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A bachelors degree is the first step in furthering your education, so planning it out is extremely important. However, because this is the first experience with college that many students have, knowing where to start can be a little bit confusing. There are over 7,000 institutions of higher learning across America, which can make selecting a school really daunting. Bachelors Degree Center was created with the goal of clearing up that process and giving aspiring students the most comprehensive source of information from selecting a school, selecting a program, doing their best right up through to graduation. Going to college is the most powerful definitive step you can make towards securing your future in the professional world, and getting a bachelors degree is the first step in that process regardless of whether you plan to stop there after graduation, or continue to the next level. If you have no college experience at all, or have a few credits and are ready to get back in the game and get it done, this guide is your ultimate first step. Here, you can find the answers to some of the most common questions about bachelors degrees, read important resources, and get a head start on picking a school.

Your Common Questions, Answered

Making such a big life decision is going to bring a lot of questions to mind. We do our best to maintain a comprehensive list of those questions and provide you with the most in-depth answers that we can. You can find answers to the most common questions below, or you can explore our entire FAQ section for any additional things you may want to know.

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If you have any additional questions, you can find the answer in our frequently-updated FAQ section, which has close too 100 questions and answers. Additional questions you might specifically be interested are:

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Bachelors Degree Resources

There is a lot to consider when it comes to embarking on the first step of your higher education career, and while our FAQ is very comprehensive, there is always more to learn. In light of that, we regularly produce additional resources for people like you who are considering getting started or completing their bachelors degree. Here is a list of all of the additional resources that we currently have available.

Bachelor’s Degrees: Overview of Degree Options

Bachelor’s degree is a universal term used to describe undergraduate studies taken after high school at a college or university. In truth, there are about twenty different types of bachelors degree and this resource explains them so you can see what your options truly are.

The Economics of a Bachelor’s Degree

With the current cost of higher education, it might be hard for you to see just how making such a large investment this early on in your adult life can pay off. This infographic explores and explains it from every angle so you can be confident in your decision.

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A Cost/Benefit Analysis of a Bachelor’s Degree

Still asking yourself if it’s truly worth it? This infographic breaks down the benefits of getting a bachelors degree and puts them right up against the costs so you can see it very clearly. Did you know that individuals with a bachelors degree earn close to $1,000,000 more in their lifetime?

Bachelors or Bachelor’s

Learning all of the terminology that comes along with higher education might seem a little complicated when you’re first getting started on your research, especially considering that there are several terms for this degree path used interchangeably. This quick guide clears things up for you.

How Many Years is a Bachelor’s Degree?

While most students entering their program assume that it takes four years, that’s very general and isn’t as correct as you may think anymore. So, how long is it really going to take? What does 120 credits really mean? What about accelerated degrees or degree completion programs? This covers all of that and more.

Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Programs: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Earning your degree as fast as you can would let you enter your career quicker and may even help you cut some costs; however, there are some drawbacks to this option that it’s important to reflect on before diving in. This lays it all out for you in one place.

Surprise, Surprise! Hidden Expenses in Online College

Obtaining your degree online can help you save a good bit of money on tuition and fees most of the time, but transparency is incredibly important when it comes to researching distance education options and costs. Here are some things you need to know about financing your online education.

Adjunctivitis: Why Your Image of a College Professor Is All Wrong

This infographic explains what adjunct faculty means and what it means for higher education. Reading this might grant you a new perspective and some newfound respect for the teachers that serve you and other students like you.

From a Distance: Your Comprehensive Guide to Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

This is an additional comprehensive resource like this one that features a massive list of schools that are unranked and exists simply to show off all of the schools across the country that offer online bachelors programs. This is a massive list, but certainly not exhaustive.

All of these resources and more can be found in our Features section.

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School Rankings

College rankings are put together to help students select what program or school is going to be the best fit for them. We create them on a regular basis to keep prospective students informed of their options and give them a concise look at the institutions that might be offering a program that works for them, institutions that offer faster or more affordable programs, and more. Here is a list of all of the rankings that we currently have available.

Business Degree Rankings

Science Degree Rankings

Liberal Arts Degree Rankings

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