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As you decide upon your future career plans as an engineer and choose a direction for an online bachelor’s degree, it is important to examine the many industries that employ engineers as a regular part of their business model. Until you do an appropriate amount of research, it is challenging to determine which engineering branch is best for future engineering success. The best engineering jobs for the future will predictably be in those fields that show great job growth and strength in the coming decade. Identifying these fields will help you narrow down which are the best engineering degrees to get and the best engineering degrees for jobs of interest.

For working adults in construction, manufacturing, and similar fields, an online bachelor’s in engineering can make a big impact on their career opportunities. And to optimize the return on their investment, finding an affordable online engineering program is your best option. A low investment up front means better returns, especially if you choose one of the most in-demand fields. Whether it’s a low-cost regional public university or a private Christian college that keeps costs down, there are a wealth of options for affordable online engineering programs.

Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Online Engineering Degrees

To rank the most affordable engineering schools online, Bachelor’s Degree Center began by researching all of the colleges and universities offering fully online and hybrid engineering and engineering technology programs. While all of the institutions considered were accredited, reputable, and recognized for positive career impact, one factor is most important: all schools are ranked according to their tuition cost, from lowest to highest.

1. Daytona State College

The BS in Engineering Technology at Daytona State College is designed for future engineering technologists as they take on the various industries throughout the economy. With logistics, problem-solving, and quality control as essential skills that are taught and enforced in the program, many of these students find positions that are not only in engineering but also in a management setting. This program is designed to prepare them immediately for the workforce or for graduate school if they choose to pursue that immediately. This program also offers an electrical engineering technology certification for those who want to specialize in this field of engineering.

Daytona State College has been operating for approximately 60 years in the Volusia and Flagler counties in Florida. Daytona is one of the leading institutions in Florida for affordability, offering one of the most affordable online engineering degrees for Florida students who are looking to enter a growing career field.

Program: BS in Engineering Technology

2. Thomas Edison State College

The Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology degree program from Thomas Edison State University is a BS program that includes both the standard engineering principles necessary for such a degree, as well as the skills required to successfully maintain in a nuclear environment, such as reactor operations and control technology to maintain the environment at all times. Because of the challenging curriculum included in this program, graduates of this program are able to obtain a professional engineering licensing following degree completion.

The Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology program is one of the leading Bachelor’s degrees in engineering available across the nation and shows the growth of Thomas Edison State University over the course of its history. This program includes accreditation by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET. The School of Applied Science and Technology at Thomas Edison State University is home to numerous accredited programs that are both regionally and nationally accredited.

Program: Electronics Systems Engineering Technology, Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology, Nuclear Engineering Technology

3. Seminole State College

The BS in Engineering Technology – Project Management from Seminole State College is designed to allow students the ability to build the technological systems and infrastructure necessary for tomorrow’s world. Many of those who have graduated from this program have found careers in Architectural Engineering, drafting, surveying, and environmental engineering among other careers due to the structure of the program and the courses that develop strengths and engineering skills. From mathematical concepts to electrical engineering and thermodynamics, these students are equipped with foundational knowledge that prepares them for any career in engineering that they are seeking.

One of the most affordable engineering schools, Seminole State College has a mission to provide leading skills and requirements for their student population that will make them competitive and successful once they graduate from their program. With its beginning in Central Florida in the 1960s Seminole State College has taken advantage of the diverse student population and economic growth to offer programs that fit the needs of their community.

Program: BS in Engineering Technology – Project Management

4. Eastern New Mexico University

At Eastern New Mexico University, the BS or BAAS in Electronics Engineering Technology is growing in popularity as it is one of the most affordable online engineering degrees available for students. They offer students who may already have an Associates level degree the option to further that education to a Bachelors program. Building upon current skills in electrical engineering is essential for the students who are seeking this program and technology and computers become instrumental in all fields, requiring the needs of an engineer.

At Eastern New Mexico University, they proudly serve numerous students who are Hispanic, from New Mexico and outside states. This institution is also known for both its regional accreditation in its engineering and technology programs, as well as its affordability. For the last decade, Eastern New Mexico University has been known to be one of the more affordable institutions for students in both New Mexico and the Southwest region.

Program: BS or BAAS in Electronics Engineering Technology

5. Tarleton State University

One of the leading online bachelor’s degree in engineering is the BAAS in Manufacturing and Industrial Management from Tarleton State University. This program includes a curriculum that includes work experience for students, as well as a challenging skill that give them the ability to be successful in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Because of this acceptance of work experience and curriculum, it is one of the more affordable options available for students pursuing a degree in engineering.

The BAAS in Manufacturing and Industrial Management is an accredited through Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, which is competitive for students when they graduate and pursue the job market. This program is also beneficial to students who have completed an Associates degree and need to amplify their current skills. Since its founding in 1899, Tarleton State University has been progressing towards diversifying their education to meet the demands of its students.

Program: BAAS in Manufacturing and Industrial Management

6. Indiana State University

At Indiana State University, students who desire a bachelors degree in engineering have the option of different programs in the following: Electronics Engineering Technology, Engineering Technology Management, and Mechanical Engineering Technology. All of these programs are made available to students online, as they continue to work full-time. This flexibility is essential for those who are currently working in the engineering field and looking to increase their education for promotional purposes. In addition to being flexible for the students enrolled, it is also one of the more affordable options for students acquiring distance programs in the Midwest.

In an attempt to keep up with the needs and demands of students in the Midwest, Indiana State University has worked to build online programs for their students that meet the same challenges and curriculum as their traditional programs, but give them the flexibility to obtain their education in situations where they otherwise would not be able to due to the traditional format.

Program: Electronics Engineering Technology, Engineering Technology Management, Mechanical Engineering Technology

7. Grantham University

The various online engineering programs available at Grantham University include majors in the following areas: Computer Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, and Engineering Management Technology. Because of the diversity of these programs, students have the ability to specialize their career and pursue the particular field of engineering in which they are seeking, making them more marketable when job hunting. These programs come from one of the most affordable engineering schools across the United States.

Engineering programs that are accredited are essential for students entering the engineering field. In order to prepare these students for leadership and business operations, these programs include the fundamentals to business functions and leadership skills that are necessary for their engineering roles as they take lead on operations and infrastructure with their employers. Tuition for these courses is affordable for students who want to continue working or are active military students studying across the globe.

Program: Computer Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Engineering Management Technology

8. American Public University

At American Public University, the BS in Electrical Engineering is one of the more desired programs that allow students to gain their education while working online. These students are often of military background or working students who want to advance their career while maintaining full-time employment. With a BS in Electrical Engineering, graduates of this program can take advantage of numerous career opportunities across the nation in an area that is growing in demand and in desperate need for engineers. This program is also one of the most affordable online engineering degrees that is sought out by students.

American Public University prides its institution on the ability to provide affordable programs to students in a variety of disciplines that are both accredited and also affordable for both private citizens and members of the American military who will be seeking civilian careers after they reach retirement.

Program: BS in Electrical Engineering

9. Lamar University

As the need for engineers in the industrial sector continues to grow, obtaining a BS in Industrial Engineering is essential to reach their career goals. The BS in Industrial Engineering at Lamar University allows students to complete their final two years from home in an online format so that they are able to obtain the necessary work experience for their career, or just unable to reach the institution due to geographical displacements. This program comes recommended for its flexibility and ability to assist students who may have scheduling issues continue their studies in the engineering field.

Lamar University is located in Houston TX, and is recognized both regionally and nationally for its various academic programs. Students are able to study either on campus or online, whichever format fits their schedules and lifestyle so that they can obtain their education without disruption.

Program: BS in Industrial Engineering

10. University of Southern Mississippi

At the University of Southern Mississippi the BS in Industrial Engineering Technology program is offered online for students who are unable to travel to the institution regularly or are currently working in a position and seeking advancement. Also, this is one of the most affordable engineering schools for students who are studying engineering in the Southeast. This curriculum includes a number of management courses and skills that prepare them for roles in leadership.

The University of Southern Mississippi includes a variety of faculty members that are well versed in their discipline through experience and research. They have also been providing quality education to students in the southeast for nearly a century. Students who decide on their engineering programs will find that they are accredited through the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission.

Program: BS in Industrial Engineering Technology

What Kinds of Engineers are in Most Demand?

According to the federal agency known as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), when deciding which engineering branch is best for future engineers, there are 29 different engineering jobs from which to consider. It is noted that the industries listed below will offer the best engineering jobs for the future:

  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computers & Data Science
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Robotics Engineering

The best engineering degrees to get also depends upon your career objectives and personal interests. When deciding upon which are the best engineering degrees for jobs for future engineers, be certain to include the industries in which you would prefer to work. As the old adage goes, you will never work a day in your life if you do what you love doing in your choice of careers.

Which engineering branch is best for future engineers? An industry where strong job growth is predicted, and an industry that you believe would be a good fit for your career goals.

How Much Can I Make with an Engineering Bachelors?

Have you asked yourself — Is mechanical engineering a good career? The more helpful version of this question is to ask yourself is mechanical engineering a good career for me!

Like most industries, salary and compensation packages are contingent upon one’s level of experience, education, and specialized skills. Several examples of the varying levels of an engineering technology degree salary are detailed below –

Mechanical engineering technology jobs in the United States had a median 2018 salary of $87,370 per year. These mechanical engineering technology jobs employ more than 280,000 with additional 25,000+ jobs created through the year 2026.

The median electrical engineering technology salary, for the year 2018, was slightly above $99,000. Nearly 325,000 individuals work as electrical engineers. The electrical engineering technology salary and job growth are expected to grow at a 7% pace through 2026.

A median computer engineering technology salary exceeds the median engineering technology degree salary for mechanical engineers and electrical engineers. In 2018, the median computer engineering technology salary was $114,600 annually.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics noted salary stats notes that engineers, when analyzed as one occupation, had a median annual salary of $80,170. It is noted that this median salary is more than double the median annual salary for all worker, in all occupations, combined.

Those interested in entering the engineering profession, it is required that you earn a baccalaureate degree in the engineering discipline that interests you most. More advanced degrees in the engineering field will increase your chances of positions of leadership and higher salaries.

What Kind of Engineers Make the Most Money?

As you research your education and career options, it is likely that you have been curious about which of the many engineering disciplines fall into the highest-paid engineering field category. Do you know which engineering has the highest salary? Read on to learn which.

Generally speaking, the highest paying engineering jobs fall into three categories.

  • Petroleum Engineer is noted as one of the highest paying engineering jobs in the world. For 2018, a petroleum engineer earns a median salary of $137,170 per year. Job growth is expected at an impressive rate of 15% through 2026.
  • Aerospace Engineer is another engineering specialty that is considered one of the highest paying engineering jobs. For the calendar year of 2018, an aerospace engineer earned a median annual salary of $115,220.
  • Nuclear Engineer is another highest paid engineering field. During 2017, a nuclear engineer’s annual median salary was $107,600.

It is noted that the answer to the question — Which engineering has the highest salary? — is subject to change as overall economic activities shift over time. Determining — Which engineering has the highest — is, therefore, an important facet when researching which of the highest paying engineering jobs will fit your career objectives and offer a lucrative compensation package.

Additionally, bear in mind that the 21st Marketplace relies heavily on information technology, automation and the world of data science. Engineering specialties in these areas are likely to lead job growth projections simply by the ever-increasing demand. Perhaps one of the nearly 200,000 new jobs created through 2026 is the engineering job that meets your career goals and salary expectations.

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