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Marketing is a lucrative and promising direction for working professionals who have the right combination of skills: creativity, organization, leadership skills, among many others. Because marketing is so central to every aspect of contemporary business, there is no shortage of job opportunity. Online bachelor’s degrees are a convenient, flexible, and affordable way for working people to earn their degree and make a new path in their careers.

While working adults should take all of those factors into consideration, for some, getting their degree quickly and putting it to use may be the most important of all. An accelerated online bachelor’s in advertising or marketing will use a lot of different approaches to speed up the process: condensed classes (as short as 4 or 6 weeks in some cases), generous transfer policies, and credit for work experience are most common. With extensive transfer and experience credits, students can complete the fastest online business degree in as little as 6 months, and often in just a year.

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Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Marketing Degree Online

For students who want their marketing degree fast, Bachelor’s Degree Center has ranked the top 10 Fastest Online Marketing Degree Bachelor’s Programs for 2019. Editors began with a long list of all online marketing bachelor’s programs in the US, then researched those that made the process fast with accelerated courses and extensive credits for transfer and experience.

Those programs that qualified are ranked according to Cost, Reputation, Alumni Salary, Graduation Rate, and Placement. These factors help students trust that their degree will show real results in their career. All programs are fully accredited.

1. Concordia University St Paul

Concordia University St Paul’s BA in Marketing is one of the fastest online business degree programs. It can be finished completely online, but evening classes are also available. Students must take 40 classes to graduate. This program is geared towards students who are currently working and need flexibility for the class schedule. This degree program blends business with tools used in marketing. This program combines classroom lectures and hands-on experience to create a well-rounded learning environment.

In the Concordia St. Paul online bachelor’s in advertising program, students will learn how to be effective leaders and project managers. They will learn the value of analyzing critical business data. They will learn how to apply their learned knowledge to challenges that face business marketing and make improvements. Upon graduation, students will be better positioned to propel their current careers.

Degree: BA in Marketing

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2. University of Mary (ND)

One of the finest institutions in North Dakota, the University of Mary’s accelerated Marketing degree online is available as either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marketing. This program also has evening classes available for complete flexibility. One of the fastest online business degree programs in the nation covers a broad range of topics in marketing from sales in the traditional and digital markets to public relations. Upon graduation, students can find employment in the increasing field of marketing managers. Marketing managers have the potential to earn over $100,000 annually.

The University of Mary’s online bachelor’s in advertising program gives students a solid foundation in marketing including the knowledge needed to market brand awareness, from concept to implementation. Students learn the criticality of pushing revenue as a result of marketing. Students will gain full knowledge of the benefits of key product positioning and promoting it. They will learn the value of research of the market and demands from the consumer. Marketing is prevalent in all industries and students will be in a position to lead in any organization across private and public sectors.

Degree: BA or BS in Marketing

3. DeSales University

DeSales University’s online BS in Business Administration in Marketing is an accelerated marketing degree. Students must take 120 credits, with 43 credit courses to graduate. They can have up to 75 credits transferred from previous education. This program can be taken in an accelerated format to make for one of the fastest online business degree programs. It can be flexible for students to work around their current schedules by taking evening and weekend classes. Upon graduation, students can find employment in advertising, public relations, distribution, and brand management.

Students at DeSales will understand the value of quantitative methods of research, continuous learning, and incorporating technology into their work, for a fully-rounded bachelor’s in advertising. They learn ethical decision-making and apply those decisions to the business. Students become competent in team building, time management, motivation, leadership, and project management. They will begin to understand the interconnection between the core pieces of an organization and how marketing plays a role. They will learn to develop plans for marketing to include strategies and tactics.

Degree: BSBA in Marketing

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4. Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University’s BS in Business Administration Marketing program comes from one of the nation’s leading online educators. Students are required to take 120 credit hours to graduate. This degree program is flexible and can be completed 100% online. Students can interact via live scheduled online class and find all needed course materials online. This program follows ODU’s academic calendar, but generous transfer policies (up to 90 credits0 make it one of the fastest online business degree programs possible. Students have the opportunity to earn graduate credits while working on a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s in advertising students at Old Dominion will understand how marketing is a training area for employees within companies. ODU’s program gives students a strong background in marketing, including core principles in accounting, economics, and management. Students learn to make sound and ethical decisions in the constantly changing marketing environment. They learn the value in researching and analyzing data. Upon graduation, students will be able to find employment in public relations, brand management, advertising, and procurement.

Degree: BSBA in Marketing

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5. Dallas Baptist University

Dallas Baptist University offers two online Marketing degrees with a BBS in Marketing or BBA in Marketing. DBU is a Christ-centered university dedicated to creating servant leaders through faith and learning integration. DBU is a leader in online education and has been since 1998. They have more than 75 completely online degrees programs with over a 90% rate of student completion, and one of the fastest online business degree programs available. DBU is committed to quality education that is convenient and flexibility. Students have a rich online environment in which to collaborate and interact with other students and instructors for a comprehensive education.

Students in the DBU bachelor’s in advertising program will learn the fundamentals of accounting and statistics. They will explore the value of market research and analysis. They will also understand the problems associated with marketing along with tools and strategies to combat them. They also develop strategies for promotion and marketing.

Degree: BBS in Marketing or BBA in Marketing

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6. University of Texas of the Permian Basin

University of Texas of the Permian Basin’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing program is completely online, allowing for full flexibility for the student. This is an accelerated program with seven-week-long courses to complete one of the fastest online business degree programs. Upon graduation from UTPB’s online program, graduates will have the practical skills needed for employment and career flexibility. The BBA in Marketing prepares students for job opportunities in various marketing roles, such as marketing manager, associate advertising executive, and media marketing manager.

Students in UTPB’s online marketing program will gain fundamental knowledge in the behavior of consumers in the bachelor’s in advertising program. They will learn the value of marketing research. They will become proficient in managing sales and social media marketing. They will gain knowledge in innovative areas such as energy marketing, promotional marketing and international marketing.

Degree: BBA in Marketing

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7. Northwest Christian University

Northwest Christian University’s BS in Business Administration offers an online concentration in Marketing. This online BSBA program – one of the fastest online business degree options out there – gives students a strong foundation in the fundamental concepts of business. This program starts six times throughout the year and students have 24-hour access to all classes so they can maintain flexibility within their current schedules. Courses begin every eight weeks. Previous college, law enforcement, or military training may count for up to 30 credits towards the degree. This program can be a hybrid where students can take face-to-face classes one night per week.

Students at NCU gain skills to help them think critically and become well-rounded leaders who make sound decisions. Bachelor’s in advertising students gain full knowledge of the core concepts and principles of business administration. They understand the value of useful resources such as leading business information, current publications, and other online, or in-text information.

Degree: BSBA in Marketing

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8.Troy University

Troy University’s BS in Business Administration in Global Business Marketing degree program is for students looking for employment in marketing with a strong emphasis in business, government, and military. Students can find employment in marketing management, brand management, distribution management, global business, and marketing research. Upon graduation, students can apply for admission to business school graduate programs. This flexible program allows students to work with their current schedules by taking traditional day classes, night and weekend classes, or online courses. It’s also one of the fastest online business degree programs in the nation.

Students in Troy University’s online bachelor’s in advertising program will focus on role of marketing in organizations and learn how to provide value to its global customers. Students will learn the value of understanding the needs of the organization’s customers and then guiding the organization’s efforts to meet those preferences. Students understand how to develop new products, determine promotional strategies, and select appropriate pricing.

Degree: BSBA in Global Business – Marketing

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9. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University’s online BS in Marketing offers two concentrations from which a student can choose that can lead to a career in advertising. This marketing program is completed completely online. Students will have the flexibility to gain a foundation in consumer behavior, market research, and international marketing on a schedule that works best for them. Southern New Hampshire University may take up to 90 transfer credits to make one of the fastest online business degree programs anywhere. They also offer the ability for students to take an accelerated BS to MS path in the online program.

Southern New Hampshire University allows students to select from two concentrations: social media marketing or digital marketing. In the digital marketing concentration, students will understand the technology that is changing the marketing industry. They will focus on strategies that are targeted for customers, advertising on a pay-per-click basis, and optimizing copy. In the social media marketing concentration, students blend the theories behind social media with traditional marketing. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the constantly changing and growing social media and online marketing environment.

Degree: BS in Marketing – 2 concentrations

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10. University of Maryland University College

University of Maryland University College’s BS in Marketing is a model of online education. In some cases, the University of Maryland will accept up to 90 transfer credits to make one of the fastest online business degree opportunities. This entire program is available online, but some classes may be able to be taken as a hybrid. This program will prepare students for employment in marketing management, research, and sales in marketing agencies.

UMUC helps students understand the value of conducting research and learn how to analyze the data. They learn to use the data to create marketing plans and sound decisions meeting global customers’ needs. They learn the value of acting with integrity as it relates to customers and peers. Students learn to build and continually engage in positive relationships management, and customers. Students learn strategic skills for marketing, including planning scenarios, intelligent marketing, creating profiles of their customers, and competitive analysis of the changes with the organizational marketing challenges.

Degree: BS in Marketing

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A great marketing campaign is often the key to a brand’s success. Business owners know this, which is why so many will hire professional marketers in order to bring high visibility to the brand. Marketing isn’t easy, though. It takes a lot of research, planning, and development to create a truly successful marketing strategy for a business. That is why the best marketers are educated with a bachelor’s degree or higher. The most successful marketers got where they are with a bachelor’s degree in marketing or something similar.

What Will I Learn in an Accelerated Marketing Degree Online?

Ask yourself, “Is marketing the right career path for me?” A career in marketing usually involves researching current trends, employing different strategies, and effectively communicating to a target audience. In a field like marketing, the learning process never ends and the risks you take may or may not be beneficial. If this career path sounds enticing, then a degree in marketing is right for you.

But what classes do you take for a marketing degree? Accredited marketing programs should aim to teach students the valuable job skills needed to market a brand. A marketing major description may include classes in the following: marketing management, research, consumer behavior, planning, strategy, communication, economics, financing, marketing principles, business, accounting, sales, and ethics in business. Today, marketing degree requirements will definitely include courses in specialized areas like digital marketing, an increasingly relevant subfield in today’s connected era.

A marketing program needs to be accredited in order to be considered valid in an employer’s eyes. Program accreditation makes sure programs meet high-level marketing degree requirements, so students and employers know that every marketing manager degree requirement has been met.

The two biggest business accreditation organizations in the United States are the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Both of these organizations strive to promote business schools that offer high-quality education in business, marketing, or accounting. When looking for a marketing degree program, be sure to check for accreditation by either AACSB or IACBE. You should also be able to find this information about viewing the degree program’s website.

There are also different education options available to those with specific circumstances. For example, online degrees and accelerated degrees can be earned for those looking for fast, flexible, or affordable educations. Accelerated degrees are popular among people who are already working a job.

Wondering How to Start a Career in Marketing with an Accelerated Degree?

Accelerated educations are available to those who don’t have time to complete a four-year program. As long as the student is able to meet every marketing manager degree requirement in the condensed period of learning, accelerated education is just as valid as a four-year program. There are numerous entry-level jobs for marketing majors, and there are many high-paying jobs with a marketing degree. Having a degree opens up managerial opportunities, where salaries go up.

Working adults who are interested in shifting to marketing may wonder how to start a career in marketing, but it’s easier than they think. If you’re looking for positions beyond entry-level jobs for marketing majors, the combination of an online marketing degree and extensive experience in other areas of business can mean high-paying jobs with a marketing degree, such as project manager, brand manager, and marketing analyst.

Which Marketing Job is Right for Me?

The great thing about marketing is that it is high in demand; entrepreneurs will always want to hire specialists to help promote their business. Common entry-level marketing jobs include marketing assistant, account coordinator, sales representative, communications specialist, development associate, social media manager, and recruiter. Career opportunities advance with education and experience in the field.

There are numerous options within the broad field of marketing as well. Which marketing job is right for me? The best choice is something that builds on your previous experience. Some professionals with sales experience may choose a sales and marketing career path, while those who have managerial experience may choose business marketing and management jobs. Creative people may look into design and brand development. The answer to “Which marketing job is right for me?” is not to start from scratch, but to incorporate marketing into your existing skills and knowledge.

You can find plenty of high-paying jobs with a marketing degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the median yearly wage for marketing managers is $106,130. Those working in wholesale trade and information tend to earn about $94,000 per year. Meanwhile, advertisers, managers, and public relations specialists tend to make over $100,000 per year. Marketers working in scientific and technical services make the most, about $141,900 per year; this is likely due to the amount of product research needed to work in these sects.

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