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An online Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources is a great way to get started if you are interested in pursuing a degree in business but aren’t really sure which direction you want to go. Not only will you learn essential “people skills”, you will also learn how to stay both organized and on task. With a human resources degree, you can start out in an entry-level position and eventually move up into a management role as you gain more experience.

Earning a Human Resources Bachelor’s degree online offers many benefits, including the fact that you may be able to start in an entry-level position while you are still in school. These internship programs are offered by businesses that want to hire someone they can train according to their specific standards. While the student continues to earn their Human Resources Bachelor’s degree online, they are also able to work and earn valuable experience at the same time.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Human Resources Degree Programs

For our ranking of the best online human resources degrees, Bachelor’s Degree Center editors looked into accredited, reputable colleges and universities offering hybrid and online degrees. To rank them appropriately, we used data from Niche and IPEDS, focusing on cost, alumni salary, and student satisfaction.

1. Florida International University

Florida International University’s Human Resource Management, BBA is one of the best online human resources degrees. Students prepare for HR careers and the coursework helps them to attract candidates suitable for various jobs. Some students feel this is the best online human resources degree option for collective bargaining, training and development and HR management IT, plus elearners can study from the comfort of home.

Florida International is a public university rate #5 among Florida schools. This large school has 28,000 undergrads. With an acceptance rate of 59%, admission to the school is competitive. Besides human resources, many students here study psychology, liberal arts and communications. The university ranks an A- on categories such as diversity, value for money and quality of the professors, making it one of the best schools in the region.

What We Like: 85% of graduates feel confident they will find a job once they graduate from FIU.

Degree: Human Resource Management, BBA

Florida International University Human Resource Management, BBA

2. University of Houston

The University of Houston has a Human Resource Management, BBA that appeals to students looking for the best online human resources degree they can find. Among the best online human resources degrees, Houston’s BBA program is known for the ease of accessibility to classes and the online format, which makes it possible for single parents to pursue their degree while taking care of their family. The program includes an introductory HRM course that covers all the basics, so students are prepared for more in-depth courses in recruiting, training and managing employees. Classes include employee assistance plans, compensation and benefits, and wages and salary calculations.

A highly rated public school, Houston has a large undergraduate student body of 28,029. Just six out of 10 applicants will find offer letters in their email or mailbox, making the application process somewhat stressful. Besides HR, popular majors include finance and accounting.

What We Like: The excellent faculty includes winners of the National Medal of Science, Nobel Peace Prize, Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize.

Degree: Human Resource Management, BBA

3. Kansas State University

One of the best online human resources degrees, Kansas State University’s Business Administration: Human Resources, BS includes a foundation in finance, accounting and other important business topics. Its flexibility allows you to receive a broad overview of the business world, making it a top pick for the best online human resources degree. Courses include human resource management, organizational behavior, quality management, compensation and performance reviews.

This highly rated public school is a large institution with 16,230 undergrads. Popular majors include business, animal sciences and husbandry and mechanical engineering. Students rank Kansas State professors highly, giving them high marks on class preparation.

What We Like: With an acceptance rate of 93%, Kansas gives most students access to higher education, even if they didn’t do well on standardized testing.

Degree: Business Administration: Human Resources, BS

Kansas State University Human Resources, BS

4. University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Human Resource Management, BS is widely sought-after by students looking for the best online human resources degree. This program follows the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) guidelines to prepare students for entry positions at corporations and other organizations. You can finish your education with one of the best online human resources degrees. Plus, the track ranked #20 on US News’ Best Online Bachelor’s Programs of 2020. Elearners study employment law, HR topics and prepare for SHRM certification.

UA Birmingham has an acceptance rate of 92%, so most applicants get the green light to complete their degrees along with the public university’s 10,000 students.

What We Like: The university is #82 on niche.com’s top 100 public universities, making it one of the best-recognized public universities in the nation.

Degree: Human Resource Management, BS

University of Alabama at Birmingham Human Resource Management, BS

5. CSU Global

CSU Global’s Business Administration Human Resources Management, BS is among the best online human resources degree options. With this program, you graduated with one of the best online human resources degrees, which you contain obtain by studying at home or wherever it’s convenient for you. The degree prepares you to compete in the Human Resource Management market. Improve your leadership skills and organizational development. Graduates use their B.S. in Human Resource Management to find the job of their dreams. SHRM integration and instructors who are at the top of the field are just two of the perks of studying at CSU global.

The Colorado State University accepts 84% of applicants and four out of five students receive financial aid. Many students asked gave professions high ratings and felt they could get the classes they needed.

What We Like: CSU is ranked third among public universities in Colorado. Online students benefit from the school’s excellent reputation.

Degree: Business Administration Human Resources Management, BS

CSU Global Human Resources Management, BS

6. Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University’s Human Resource Management, BS is another great program, possibly the best online human resources degree option. As one of the best online human resources degrees, CMU’s HR management program prepares elearners to engage in the fundamental element of any business: hiring good people for open positions. Gain hands-on hiring experience with Michigan companies and learn how to serve as the bridge between employers and employees, as well as how to gain a competitive advantage over other applicants.

CMU accepts nearly seven of 10 students who apply, giving you a fair chance of donning a gold and maroon sweatshirt in the fall. Online students can also benefit from the school’s diverse student body, with students hailing from 54 countries.

What We Like: Nearly all (95%) of students receive financial aid, which may serve as a relief to applicants struggling to make ends meet.

Degree: Human Resource Management, BS

Central Michigan University Human Resource Management, BS

7. SUNY Empire State College

SUNY Empire State College has a Human Resource Management, BS considered by many to be the best online human resources degree available. The 124-credit major is among the best online human resources degrees, partly because it excels at relaying core competencies, general business, and liberal arts to create well-rounded graduates ready for the workplace and life in general. Students have the ultimate flexibility in study options. Choose from online classes only, blended online and in-person classes, and face-to-face classes only.

A public university, Empire State College has just 3,599 undergrads. Besides HR, popular majors include business and liberal arts and humanities. SAT/ACT scores and GPA are not required to apply.

What We Like: With 100% acceptance rates, the SUNY Empire admits every applicant, which can take considerable stress off the application process.

Degree: Human Resource Management, BS

SUNY Empire State College Human Resource Management, BS

8. Thomas Jefferson University

The Human Resource Management, BS at Thomas Jefferson University focuses on the assumption that people are the main asset of any organization. Those who call this the best online human resources degree appreciate the school’s adherence to the Society for Human Resource Management guidelines. As one of the best online human resources degrees, Thomas Jefferson prepares students for HR positions in any industry. Getting your HR degree online gives you a lot of flexibility. Instead of remaining in the same room for hours, you can work on classes at your favorite coffeeshop or restaurant as well as at home.

Thomas Jefferson, a private university, is strategically located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, giving all students excellent options for internships. This small college has 2,279 students and just 60% of applicants get to celebrate an acceptance letter. Although the school is ranked #20 in the most difficult schools to get into in Pennsylvania, the university’s name recognition can open doors for graduates.

What We Like: 95% of students receive financial aid, making this a great option for working students who need assistance paying for school.

Degree: Human Resource Management, BS

Human Resource Management, BS – Thomas Jefferson University

9. Benedictine University

Benedictine University’s Management: Human Resources, BA may be the best online human resources degree due to its concentration on a holistic business curriculum. Among the most flexible, best online human resources degrees, this program strengthens your leadership skills and prepares you for a managerial role. Earning a degree online lets elearners study without giving up their career.

As a private Catholic college of 2,372 students, this Chicago-area university has many popular majors, such as psychology, nursing and health fields. Students agree that Benedictine professors put 100% effort into their courses, an essential element of any online program.

What We Like: With a 100% acceptance rate, Benedictine University makes an excellent choice for students less than confident in their test scores. Also, 99% of students received financial aid further smoothing the path to graduation.

Degree: Management: Human Resources, BA

Benedictine University Management: Human Resources, BA

10. University of Mount Olive

The Human Resource Management, BA at University of Mount Olive may be the best online human resources degree for you if want a well-rounded human resources education. What’s makes this among the best online human resources degrees is the program’s focus on managerial tasks and concepts. It also serves as a fast track to the school’s MBA program where students can concentrate on HR.

A private university, Mount Olive has a very small enrollment of 1,367 students. Admissions is very competitive and the school access just 53% of applicants. Popular majors, besides HR Management, include business, liberal arts and education.

What We Like: As a Christian University, Mount Olive may appeal to students with conservative values who want to attend a college that emphasizes religious freedom and tolerance.

Degree: Human Resource Management, BA

Human Resource Management, BA – University of Mount Olive

11. Brenau University

To get the best online human resources degree, consider Brenau University’s Human Resource Management, BBA. Online students don’t have to give up their jobs or family life to obtain one of the best online human resources degrees. Students learn to recognize, manage and evaluate employees in a work setting. Further, electives give learners an opportunity to prepare for an entry career in training, selecting and evaluating human resources.

Since 1878, Brenau University has offered undergraduate students an opportunity to learn about science, history and literature in addition to course for their majors. Focusing on leadership development, the school carefully selects students from a large pool of applicants, approving just 58% of them.

What We Like: The school’s long history of women’s education may encourage female students to apply at Brenau University.

Degree: Human Resource Management, BBA

Brenau University Human Resource Management, BBA

12. Anderson University

Anderson University has a Human Resource Administration, BOL that could well be the best online human resources degree for you. If you want to concentrate on Organization Leadership and focus on HR administration, this in one of the best online human resources degrees to achieve your goals. Learn the skills, theories and practices you need to excel in the field of human resources. Get ready to learn more about job analysis, employee relations, benefits, compensation, and placement.

Anderson – South Carolina is a small school with less than 2,600 undergraduates. With a 62% acceptance rate, the school is somewhat difficult to get into. Anderson’s most popular majors, other than HR, include education, nursing and business.

What We Like: Anderson stresses Christian-based leadership principles to help students of faith learn in an environment consistent with conservative values.

Degree: Human Resource Administration, BOL

Anderson University Human Resource Administration, BOL

13. DeSales University

The Human Resource Management, BA at DeSales University, a top pick for the best online human resources degree, is a four-year program under the Division of Business. What makes this one of the best online human resources degrees is the comprehensive education in employment law, organizational behavior and management and great internship opportunities.

This private Catholic university enrolls 1,959 undergraduate students. Nearly four out of five applicants receive a welcome letter to attend the university, and the most popular majors include accounting, business and HR. DeSales graduates 71% of students, a remarkable track record compared to its peers.

What We Like: Every student of DeSales University receives financial aid, making it a great choice for students who can’t pay expenses out of pocket.

Degree: Human Resource Management, BA

Human Resource Management, BA – DeSales University

14. Davenport University

The Human Resource Management, BBA at Davenport University is among the best online human resources degrees. The program emphasizes dispute resolution, training, staffing, compensation and other key aspects of human resource management. Those looking for the best online human resources degree should consider Davenport if they wish to work in HR right after graduation or go on to study for a master’s degree. Classes follow the guidelines issued by the Society for Human Resource Management.

This private university is in the Grand Rapids Area. It is a midsize college with 2,557 students. Approximately, 89% of students reported accessibility to the classes they need. A faculty-student ratio of 15:1 benefits all students.

What We Like: With an 89% acceptance rate, Davenport gives a wide swath of people access to higher education and 97% receive financial assistance.

Degree: Human Resource Management, BBA

Human Resource Management, BBA – Davenport University

15. Bluefield College

The Human Services, BS at Bluefield College is deemed by some to be the best online human resources degree of black collegegoers. It’s one of the best online human resources degrees dedicated to strong educational opportunities for black Americans. Students with family or work obligations appreciate the opportunity to enroll in a 100% online program in human resources. Learn the mental processes, relationships, team partnerships and ethical behavior for today’s human resource opportunities.

Human development deals with the psychiatry of organizational behavior and communication. Bluefield College has 985 students, and its acceptance nearly all applicants (95%). Most students said that it was easy to find needed coursework and that the work was challenging.

What We Like: 100% of graduates feel comfortable in their ability to get a job after graduation, and 100% felt that the professors prepared for classes well before teaching them.

Degree: Human Services, BS

Why Should I Get My Human Resources Degree Online?

An online Human Resources Bachelor’s degree allows the student the opportunity to learn when it is most convenient for them. For students who are already working on a full-time basis, this means that they can study when they have the time instead of forcing them to give up their job and adhere to a strict school schedule. This is an impossible task if the student has a family to support or other financial obligations. Online courses open up new doors when it comes to advancement opportunities.

How Do I Choose an Online Human Resources Degree?

In order to choose the right accredited online Human Resources degree program, you will need to know exactly what you are trying to achieve. Set your goals and know where you want to be in five years. Giving yourself an opportunity to continue to move forward is what online courses are all about. An online Human Resources degree makes it possible for you to continue to advance in your current career or take the leap and change careers altogether. Your ability to work and go to school at the same time makes it easier to take those first tentative steps.

Once you have your goals, then it’s up to you to choose an accredited Human Resources online degree program. When looking for accredited Human Resources degrees online, find out what courses are offered in each program. Look for courses that fit into your overall career plan. For example, if you are looking for a career in the manufacturing industry, you may want to take classes that would be beneficial for that particular niche. If you want to pursue a career in an office setting, an entirely different skill set may be needed for you to be successful.

It is also important that you look closely at the school or university you want to attend. Is it accredited? Can you transfer courses from other degree programs so that you don’t have to take them twice? Do they offer mentorship or internship programs that allow you to be employed and learn at the same time? Talk to counselors and students. Visit the campus if you can. Even if you plan on taking all of your courses online, it’s beneficial to know as much about the campus as you can.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s in Human Resources?

Human Resources degree jobs can be found in almost every industry. Individuals who work in the Human Resources department or have a Human Resources degree are normally required to manage the human resources of a company. This means that they work with the employees to ensure that they are as content as possible and that their needs are being met while they are in the workplace. A Human Resources team member also works with employees to resolve problems within the work environment.

Individuals who are looking for jobs with a degree in Human Resources can also find employment as a Benefits Coordinator. It’s the Human Resources department’s responsibility to handle the insurance plans and other benefit packages that are offered to employees. Individuals who work with benefits packages often take additional training that is concentrated on either financial or insurance so they can have a deeper of understanding of how these benefits work and what they offer to the employees who choose to participate in the various programs offered by their employer.

Recruiting is also another position in the Human Resources departments. It is up to the recruiter to locate and hire the best possible candidates for a specific position. In most cases, the recruiter will post a job and then choose someone from the pool of applicants that take the time to apply and interview for the job. In other cases, however, they will have to go out and “recruit” potential hires. One of the ways they do this is to contact local colleges and universities and obtain a list of upcoming graduates who have earned a traditional or online degree in a specific area. They look through the list to locate those students whose qualifications best match the position the recruiter is trying to fill.

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