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Read­ing can open doors, mak­ing it pos­si­ble for you to learn about dif­fer­ent places, peo­ple, and things. The more you prac­tice your read­ing and writ­ing skills, the bet­ter of a read­er and writer you can be. Although lessons in the class­room are one way of learn­ing, this isn’t the only way you can get stronger read­ing skills. You can also play games and do activ­i­ties with your friends or par­ents to prac­tice read­ing and writing.

Spec­tac­u­lar Spelling Play

Play Princess Presto’s spelling game, choos­ing the let­ters that make dif­fer­ent sounds as they appear on the screen.

Long and Short Vow­el Sort

This game is all about putting long and short vow­els into the right shop­ping cart. If you’re not sure where the vow­els go, you can click the “hint” button.

Code-Break­er Game

This game puts your code-break­ing skills to the test. You’ll get a task at the top of the sheet, and you have to fig­ure out where an object has been hid­den by decod­ing a message.

Word Tur­tle

Test your read­ing and search­ing skills by mak­ing your own word search puz­zle. You can make puz­zles easy or even super hard, and you can also print out the word search on paper to work on it with a pencil.

Dinosaurs Activ­i­ty Pack­et (PDF)

This pack­et con­tains dif­fer­ent activ­i­ties about dinosaurs, includ­ing mak­ing and print­ing a puz­zle, learn­ing about dinosaur names, and find­ing sug­ges­tions for dinosaur books you can read.

Sum­mer Word Wall

Print out these words and make a word wall in your bed­room or some­where else in your home. You can use the words to play guess­ing games or mem­o­ry games or to write a poem or short story.

It’s Greek to Me

This game helps you explore how some of the words and parts of words that we use came from the Greek lan­guage. You can pre­tend you are an Olympian as you learn about these words.

Sight Word Games: BINGO

Sight words are words that you will need to be able to read quick­ly when you see them. Play this BINGO game to learn com­mon sight words.

Sto­ry­teller Videos

Click on any of the videos on this page to have a sto­ry­teller read you a sto­ry. Choose from sto­ries such as “The Frog Prince” and “The Lit­tle Red Hen.”

Word Scram­ble

In this game, you will see some let­ters that you need to arrange to make words. If you get stuck, click the “hint” button.

Spelling Cards

Test your­self to see how well you can spell these autumn words, such as tree, fox, leaf, pump­kin, and more.

Read­ing Activ­i­ties (PDF)

News­pa­pers can be great resources to help you improve your read­ing skills. Cut out an inter­est­ing news sto­ry and cut all the para­graphs apart from each oth­er. Next, see if you can put the para­graphs back in the right order to tell the story.

Read­ing and Lan­guage Activ­i­ties (PDF)

Try flip­ping through an old mag­a­zine to find pic­tures of objects. Cut out the pic­tures and then match them up with the let­ter that begins each word.

Read­ing Les­son (PDF)

These read­ing lessons start with explor­ing some of the most com­mon let­ters in words, includ­ing “C,” “O,” “S,” “A,” and “T.”

Read­ing Les­son Plan (PDF)

In the book, “I’m New Here,” stu­dents from dif­fer­ent coun­tries see what it’s like to start going to school in the Unit­ed States. Try these activ­i­ties that can help you under­stand what you read, and then learn how to say “hel­lo” in dif­fer­ent languages.


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