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It is widely accepted that a bachelor’s degree is a four-year degree but the truth is that only roughly 33% of students complete them on time. The average time it takes a student to complete a bachelor’s degree is 5.2 academic years. This is a huge undertaking for students, and sometimes life gets in the way. That’s why completion programs are so important, they allow them to take back the reins and finish what they started in a more manageable way. Some of the fastest options can have students finishing their degree in just six weeks, even the longer variety of these programs is 18 to 24 months, still less than half the typical timeframe.

Colleges and universities know that students need options to finish their degree faster because they’re ready to enter the professional world, they don’t have the time investment to make for something longer term, or perhaps traditional school was just too slow for them. In order to accommodate the needs of those students, they have implemented some fast-track programs to finish things up. The fastest online degree completion programs has courses that only take six weeks; this is possible because of the condensed format of the courses and can also help speed things up because the transfer policies are incredibly generous, taking in sometimes up to 100 credits. The school with the fastest accelerated degree program is West Texas A&M University, which has a degree track that condenses a 16-week semester down to just six weeks.

West Texas A&M University offers completion options for 10 different programs in popular fields like Economics, Criminal Justice, and Health Sciences. Each course accounts for three credit hours and costs students $699 per course. That breaks down to just $233 per credit hour, which is less than half of the national average cost, making this an affordable and flexible opportunity. Different institutions offer a broad range of different paces and price points, though. Arizona State University sees students paying from $510 up to $718 per credit depending on the courses that they’re pursuing. ASU’s accelerated options span 71 different degrees with multiple start dates throughout the year to truly help students graduate on their own time. Accelerated courses through this college are just 7.5 weeks, and the programs allow for up to 90 transfer credits. There are hundreds of schools in the country that have adapted their course formats to fit the needs of their students, and more programs are being created all the time. Siena Heights University, which breaks things down into just eight-week terms, has 18 degree programs available but the University of Massachusetts – Amherst has more than 40. At UMass, the University Without Walls serves almost 2,000 students affordably and flexibly. Classes are presented in six-week long online sessions. At UMass, students can bring in up to 100 credits.


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