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If you are already working in the field and need a degree to advance, or if you want to move into the workforce as quickly as possible, you can get a lot of benefits from an accelerated supply chain management degree or an accelerated logistics degree. Either degree will help you build important skills. Supply chain management and logistics are both highly important fields. The US economy wouldn’t work as well without them.

An accelerated logistics degree or supply chain management degree can also help you climb up the career ladder. Both fields come with a lot of opportunities for upward movement. But why get an accelerated degree? Some students like the accelerated format because it gives them a streamlined, efficient education.

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Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Supply Chain Management Degrees

The editors at Bachelor’s Degree Center know prospective students want to see their educational investment pay off, so we feature only reputable, accredited schools. We have ranked programs according to their tuition rate, student satisfaction, and alumni salary.

1. Arizona State University

Arizona State University has an accelerated logistics degree that focuses on supply chain management. Students learn how to provide consumers and businesses with affordable access to their brands. ASU’s accelerated supply chain management degree shows learners how to work efficiently and effectively to manage the supply chain in various industries. This degree helps students obtain entry-level jobs upon graduation.

Arizona State has approximately 41,000 undergraduate students and is located in the Phoenix area. The school accepts 86% of students who apply, giving applicants a good chance of studying here. Popular majors include business, business support services and biology.

What We Like: The school has an A rating in areas such as diversity, academics and value for money. It also ranks number one among Arizona’s best colleges.

Degree: BS in Supply Chain Management

Arizona State University

2. American Public University

American Public University’s accelerated supply chain management degree has a generous transfer policy, allowing students to transfer up to 90 credits obtained at another university. The school’s accelerated supply chain management degree helps students learn to better manage the supply chain for military and civilian logistics. This accelerated logistics degree focuses on reverse logistics, capacity planning, demand management, acquisition management, transportation, warehouse management and other logistics topics.

APU is a for-profit school with 2,400 undergraduate students. It accepts all students who apply, giving expanded access to students who didn’t graduate at the top of their class or do well on standardized tests. Popular majors include disaster management and homeland security.

What We Like: APU ranks fourth among West Virginia’s best value colleges.

Degree: BA in Supply Chain Management

American Public University

3. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University has an accelerated supply chain management degree that teaches students innovation, servant leadership and business skills. This unique accelerated logistics degree also focuses on servant leadership in the workplace. Students complete courses in lean operations, enterprise organization and business process management. Other courses include logistics and procurement, and students learn about Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

GCU has nine colleges with 200 degrees available, including business and logistics courses. More than 20,000 students attend at the undergraduate level and there are 150 programs fully available online.

What We Like: The school has a fairly high acceptance rate of 77%, and 99% of students receive financial aid.

Degree: BS in Supply Chain Management

Grand Canyon University

4. Colorado Tech University

The accelerated supply chain management degree at Colorado Tech University helps students manage the workflow of getting products from point A to point B. Both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business channels are covered in this accelerated logistics degree. The fast format of this program allows students to quickly learn how to analyze supply chains and complete their business administration degree with specializations in either supply chain management or logistics.

Colorado Tech is a for-profit university with 15,000 undergraduate students. The school accepts all students who apply, giving students in remote areas an opportunity to complete their coursework online. Popular majors include law enforcement and information technology.

What We Like: With a 100% acceptance rate, Colorado Tech provides an opportunity for students to further their education. Additionally, 92% of students receive some kind of financial aid.

Degree: BSBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Colorado Tech University

5. California Baptist University

The 16-month accelerated supply chain management degree at California Baptist University results in a bachelor’s of arts in business administration and students can increase their compensation in a current career or enter the logistics field for the first time. Graduates go on to work in jobs managing product lifecycles and material allocation. The curriculum covers designing effective strategies to manage costs and optimize logistics in various industries. This accelerated logistics degree provides participants with the skills needed to organize complex information and provide advice to senior leadership. After taking this program, students often go on to complete graduate studies or accept jobs and materials and supply chain management.

California Baptist University is a faith-based university that includes Christ-centered beliefs in its curriculum. CBU helps students gain the academic and spiritual proficiency needed to become enlightened leaders in today’s business organizations.

What We Like: California Baptist University ranks number ten among America’s best online colleges, giving graduates valuable name recognition when applying for employment.

Degree: BABA in Logistics and Operations

California Baptist University

6. DeSales University

DeSales University’s accelerated supply chain management degree results in a baccalaureate degree in supply chain management. This accelerated logistics degree helps students organize products in warehouses, in transit to retailers and to customers’ front doors. Every company requires individuals with knowledge regarding the efficient management of its supply chain.

DeSales is a Catholic University located in the Allentown area of Pennsylvania. The small institution has fewer than 2,000 undergraduates. Admissions to the university is somewhat competitive but nearly four out of five students who apply get the green light for studying at DeSales. The school also graduates 69% of students in majors such as nursing, health professions and business.

What We Like: The school’s 100% acceptance policy makes education widely available to students inside and outside of West Virginia.

Degree: BS in Supply Chain Management

DeSales University

7. Grantham University

Grantham University has an accelerated supply chain management degree that can help adult students take their careers to the next level. With an accelerated logistics degree, graduates can pursue supervisory-level positions and enhance their earning potential. The BBA in Logistics and supply chain management is available online and takes 38 months to complete. It’s an IACBE-accredited degree that adds value to career aspirations in nearly any industry.

Grantham University has over 60 degree choices and also offers several certificate programs. It attempts to align its academic programs with the needs of the market. Grantham University has high-quality, flexible programming in areas such as nursing, business, computer science, criminal justice and technology.

What We Like: Of students surveyed, 96% say it’s easy to get the classes they want to take and 92% say that their academic workload is manageable.

Degree: BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Grantham University

8. Florida State College at Jacksonville

Florida State College at Jacksonville also offers an accelerated supply chain management degree. This program takes 20 months to complete online. Graduates obtain a BAS in logistics and this accelerated logistics degree gives students the experience and education needed to pursue jobs in transportation management, operations management, distribution management, warehouse management and other logistics leadership positions. Subjects range from logistics technologies to supply chain management. Students learn about global operations and the financial implications of various parts of the supply chain. Graduates with a logistics education can also develop their critical thinking and writing skills in this program.

Florida State College at Jacksonville offers affordable tuition for local, national and international students. Many students receive generous financial aid packages to make it possible to concentrate on their studies. However, students can also take hybrid programs that have some coursework available online.

What We Like: The school’s flexible programming allows students to get the best of both worlds, classroom education and online learning that allows them to study in their own time.

Degree: BAS in Logistics

Florida State College

9. Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University has an accelerated supply chain management degree that offers flexibility and speed for those looking to change careers or complete their degrees started at another institution. Students can transfer up to 90 credits towards a BS in logistics and supply chain management. With an accelerated logistics degree, students gain the knowledge they need in a fast-paced program that helps them retain the information and apply it to entry-level or management jobs in logistics.

Colorado Christian University offers internships and other opportunities for students who wish to gain real-world experience. the university works with major employers to help graduates land jobs at Home Depot, Delta, FedEx, AT&T and Coca-Cola, among other employers.

What We Like: Colorado Christian University is among the top eight colleges and Colorado.

Degree: BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Colorado Christian University

10. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University also has an accelerated supply chain management degree that’s among the best in the country. Graduates earn a baccalaureate of science in operations management, specializing in logistics and transportation. This accelerated logistics degree is designed for military service members and professionals who want to learn more about supply chain management and operational strategies. Students transferring from other programs can transfer up to 90 credits toward their degree at Southern New Hampshire University.

Southern New Hampshire University has 3,000 students who attend classes on campus but has a huge online student body at 135,000 students. It’s one of the fastest-growing universities in the country and traces its roots back to 1932. SNHU offers 200 programs ranging from undergraduate to doctoral degrees in areas such as social sciences, education, liberal arts, and science and mathematics.

What We Like: Southern New Hampshire University accepts all students who apply, and all students receive some sort of financial aid.

Degree: BS in Operations Management Online – transfer 90 credits

Southern New Hampshire University

What Will I Learn in a Supply Chain Management Program?

A degree in supply chain management (sometimes called logistics management) is very similar to other business areas like project management. You’ll take the fundamentals, like business core college credits, and electives that allow you to expand your competencies and specialize. You’ll also take more specific course like global logistics or global supply chain management, information systems, and human resources.

You will learn about skills specific to supply chain, like warehousing, quality control, and raw materials. You’ll also practice broad skills like decision-making. You’ll learn about supply chain logistics, sustainability, and the global economy.

For a bachelor of science, you may have to complete a capstone project.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are ample career opportunities in supply chain management. Logisticians are in high demand, but you can’t get there with just a high school diploma or even a associate degree. A bachelor of business or an online supply chain management degree is the kind of credential modern employers want for a purchasing manager or quality management professional. A master’s degree can put you above your competition. HIgher education business programs can help you get a degree that every company needs.

What If I Don’t Want a Full Degree?

Earning a bachelor’s degree is the best way to get started in supply chain management. However, thanks to supply chain management certificates, you may not necessarily need a full degree to get started.

If you already have some supply chain experience and career connections, supply chain management certificates can make a difference in getting you where you want to go. A certificate in supply chain management and logistics will cover the skills you need for your career, but it won’t include any general education courses.

Just like with a college degree, if you pursue a certificate in supply chain management and logistics, you should choose an accredited program. You’ll want to make sure that your certificate is worth the time and effort you put into it. Accreditation lets you know that you’re learning relevant skills for your career. Accredited supply chain management courses will help you be taken seriously during your job search.

There are two main sources for accredited supply chain management courses. The first is colleges and universities. Some accredited school offer programs for those who want a certificate in logistics and supply chain management. Many of those certificate programs are available fully online.

You can also earn a certificate in logistics and supply chain management from a professional organization. For example, the Association for Supply Chain Management has three certification options:

  • Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM)
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)
  • Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD)

Any one of these certifications can look great on a resume.

Will I Make More Money with a Supply Chain Certification?

Certifications in supply chain management can certainly help you earn more money. Remember the example of supply chain manager certification from the ASCM. After a survey of 1700 supply chain management professionals, the ASCM reported that the average salary for professionals with one of their certifications in supply chain management was 25% higher than the average for those without supply chain manager certification.

What makes certification in logistics and supply chain management so valuable? Why is the supply chain management certification salary higher than the salary for those without certification?

It’s because when you have a supply chain management and logistics certification, you can prove that you have specialized skills. Certification can make you more valuable in the workforce.

Thankfully, you can earn certification from your home. Though you may go to a testing center to take your exam, you can study for your certification in supply chain management online. There are several online supply chain management certification courses available. Plus, several colleges have their own supply chain management certification online programs.

How Much Can I Make in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

The average logistics and supply chain management salary is $111,500 per year. On the lower end, you can find a logistic and supply chain management salary as low as $85,709. On the upper end, salaries can reach up to $144,551.

Why is there such a big range for logistics and supply chain management salary? It’s mostly because there’s such a wide range of careers. The higher salaries generally go to the higher-end jobs that require the most training and experience.

The wide gap in the salary range also comes from the fact that this field offers so much room to grow. Again, you can have lots of opportunity to rise through the ranks. The longer you stay in the industry, the more likely it is that you’ll get promotions and raises. You may start out with an entry-level supply chain management and logistics salary. However, with more experience, you may see your salary grow substantially.

Of course, other factors like location can play a role in the average supply chain and operations manager salary. In larger metropolitan areas, for example, the average operations and supply chain management salary will be higher than you could expect elsewhere.

Can I Get a Job with an Online Supply Chain Management Certificate?

With a professional online supply chain management certificate, you can certainly increase your career possibilities. If you earn your supply chain management online certification, you can prove that you have the knowledge you need for specific supply chain careers.

But can you get a job with a supply chain management online certificate in place of a full degree? The answer is still yes. When you earn you certificate in supply chain management online, you get a lot of the same knowledge that you would have gotten from earning a degree.

That being said, an online certificate in supply chain management and logistics isn’t the same thing as a bachelor’s degree. Though it does take effort and commitment to earn a supply chain management certification online, you’d get more courses from a bachelor’s degree program than you would get from an online supply chain management certificate program. An online certificate in supply chain management wouldn’t cover courses like language, writing, and other general things. Some people earn a supply chain management certificate online because they’d rather not take those courses, but keep in mind that those courses can improve critical thinking and communication, both of which are vital in logistics.

Also, keep in mind that you may need to combine your certificate with other factors, like connections and experience, to get a job in supply chain management.

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