What Are The Easiest College Majors For Freshman?

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There’s no such thing as an “easy” college degree. Any college degree requires a large investment of time and effort, which is how students will gain the most from their experience. Since students are often investing a large amount of money as well, they should soak up as much information as possible over the course of their studies to get the best bang for their buck. Also, the easiest major for one student might be the hardest for another, as individual students have predilections and talent in different subject areas. It should be noted that most freshmen are not required to declare a major, giving them time to explore their interests with intro-level courses.

That being said, there are certain fields that provide degree holders with better employment opportunities after graduating. This will make it easier for degree holders to recoup their investment. Many of the degree majors that project to have the best employment opportunities in the future fall into the fields of Information Technology and Computer Science, Engineering, and Economics and Finance.

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Let’s have a closer look at a few of the easiest college majors for graduates to find employment.

Information Technology and Computer Science often go hand in hand, though there are nuances that distinguish the two from each other. Computer Science is a broad field that focuses on teaching students a holistic understanding of underlying computing theories that form the groundwork for computing technology. Information Technology on the other hand, focuses students on how data is stored, transferred, and protected by companies, corporations, and institutions. Information Technology usually focuses on the practical application of computing to business practices, but both fields will provide students great employment opportunities upon graduation. There is a large skills gap between available positions in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Science, and the amount of qualified candidates, so the job outlook for graduates is expected to grow more than any other field.

Engineering is a large field that encompasses many different types of degrees with their own specializations.

There are majors for Computer Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Civil Engineers, and many others. Out of these fields, computer engineers have the best job outlook, though every major in the field of Engineering will teach students a highly specialized skillset that will provide numerous career opportunities upon graduation. If you are curious about how things work that humans take for granted every day, a degree in Engineering will give you the answers.

Economics and Finance majors deal with the flow of fiscal systems, which requires a broad understanding of mathematical concepts and legislative procedures. From personal to corporate finance, and from accounting to financial theory, there are a wide selection of specializations within the fields of Economics and Finance for students to choose from. With knowledge of how financial systems works, graduates can often supplement their salaried income with smart investments into the stock market and other business ventures. If you have a predilection for mathematics and are interested in how capital systems work, a degree in Economics or Finance will allow you access to an in-demand career field with the potential to create a highly lucrative career for yourself.


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