the tools they need to become ethical leaders in a diverse and global society.

What We Like: The University ranks #5 among Hispanic serving universities, giving Hispanic students an opportunity to thrive in an environment of like-minded students.

Degree: Political Science, BA

7. University of Maine

The political science BA at the University of Maine is one of the best online political science degrees in the state. As part of the political science program at the university, students examine politics from different perspectives. Students think critically by attending courses that go beyond fundamental theories to cover the practices, institutions and principles of politics in the local and national landscape. Coursework includes one of four subfields: international relations, political theory, American politics, or comparative politics. Students emerge ready to pursue graduate or law school if they choose to do so. They are also ready for entry-level positions in public service and other pertinent fields.

UMaine is a respected public university. Located in Orono, Maine, this midsize institution has over 8,000 undergraduate students. The university accepts nearly all applicants, 92%. It graduates 60% of students, which is a respectable statistic.

What We Like: The University of Maine ranks #5 among the best colleges in Maine.

Degree: Political Science, BA

8. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

The University of Wisconsin at Lacrosse has a political science BS that is one of the best online political science degrees available in the state. Students who choose this degree study policies, institutions, and behaviors of governments. The program uses a scientific and humanistic approach that includes quantitative and qualitative methodologies. There are four subfields that students can choose from according to their interests.

Wisconsin – La Crosse is a respected public university with over 9,000 undergraduate students. With a 71% acceptance rate, the University also graduates 71% of students, which is high in comparison to its competitors.

What We Like: UWLC is the #2 top public university in Wisconsin.

Degree: Political Science, BS

9. Central Michigan University

Another one of the best online political science degrees in the country is Central Michigan University’s political science BS. This program prepares students for careers ranging from education, journalism, law, and international business. Courses include national, local and international politics as well as best practices in foreign and public policy. There’s a strong emphasis on data analysis, legislation and budgetary concerns.

As a CMU Chippewa, students join a nationally ranked institution with students from all over the US and over 50 countries worldwide. The school promotes healthy competition in the classroom and among organizations tied to student interest. CMU has over 200 academic programs that teach students the skills they need to succeed in their chosen field.

What We Like: CMU is the number 8 top public University in Michigan.

Degree: Political Science, BS

10. Kennesaw State University

The political science BS at Kennesaw State University is one of the best online political science degrees available. Students who choose this degree learn about the formal institutions and behavior of people in public life. This degree confers the knowledge needed for students who wish to be responsible citizens and those who want to take part in the process of governing. This liberal arts major prepares students for jobs in journalism, international affairs, business, and teaching.

Kennesaw State is a respected University in Georgia. This public institution has more than 24,000 undergraduate students and admission is very competitive. Kennesaw state accepts just 58% of those who apply.

What We Like: Kennesaw State University is the number 6 top public University in Georgia.

Degree: Political Science, BS

11. Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University has a political science BA that is one of the best online political science degrees in the South. Students learn from the comfort of home and gain skills needed to pursue careers in politics, law or public service. 100% of A-State graduates obtain law school placement.

This above-average university is located in Jonesboro and has nearly 7,000 undergraduate students. Admission is competitive with 77% of those applying receiving an acceptance letter. Other popular majors include liberal arts and humanities, business, and nursing.

What We Like: Arkansas State University is the #2 top university in Arkansas.

Degree: Political Science, BA

12. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

For one of the best online political science degrees in Massachusetts, consider the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s political science BA. UMass Dartmouth requires 120 credits including political science coursework as well as electives. The University has a generous transfer policy. Up to 75 credits from other accredited institutions will be counted towards graduation.

UMass Dartmouth is a midsize school with 6,000 undergraduate students. Students choose from majors such as business, psychology, and nursing. With an acceptance rate of 70%, UMass Dartmouth is highly accessible to those who wish to attend.

What We Like: 93% Of students receive some kind of financial aid, and the political science program requires a three-credit internship to prepare students for careers in political science.

Degree: Political Science, BA

13. Grand View University

Grand View University has a political science BA that is widely considered to be one of the best online political science degrees nationwide. For students interested in American politics, domestic developments, and international affairs, this may be a good fit. Graduates go on to pursue careers based on their studies or obtain masters degrees in a wide variety of subjects. As part of this program, students take courses in political science for a well-rounded understanding of the legal side of politics. The university also encourages interdisciplinary thinking by asking students to pull from natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities when addressing policy issues.

As a private Christian university, Grand View keeps its enrollment small. Around 1,600 undergraduate students attend this Iowa institution, which accepts 92% of those who apply for majors such as business, nursing, and human services.

What We Like: 89% of students surveyed say they feel confident in their job prospects after graduation.

Degree: Political Science, BA

14. Liberty University

One of the best online political science degrees, the political science BS at Liberty University teaches students about one of the most powerful forces in the world. Politics affects every part of the lives of ordinary citizens. Those who work in government need leadership qualities as well as the wisdom and virtue to wield the power they hold. This program equips graduates with the skills needed to serve as Christian leaders in the public sector. Liberty University was founded by Dr. Jerry Falwell and follows a Christ-centered curriculum in a conservative setting.

Liberty University offers online and residential programs and educates students to make contributions in the workplace and community. Christian education is embedded in the curriculum and faculty and staff support students who wish to follow their chosen field.

What We Like: Liberty University ranks number two among the best conservative universities in the country.

Degree: Political Science, BS

15. Keiser University

Keiser University has a political science BA that is one of the best online political science degrees available at a national level. Students explore government policies, international relations, political theory, legal studies, and political campaigning. The program has a liberal arts bent and focuses on research in order to prepare students for graduate school. Graduates go on to study in a variety of fields or to obtain entry-level work in related jobs. This broad program first introduces students to the fundamentals of political science. Then, upper-level classes delve more deeply into foreign affairs, public policy, and immigration issues. From the environment to public policy, students emerge ready to take on roles in the private and government sectors.

Keiser University has a unique course set up. Students take one class at a time with flexible options for scheduling on-campus or online. Small class sizes give individuals the attention that they need from faculty members that work in the industry. The school also features a number of financial services that help students obtain financial aid, scholarships and grants to pay for their education.

What We Like: Keiser University is a nonprofit institution and regionally accredited university.

Degree: Political Science, BA

How Do I Choose an Online Political Science Degree?

In order to choose the right online Political Science degree program, you will need to know what your personal career goals are. Once you have established your career goals, you will be able to choose a program that offers you the courses you will need to succeed in the field of your choice. While political science degrees primarily focus on public service and the science of how politics work, the degree programs associated with this field can be effectively used in many other areas as well. This includes human resources, public relations, information analysts, as well as many managerial positions.

Another choice you will have to make in terms of an online political science degree program is what school you want to attend. Many colleges and universities offer quality programs for students who want to learn online. The key is finding one that supports what you are trying to achieve. Students often choose their school based on personal beliefs and preferences. When you choose a college, it’s a good idea to spend some time researching each school so that you have a full understanding of what to expect once you become a student.

Affordability is another concern. Students who have limited financial resources may need to apply for grants and scholarships, as well as government-subsidized student loans that they can use to help defray the cost of their education. If the student is already employed, they may be able to take advantage of an employer reimbursement program in which their employer will cover the cost of their education. In order to participate in this type of program, the student must pay for their classes, complete the course with a passing grade, and then provide their employer with a transcript of their grades.

Online degree programs also offer students the opportunity to attend the school of their choice. For example, if a student wants to attend a school on the East coast but they live in California, their only option is to enroll in the school’s online learning programs. This gives them an opportunity to graduate from the school of their choice no matter where they live. Online courses also allow students to travel while they are taking their classes.

What Can I Do With a Political Science Degree?

Career options for students who have graduated with a political science degree are extensive. In addition to careers in public relations and other political science fields, students also have the opportunity to look for work in the legislative and legal fields. Legislative assistants and researchers work with elected officials and legal professionals to create new legislation. Graduates who have earned a political science degree can work in both the public and private sectors branching the gap between corporations and lawmakers.

Political analysts are able to predict trends within the field of politics that will help state and federal agencies fine-tune voting practices and keep things running smoothly in terms of managing local governments and municipalities. Local leaders who have degrees in political sciences are better able to understand the intricate and complicated nature of local governments. By being able to identify and analyze specific patterns and habits, they can use that information to find better ways to handle difficult situations.

Social media managers and market research analysts work outside of the political arena but still have the ability to influence the public at large about political issues. Their ability to communicate effectively over social media platforms and through the use of marketing campaigns makes graduates a valuable commodity for organizations and large corporations who have specific political views. Being able to express the views of the people they work for will make a graduate with a political science degree a popular addition to the company’s staff.

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