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If you’re looking to earn an undergraduate degree, there are many common, popular majors you’ve heard of. People often study psychology, journalism, education, hard science, or business, but there are other options. One major you might be less familiar with is interdisciplinary studies. So what is interdisciplinary studies? Here’s the interdisciplinary definition from Dictionary.com, who calls it an academic program:

“Combining two or more academic disciplines or fields of study.”

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In interdisciplinary studies programs, you’ll likely:

  • Choose from a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Plan your path and what disciplines you’ll take with the help of an academic advisor.
  • Choose from programs that allow you to take your interdisciplinary studies program online, on-campus, or in a hybrid of the two.
  • Pick concentrations or tracks that align with your educational and career goals yet don’t limit you from studying other disciplines outside of them.

You can find out what is interdisciplinary studies for yourself right here in our ranking of the Top 30 Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies programs. If you like a program, by requesting more information on it you can begin the process of applying to it.

So clearly, what interdisciplinary studies is to you will depend largely on what you want to study. An interdisciplinary definition is one you create and customize for yourself, with the aid of experienced support staff. However, there are core outcomes that you can expect from an interdisciplinary studies program. These include:

  • Increase your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Gain a better understanding of the challenges facing different people around the world in a number of different areas, and what can be done to help them.
  • Expose you to a variety of educational disciplines.
  • Learn how to do academic research and apply it to your writing.
  • Build a varied network of academics and professionals in diverse fields that can aid each other in their careers.

What is (and isn’t) interdisciplinary studies to you will have a lot to do with the school you select, its offerings and restrictions, and your own creativity. Interdisciplinary studies degrees feature a lot more interaction between you and academic advisors. Your ability to get an interdisciplinary degree that best matches your interest will have a lot to do with how convincing you are about how certain interests, courses, and learning experiences fit into an overarching degree plan. You’ll figure out how to sell advisors on your vision for your education, a skill which will be extremely useful in all aspects of your life.

Your interdisciplinary definition begins with finding a Bachelor’s in interdisciplinary studies on our excellent ranking of thirty of the top programs. When you find a program you think fits you, you can request more information from it and start planning out your interdisciplinary studies degree by talking to the advising and/or support staff who will oversee it.

What is interdisciplinary studies? Moreso than with other majors it will be up to you, your imagination and ability to execute. We’ve given you a great headstart on our ranking. Good luck!


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