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If you’re a working adult in the healthcare management or administration field, interested in earning or completing a bachelor’s degree, you may have a lot of priorities for choosing a program. Affordability is definitely going to be close to the top, along with convenience, flexibility and quality. The good news is, colleges and universities across the US offer online healthcare administration degrees and management degrees that have every bit as much quality as on-campus programs, but allow busy professionals to study around their own schedule, without having to quit their jobs or move.

And affordability is the name of the game with many of these programs. After all, if you’re already in the healthcare management field, you don’t need fancy names or job placement support – you need the credentials to get promotions, higher positions, and bigger paychecks. That’s why Bachelor’s Degree Center has ranked the Most Affordable Online Healthcare Administration Degrees – to point the right people to the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs that will make for a big return on investment in their career.

Methodology: Ranking the Cheapest Online Healthcare Administration Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Center is dedicated to providing prospective students with the most up-to-date, useful information, and guiding students to bachelor’s degree programs that add value to their career and life. To rank the 10 Most Affordable Online Healthcare Administration Degree Bachelor Programs for 2019, the selection process began with regionally accredited, reputable online programs.

For ordering the ranking, however, only one thing matters – cost. Programs are ranked from lowest cost to highest (but the highest still stands among the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs anywhere).

1. Western Governors University

Western Governors University’s BS in Business-Healthcare Management offers one of the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs. WGU gives students the ability to be leaders in various roles in hospitals, government offices, and nursing facilities. Students blend real-world knowledge with administrative skills to prepare themselves for a career upon graduation. This program was created with the Business Program Council, who are professional experts in the healthcare field.

WGU’s online healthcare management degree program allows students the flexibility to move through coursework at a pace that works best for each individual student. As soon as one course is finished, the student can move to the next one. WGU has a flat rate tuition that lets the student control the cost of the degree. WGU is an accredited school preparing students to enter a career with growth potential and excellent salary.

Degree: B.S. Business – Healthcare Management

2. Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University’s online BS in Health Care Administration program readies students for management roles in health care. Located in Orange Beach, Alabama, CSU offers one of the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs in the nation. Students learn to become leaders in the field by understanding business principles, ethical standards, and the implications of different leaders on the community. It provides a broad base in administration and business principles and their application in healthcare.

CSU’s online BS in Health Care Administration degree gives students the skills and knowledge they need to enter career ladder employment upon graduation. Th program teaches them to evaluate strategic goals of any organization. They learn to enhance their communication skills while understanding the importance of developing professional standards and policies within an organization. Columbia Southern University is committed to providing an economical program by including textbook cost into the tuition. They will also accept transfer credits.

Degree: BS in Health Care Administration

3. Jackson State University

Jackson State University’s online BS in Healthcare Administration degree program gives students a solid foundation in theory and practical knowledge in addition to field experience. The expectation is students graduate from this program to entry-level management roles that have long term growth. Students are prepared for positions in hospitals, managed care organizations, home health providers, government positions, and insurance companies.

With the online BSHA, JSU offers one of the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs, which provides students with a history of the healthcare system in the US and broadens their understanding of the social, political, economic, financial, and technological implications on the structure, operation, and function of healthcare in the US. Students are encouraged to understand current management concepts and tools and apply them to health service companies and the community. Students also receive a strong foundation in strategic planning, decision making, and conflict resolution.

Degree: BS in Healthcare Administration

4. Regent University Online

Regent University Online’s four online healthcare management degree programs are some of the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs in the US. Regent believes in changing the world of healthcare, starting with strong leadership and management. They offer a B.S. in Healthcare Management, a B.S. in Professional Studies – Healthcare Management, a B.S. in Professional Studies – Nursing Home Administration, and a B.S. in Healthcare Management – Nursing Home Administration.

Regent’s BS in Healthcare Management is online only and gives students an understanding of the continuum of care in the healthcare system. Students learn the need for making ethical managerial decisions, and the fundamentals of healthcare marketing, accounting, and organizational dynamics, all with a strong Christian foundation. The BS in Healthcare Management – Nursing Home Administration teaches students to lead, direct and manage long term care centers and nursing home facilities. Students gain an understanding of critical issues impacting the nursing home industry while gaining a foundation in healthcare operations, marketing, accounting, and organizational dynamics. The BS in Professional Studies – Healthcare Management readies students for effective management in a healthcare facility. Students get a base in leadership, communication, and management. The BS in Professional Studies – Nursing Home Administration teaches students to lead, direct and manage nursing home facilities with residents in mind.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management
Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Healthcare Management
Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Nursing Home Administration
Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management – Nursing Home Administration

5. Ashford University

Ashford University’s online BA in Healthcare Administration and BS Health Information Management are among the cheapest online healthcare administration degree offered. The Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration degree prepares students to pursue a variety of healthcare administration positions. It features an interdisciplinary and integrated learning approach to health administration and regulation. Students learn to analyze the legal and ethical issues of healthcare administration, and the major driving forces to change the healthcare system.

The BS Healthcare Information Management degree, on the other hand, prepares students to enter a healthcare career with the knowledge of health data management, health information management, and health information services management. This program teaches students to analyze and protect medical information vital to patient care. This program teaches students how to create and manage a secure electronic patient system. Students gain a strong foundation in current technology and the processes of healthcare providers.

Degree: BA Healthcare Administration, BS Health Information Management

6. Mary Baldwin University

Mary Baldwin University’s online BA in Healthcare Administration offers students access to one of the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs anywhere. Students choosing a major in healthcare administration are learning to become leaders in healthcare organizations. MBU’s HCA program is the only endowed undergraduate program like this in the US. The course work is all online and includes an internship. MBU will allow students to transfer up to 12 credits from another school, or earn up to 6 credit for work experience.

MBU’s Healthcare Administration program gives students a strong foundation in analytical and problem-solving skills. It provides a deep understanding of healthcare issues, policies, and practices. The program provides an opportunity for an internship in a long term care facility under a state-approved preceptor, which affords the student the right to sit for the long term care administrator’s license in VA. It has a varied interdisciplinary curriculum including sociology, anthropology, and business administration.

Degree: BA in Healthcare Administration

7. Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University’s online BA in Business-Healthcare Management helps students develop leadership skills needed for employment in healthcare today. Located in Circleville, OH, Ohio Christian offers one of the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs available. Students will gain an understanding of the rising cost of healthcare and learn ways to decrease the cost without sacrificing the quality of the care. Students will be able to obtain employment in hospitals, community health centers, and pharmaceutical companies upon graduation.

Students at Ohio Christian receive a strong foundation in financial responsibility, budgeting, reporting, inventory control, and accounts receivable. They learn about various funding sources and insurance payment systems. They learn the difference between non-profit and for-profit organizations. Students gain a basic understanding in regulations, electronic health records, and securing patient information.

Degree: BA in Business – Healthcare Management

8. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University’s online BS in Health Care Administration program digs deep into the structure of healthcare organizations and how best to implement new processes. Students learn to use conceptual and analytical skills to manage the operations of an organization. Students are developed for a career in health administration and managing organizations. The coursework allows for investigative and experiential experiences in project management and team building. Students build a foundation on the structure and day to day processes of healthcare organizations; study successful management across the industry; and build leadership skills and learn to facilitate collaborative decision making.

Grand Canyon has built its reputation on providing accessible, affordable online degrees for working professionals, especially in the health sciences and nursing. That reputation continues with one of the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs in the nation.

Degree: BS in Health Care Administration

9. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University’s online BS in Healthcare Administration stands as one of the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs in the South. The program at Saint Leo’s recently underwent a five-year study to ensure it has an accurate pulse on industry standards. It is a multidisciplinary curriculum including law, financial matters, business management, and information technology. Students are required to complete an internship in their senior year to provide exposure to real-world challenges and opportunities.

Saint Leo’s degree in health care administration offers coursework in management strategies, financial management, policy analysis, and legal and ethical challenges facing healthcare. This program is designed to train students for careers in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, nursing facilities, surgical facilities, imaging centers, and health education and training centers. With more than 40 years of experience in distance education, Saint Leo has become a leader in online education and is regarded as one of the finest online educators in the world.

Degree: BS in Healthcare Administration

10. Drury University

Drury University’s BS in Health Services Management teaches students leadership, supervisory, and administrative skills for a career in a healthcare facility. Students will study the leadership process of successful organizations to learn what works and why. Students will learn the differences between non-profit and for-profit organizations and what that means from a financial perspective. They also are trained in the cause and effect of ethical issues. Students use case studies and simulations to practice conflict resolution skills and learn how to investigate theoretical and practical aspects of conflict assessment, negotiation, problem-solving and mediation.

Drury University has earned wide acclaim as one of the best liberal arts college in the Midwest, dating back to 1873 when it was founded in Missouri. It’s also been frequently been named one of the best values in the region and nationally, even reaching the top slot in U.S. News & World Report. It’s no surprise, then, that Drury offers one of the cheapest online healthcare administration degree programs in the US – one that also manages to rank among the best.

Degree: BS in Health Services Management

Can I Make More Money with an Online Healthcare Administration Degree?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median healthcare management major salary is $98,350 per year and the number of jobs available is expected to increase by 20% over the ten-year period from 2016-26. The median healthcare administration careers salary for individuals employed by hospitals is $107,230. However, there is usually more competition for hospital positions and it may be necessary to gain experience working in a physician’s office or other smaller healthcare facility first.

The healthcare management major salary varies depending on the actual position acquired, the location, and other factors. For example, a hospital department manager salary is typically higher than the salary of a clinic or nursing home administrator. And, of course, the hospital administrator, who oversees the department managers, earns more than the average hospital department manager salary. Healthcare administration careers salary is also affected by the level of education and amount of experience. Expect to start in an entry-level position and work your way up.

So is healthcare management a good major? That’s a question that can’t be answered with salary information alone. If you want to make a positive difference in the healthcare industry without being directly involved in patient care and you have an interest in management, healthcare administration could be the perfect career choice for you.

What’s the Return on Investment on an Online Healthcare Administration Degree?

To determine the return on investment for an online healthcare administration degree, it is necessary to compare the cost of the degree with the expected bachelor’s in healthcare administration salary. Since the median healthcare management degree salary is $98,350, it is likely that most online healthcare administration degree programs will pay for themselves quite quickly.

U.S. News & World Report estimates the average cost of an online bachelor’s degree as $37,200 based on in-state tuition rates. At that rate, if a graduate is able to land an entry-level position with a healthcare management degree salary of at least $74,400, they will earn double their investment in the first year on the job. That’s a pretty amazing return from a bachelor’s in healthcare administration salary!

The actual rate of return can vary greatly depending on the school, whether the student is able to get in-state tuition rates or must pay out-of-state tuition, and the graduate’s actual salary. The average bachelor’s in healthcare administration salary provides a guideline for making an estimate, but it’s impossible for any student to know in advance what their starting salary will be following graduation.

What’s the Next Step After an Online Healthcare Administration Bachelor’s?

Once you’ve earned your online bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration and gained a few years of work experience, you might want to consider pursuing an affordable online master’s in healthcare administration to open up even more career options. Many top hospital administration positions require a master’s degree, and some hospitals require a master’s degree for lower-level healthcare administration positions as well.

A bachelor’s degree in healthcare management opens up a variety of career options that involve managing the day-to-day operation of a healthcare organization. Some examples include clinic administrator, hospital administrator, nursing home administrator, health care program director at a college or university, hospice or home health care administrator, and insurance underwriter.

Job responsibilities for a healthcare management major typically include things like creating work schedules, managing the facility’s billing and finances, keeping records, training and supervising staff members, developing goals and strategies for the organization, and making sure everything runs efficiently. Read on to determine whether healthcare management is a good major for you.

If your ultimate career goal is to become a top hospital administrator, you will almost undoubtedly need a master’s degree to achieve that goal. You can earn an affordable online master’s in healthcare administration part-time while you work so you can gain valuable work experience and advance your education at the same time.

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