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Finance is a career for people who like money – not just making it (who doesn’t like that?), but playing with it, analyzing it, dissecting it, seeing how it works and doesn’t work. Getting a bachelor’s degree in finance online can be the most convenient, most flexible way to start your career in finance. That’s especially true if you’re a working adult who wants to change careers to the finance sector, but can’t afford to leave your job and go back to school. Online degree completion programs in business, accounting, and finance are plentiful, if you know where to look, and in the 21st century, they’re just as trusted by employers as conventional degrees.

They’re trusted, that is, if they’re reputable. That’s where Bachelor’s Degree Center comes in. Because business and finance degrees are in such demand, there’s a market for overpriced, underperforming online degrees that don’t teach you anything, and don’t provide anything but a meaningless credential. If you want a real career in finance, you want a real online finance degree – the best online finance degree. Bachelor’s Degree Center has the real lowdown.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Finance Degrees

To rank the best bachelor’s degree in finance online programs, Bachelor’s Degree Center did a thorough search of fully online and hybrid bachelor’s and bachelor’s completion programs with finance specializations. BDC considered only regionally accredited colleges and universities, with business programs accredited by the AACSB or ACBSP. Out of the many, many online finance degree programs, we ranked the results by 3 criteria:

  • Niche review score
  • Graduation Rate (IPEDS data)
  • Alumni Salary (College Scorecard data)

The colleges and universities that make this ranking of the top online finance degrees include major public research universities, small Christian colleges, regional public schools, and everything in between, but they all have one thing in common – they create reliable online programs that get results, and offer the best online finance degree programs in America.

1. Northeastern University Global

Northeastern University Global’s online BS in Finance and Accounting Management bachelor’s completion program gives students adaptable skills to keep up with changes in the financial sector. The bachelor’s degree in finance online program allows students to study from any location at a time that fits their schedule. The coursework focuses on a variety of studies, including finance, accounting and technology. By integrating a variety of studies in the coursework, students can focus on their career goals.

Northeastern University Global is a part of the world-renowned Northeastern University, the top-tier private research university founded in Boston in 1898. Northeastern stands apart from other programs for a bachelor’s degree in finance online by offering students experiential learning opportunities. As one of the leading cooperative education schools in the US, Northeastern’s many connections allow students to work with sponsoring organizations online to develop unique skills that help in their career. The school also works with a student’s employer to clarify the needs of the company and assist the students in learning the skills the business needs for their career advancement.

School: College of Professional Studies
Degree: BS in Finance and Accounting Management

Learn more about the finance degree here!

2. University of Massachusetts Amherst – UMass Online

UMass Amherst’s online BBA in Finance represents one of the best online finance degree programs for undergraduate students in the US. The Isenberg School of Management offers rigorous training in technical skills needed to compete in a financial career. Students learn about investing, corporate finance, international finance and bank management. By taking a combination of courses to learn leadership and management skills as well as financial skills, students prepare for a career that allows them to take on leadership roles in international finance.

The way UMass Amherst differs from other online schools is the engagement opportunities for students. The most respected public university in New England, and one of the world’s top-ranked business school in Isenberg, UMass Online encourages students to get involved with financial institutes by studying for the Certified Financial Analyst, or CFA, exams and the Certified Financial Planner, or CFP, exam. By encouraging students to learn about professional designations in the financial sector, the school prepares students for the potential opportunities to advance in a finance career, making for the best bachelor’s degree in finance online.

School: Isenberg School of Management
Degree: BBA in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

3. Regis University

Regis University’s online BS in Finance prepares students for the corporate environment of a career in finance by studying the trends and techniques used by businesses in the finance sector. The university takes a well-rounded approach to finance by teaching students about economics and business in the finance program. That allows students to understand the goals of a large corporation and provides the skills students need to succeed in a corporate role, making Regis’s BS the best online finance degree in Colorado.

Regis University takes a whole-person approach to education. As a Catholic, Jesuit university, Regis takes an interest in the student’s long-term career goals as well as their needs as individuals. That whole-person approach to education ensures that students have a well-rounded view of business and finance. By focusing on the goals and interests of the students, the university stands out from other colleges and gives students more than the basic skills they need for a job. It gives them the skills they need to succeed and grow as individuals before they start a career with one of the best online finance degree programs in the nation.

School: College of Business and Economics
Degree: BS in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

4. Florida International University – FIU Online

Florida International University’s online BBA in Finance allows students to focus on your career goals, building their experience while pursuing a degree online from the Langdon Undergraduate School of Business. The concentration in finance teaches students the skills they need to succeed in the finance sector. By studying financial technology, students gain a firm grasp on modern models and tools used to assist clients in banking or corporate businesses. Students also learn practical skills that improve their ability to invest, manage risk or handle challenges in an international company.

Florida International University Online is part of Florida’s largest and most influential metropolitan research university. From its founding in 1965, FIU has made education for working adults a priority, and that’s especially the case with FIU Online. The emphasis on technology in the bachelor’s degree in finance online prepares students for a changing industry that relies on the use of computers and programs to provide clients with optimal services. Since the program combines flexibility with modern techniques in finance, it helps students prepare for their role in a business.

School: Langdon Undergraduate School of Business
Degree: BBA in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

5. Dallas Baptist University – DBU Online

Dallas Baptist University’s online Bachelor of Business Studies-Finance offers one of the best online finance degree options for students. The online courses give students a strong foundation in mathematics and general studies before students move into complex finance topics like accounting and corporate financial management. The focus on mathematics in the degree program helps students understand different aspects of finance and prepares students to handle the challenges of portfolio management, asset management and corporate finance.

As a small, Christian liberal arts college, Dallas Baptist University offers small class sizes and a low student:faculty ratio, even online. That helps set the program apart from other universities because the teachers have time to interact with students and answer their questions. The flexibility of the online program combined with access to professors allows students to feel confident in their ability to focus on coursework. The small classes make it easier to seek help from professors when students are uncertain about a topic or need help with specific areas of a complex problem. All of this support makes DBU’s BBS one of the best bachelor’s degree in finance online programs in Texas.

School: College of Professional Studies
Degree: Bachelor of Business Studies – Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

6. University of Alabama- Birmingham – UAB Online

The University of Alabama at Birmingham online BS in Finance offers a rigorous education with a focus on topics like financial analysis, real estate and corporate finance. The Collat School of Business’ innovative education program uses technology to instruct students in financial topics. It also helps students become familiar with the technology used in the financial sector to prepare them for the challenges of working in a corporate or business setting.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham makes its mark in the Deep South due to its focus on innovation. From a small extension campus in 1936, UAB is today the only R1 public research university in the state, and a leader in medicine, law, and business. UAB’s Collat School is accredited by the AACSB and is ranked among the top online business programs by U.S. News. The school focuses on providing students with a rigorous and focused education that helps them advance in their career and reach their long-term goals. It’s one of the South’s best online finance degree programs.

School: Collat School of Business
Degree: BS in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

7. University of Minnesota Crookston – UMC Online

The University of Minnesota Crookston online BS in Finance focuses on the skills students need to navigate a growing industry. U of M Crookston’s program offers widely applicable education in areas of performance and risk, as well as the use of technology for analysis, that can be applied to fields like real estate, corporate finance, investing, and analysis. Students learn to manage risk and address the concerns of consumer and corporate clients. By focusing on a combination of legal, ethical and economic factors that relate to the finance industry, students understand how to navigate a variety of corporate and business environments.

The University of Minnesota system is shaping up to be one of the strong public higher education systems in the nation, and U of M Crookston is the smallest and most optimistic of the system’s colleges. From its beginning as an agricultural school in 1905, Crookston has focused on the real-world needs of Minnesotans, and in the 21st century, that means a growing investment in online education. U of M Crookston may not have the biggest name, but it’s got one of the best online finance degree programs in the upper Midwest.

School: Department of Business
Degree: BS in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

8. Old Dominion University – ODU Online

An Old Dominion University BS in Business Administration in Finance prepares students for a career in the finance sector. One of the most comprehensive online colleges, ODU offers a full degree and completion program for the BSBA, so you can transfer credits from other universities or colleges. Since students can take on a role in private businesses, government roles, and even non-profit organizations, the online program helps students recognize their options and find the right area of finance to focus their attention and interest. It offers classes in corporate finance, financial analysis, investing and real estate.

Old Dominion University began in 1930 as nothing more than a remote campus for the College of William and Mary, but the last two decades have seen ODU grow into one of the leading institutions for online education. Thanks to its early adoption in technology, ODU has become a household name and one of the most respected public, non-profit universities to offer online programs. The bachelor’s degree in finance online program is a prime example of ODU’s excellence.

School: Strome College of Business
Degree: BS in Business Administration (BSBA) in Finance

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9. Missouri State University – Missouri State Online

Missouri State University’s online BS in Finance degree program prepares students for a career in money management. The finance option in the program focuses on managing money for clients on a corporate or consumer level. The program recognizes that money management plays an important role in many financial services, so students learn the foundation of managing money for different goals and interests. During the program, students learn financial planning, money management in real estate, corporate money management, and banking. MSU’s bachelor’s degree in finance online prepares students for a rigorous career in the financial sector.

Missouri State University began as a normal school training teachers for the school system in 1905, and since developing into a full regional university MSU has made Missouri’s working adults and professionals its highest priority. In recent years, MSU has used technology to reach out to Missouri’s workers, especially those in rural areas, through its online programs. The College of Business, the largest in Missouri, has been home to many of these innovations, including one of the best online finance degree programs in the Midwest.

School: College of Business
Degree: BS in Finance

10. Metropolitan State University

Metropolitan State University’s online BS in Finance degree program provides a strong foundation in financial topics and it offers advanced studies for more complex roles in the industry. Students learn every aspect of finance by starting with mathematics, statistics, and economics. After developing a strong foundation in the STEM studies, students also learn financial technology and quantitative skills to build up critical thinking skills. The program takes a rigorous approach to education and builds on a strong foundation to ensure students understand the technical skills of working in the finance industry.

Metropolitan State University is unique among Minnesota’s public universities; it was founded in 1971 specifically to meet the needs of nontraditional students, including working adults, in the Twin Cities; it’s also the most diverse university in Minnesota. Today, Metro State extends that mission far beyond Minneapolis-St. Paul by using online education. It’s also one of the most affordable colleges in the region because of an exceptional program offering free tuition to graduates of Minneapolis-St. Paul’s public high schools. For one of the best online schools for finance in Minnesota, look no further.

School: College of Management
Degree: BS in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

11. Liberty University – Liberty Online

The Liberty University online BS in Business Administration in Finance is taught by experienced professionals who have worked in the finance industry before teaching the class. Their real-world experience, and the ACBSP-accredited School of Business, allows students to understand the potential challenges that may arise in a corporate environment and methods of resolving financial challenges in a business. It gives the students a professional perspective on the topics they study so they understand the application of skills in their career.

Liberty University may have started as a humble Bible college (founded by evangelist Jerry Falwell in 1971), but no Christian college in American history has had quite the ambition of Liberty. Today, Liberty would be the largest Christian university in the US with just its on-campus population – except that Liberty has also become one of the world’s leaders in online education, with more than 100,000 online students. Liberty combines affordability and accessibility with a well-established reputation for quality and leadership, including its bachelor’s degree in finance online program.

School: School of Business
Degree: BS in Business Administration (BSBA) in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

12. Upper Iowa University – UIU Online

Upper Iowa University’s online BSBA in Finance degree program gives students the opportunity to focus their studies on finance while building a strong foundation in general business studies. The accelerated program recognizes that students want to build their career and work around a busy schedule, so it provides the flexibility students need to address their concerns and goals. As an accelerated program, students can expect a fast-paced environment when taking courses. The program’s focus on business as well as finance allows students to prepare for the complex interactions they will face in a corporate or business setting.

Upper Iowa University dates back to 1857, but the university really began to form into the institution it is today in 1972, when it began offering distance education programs. That laid the foundation for today, when UIU stands out as one of the top online educators not only in the Midwest, but the US. Accelerated semesters and military-friendly programs have made UIU a destination for working adults, active-duty military personnel, and veterans. That’s what it takes to make one of the best online finance degree programs in America.

School: School of Business
Degree: BS in Business Administration (BSBA) in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

13. University of Memphis Global

The University of Memphis Global online BBA in Finance gives students a concentrated focus on stocks, bonds, fixed income securities, international exchange and a myriad of other details related to the financial industry. The focus on business finance means students learn to apply their knowledge of finance in a corporate or business setting with a focus on the use of investment skills or financial skills for the growth and development of the company. A key aspect that sets the University of Memphis Global program apart is the approval of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute and the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board.

The University of Memphis began in 1912 as the teacher training school for western Tennessee, but today stands proudly as a major public research university. U of M is a highly diverse school, with more than a third of the student body made up of minority students, and the university has made outreach to Tennessee’s underrepresented students a priority. That also includes its online programs, which allow the university to reach students who normally could not come to campus. Their excellent bachelor’s degree in finance online program is a perfect example.

School: U of M Global
Degree: BBA in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

14. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University’s online BS in Business Administration in Finance is one of the best online finance degree programs. The program prepares students for a career in finance by teaching from real-world examples. It also focuses on providing a strong foundation in financial studies to ensure that students understand the basics and can build on the skills they need for a rigorous career. Students are able to pursue specific areas of financial studies for advanced knowledge of financial accounting, investments or risk assessment.

Colorado Technical University stands out as a unique sort of institution; few for-profit universities are able to combine high U.S. News & World Report rankings, regional and program accreditations (including the ACBSP-accredited business program), and excellence in online education. While Colorado Tech began with a focus on military students, today more than 90% of students are fully online, including one of the best online finance degree programs in America.

School: N/A
Degree: BS in Business Administration (BSBA) in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

15. Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

The Penn State World Campus online BS in Finance degree program allows students the flexibility to pick out their coursework after completing the foundational classes. The program provides a strong foundation in economics, business, and accounting before students move into specific financial studies for their career goals. Pennsylvania State University’s World Campus program was accepted into the CFA Institute University Affiliate Program. The affiliate program only applies to universities with a large portion of the curriculum that centers on the Candidate Body of Knowledge, or CBOK, from the CFA Program. The curriculum in the coursework prepares students to take the CFA exams after completing their degree.

Penn State University is Pennsylvania’s foremost public research university, but it’s also a national pioneer in distance education. Penn State began offering distance programs as far back as 1892, using mail correspondence to teach farmers the latest innovations in agriculture. Today, the Penn State World Campus is an independent part of Penn State that has become one of the first names in online education, launching in 1998 as one of the first dedicated online programs from a major public university.

School: N/A
Degree: BS in Finance

Learn more about the finance degree here!

How Can I Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance Online?

You can earn a bachelor’s degree in finance online by enrolling in one of the many schools that offer an online finance program. Of course, there are many things to consider when deciding the best online business finance degree for you, including cost, accreditation, and reputation. The location could even be important; even if you take all of your classes online, you may like the opportunity to meet your professors in person or take full advantage of the resources available in the college library. (See our “Essential Guide to Online Bachelor’s Degrees“)

The process for earning a bachelor’s degree in finance online is the same as enrolling in any college or university, minus the campus tour. First, choose your school from the best online schools for finance. Then apply for admission and financial aid. You’ll need to provide transcripts from high school and any other colleges you’ve attended, and there may be other requirements, such as an entry exam. Once you have applied, someone from the school will contact you to let you know if there is anything else you need to do.

What is the Best Online Finance Degree Type for Me?

There are a lot of ways you can go with a finance degree – and more than a few business degree types. A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Finance will focus more on mathematics and technology – the hardcore analytical aspects of finance. A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance, on the other hand, will spend more time on the leadership and managerial aspects of finance, with a stronger grounding in business than analysis. And other degrees, like a Bachelor of Business Studies or a BS in Business Administration, might split the difference, focusing on different aspects.

Choosing your degree type depends on a few things: your personality and strengths; your career goals; and, in all reality, what is available where and when you want. You can get rewarding finance degree jobs with any of these degree types, and a finance degree salary out of college will likely be pretty much the same as any. If your long-term goals are managerial, or you prefer to see yourself crunching numbers, your choice now influences your direction in the future.

How Do I Know if an Online Finance Degree Program is Legit?

To be sure the program you choose is legit, search for an accredited online finance degree. Accreditation agencies review the programs at each school to ensure that they meet the minimum standards that the accreditation board has set. The best online finance bachelor degree programs are accredited.

Online learners should fully research in-state vs out-of-state tuition rates, enrollment requirements (such as GPA or ACT scores), and coursework. Finance courses, elective courses, and general education, along with internships, make the best online bachelor programs perfect for starting their career paths.

To help you choose the best online finance degree, we have assembled our picks for the best online schools for finance for you. Browse through this list to find an accredited online finance degree that meets your needs.

Once you have narrowed down your choices based on accreditation, use online reviews to get a feel for how former students feel about each school to help you choose the best online finance degree for you. There are many review sites that can help you identify the best online finance degree programs, including CollegeTimes, StudentsReview, and GetEducated.com.

The best online schools for finance will have both accreditation and positive reviews. If you attend a school that is not accredited, you are likely to have trouble transferring the credits if you ever decide to change schools.

In addition, online finance bachelor’s degree programs from unaccredited schools are not given as much weight by employers. So make sure you’re getting an accredited online finance degree before you take the plunge.

Finance majors can choose between full-time and part-time programs. Often, online students can earn credit for work experience toward their online bachelor of science in finance. A traditional program takes four years, but online degrees may combine credit hours, make general education faster.

In their courses and electives finance students will learn:

  • fundamentals of financial markets
  • financial decision-making
  • financial modeling
  • financial statement analysis
  • macroeconomics
  • managerial skills
  • securities analysis

In addition to core courses, many programs use case studies and capstone projects to demonstrate real-world applications.

Will I Make More Money with an Online Finance Degree?

A quick search on Indeed.com can give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect for a finance degree salary. Out of college, most employees should expect to land a degree at the lower end of the accounting and finance degree salary range, which starts at around $45,000.
With experience, an accounting and finance degree salary tops out at over $100,000. Approximately 17% of the finance jobs currently listed on Indeed have estimated salaries of around $110,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that finance professionals make some of the highest salaries in the US.

Obviously, you won’t make the highest finance degree salary out of college, but with a few years of experience – and some strong successes on your resume – you’ll be hitting the higher end of that finance degree salary scale before you know it.

What Can I Do With an Online Finance Degree?

Finance degree jobs range from entry-level positions such as an accountant or credit analyst to management positions such as finance manager or chief financial officer (CFO). There are career opportunities for finance graduates across a range of industries, including

  • banking
  • financial services
  • information technology
  • manufacturing
  • investment services
  • financial risk management
  • budget analyst
  • valuation
  • wealth management
  • estate planning
  • personal finance
  • personal financial advisors
  • personal financial planning
  • capital management
  • investment management
  • forecasting
  • lending
  • accounting

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