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When an individual wants to open a business or partake as a leader in a business, he or she may question if an accelerated entrepreneurship degree program is right for him or her. Fortunately, a person may choose between a standard entrepreneurship degree and an accelerated program. An accelerated entrepreneurship degree program is the better option for someone who wants to earn a degree sooner than the standard degree. Ultimately, this means a person may start a career in his or her intended field sooner.

Moreover, an entrepreneurship degree gives a person a solid foundation to help him or her grow as a businessman or businesswoman. It’s a stepping stone to learning how to operate a business. It’s an ideal option for someone who already has a creative idea but isn’t sure how to operate a business, or who has a lot of motivation and potential but needs some formal knowledge of business law, economics, and finances.

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Methodology: Ranking the Fastest Online Entrepreneurship Degree Programs

Fast track degree programs online for entrepreneurship and marketing are defined by their speed, but there are all kinds of accelerated programs of varying quality, focus, and methods. Bachelor’s Degree Center editors framed the ranking about accredited, legitimate programs that offer a fast way to complete a degree. From there, we ranked programs by their cost, graduate salary, and reputation.

1. Peirce College

Peirce College offers an online Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management BS degree program worth 121 credit hours. The program provides students with the management skills they need to efficiently operate a small business on a day-to-day basis. They are given an opportunity to learn how to be an effective leader and organizer. With an entrepreneurship/small business management online degree program students have the capability to pursue their own business goals or assist others in reaching theirs.

Peirce College has offered educational services to its students for over 150 years. With their in-depth course curriculum and established, professional staff and faculty, the college provides every student with a customized learning plan that they can rely on to help them achieve success. No matter what type of business they pursue, each student is given the skills they need to become a leader in their field.

Degree: Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management, BS

Peirce College Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management BS

2. American Public University

American Public University offers an online BS in Entrepreneurship for students who are looking for a convenient and affordable way to earn their degree while continuing to work. Students will complete coursework that teaches leadership, organization, time management, and other necessary skills that are required to effectively manage a business. With a BS in entrepreneurship, graduates can enter the workforce in a managerial position or have the confidence they need to start their own business.

American Public University offers online classes to students who are interested in receiving an online education that is second to none when it comes to quality and convenience. Instructors who have a proven track record when it comes to being successful business owners can impart their knowledge to students in ways that are easily understood. With their experience, the course curriculum is taken to a new level that gives each student an additional educational boost.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, BA

American Public University BA in Entrepreneurship

3. Columbia College

Columbia College offers an online Innovation and Entrepreneurship BA degree program that provides students with 120 credit hours. With the skills and tools a student receives, they will be able to establish and manage their own business or help others achieve their entrepreneurship goals. Because the Innovation and Entrepreneurship BA degree program is offered online, students can learn at their own pace and still work full-time jobs to support their families.

Columbia College is one of the most popular educational institutions that specialize in online learning. Students receive the same quality education through their online format as they do if they had chosen to attend a classroom setting. Faculty members have many years of experience in various industries and can use their extensive knowledge to inspire and encourage each student to exceed their own expectations.

Degree: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, BA

Columbia College Innovation and Entrepreneurship BA

4. Post University

Post University offers an online BS in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship that offers 120 credit hours. The degree offers entrepreneurial and administrative skills to students over an online platform. Using an online platform allows students to earn a living while they attend school and work towards their degree. Graduates who complete the online BS in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship can further their career in a matter of months instead of years.

Post University is one of the most accessible schools in the northeast when it comes to enrolling and working towards an advanced degree program. The quality curriculum is supported by faculty members and instructors who are proven professionals in their own right. The university takes great pride in providing students with a learning environment that is conducive to helping them move forward and achieve their goals.

Degree: Business Administration: Entrepreneurship, BS

Post University BS in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship

5. Arizona State University

Arizona State University provides students with an online BS in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management. The degree is worth 120 credit hours and provides unique skillsets for students who are interested in both technology and business management. Leadership, management, technology concepts, and organizational skills are taught throughout the course giving students an advantage over their competition. Earning an online BS in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management makes it possible for students to attend school while they continue to work toward their goals.

Arizona State University offers both classroom and online degree programs that are second to none in the southwest. Students receive a degree that is backed by the school’s reputation as well as the professionalism of the faculty and staff. ASU graduates move forward after receiving their diploma with the confidence and support they need to succeed in all of their future endeavors.

Degree: Technological Entrepreneurship and Management, BS

Arizona State University BS in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management

6. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University offers an online BBA in Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship. The course provides students with 120 credit hours as well as all the necessary skills they will need to effectively manage a business, whether it be their own or someone else’s. Entering into an online degree program allows students an opportunity to get more out of their college experience by studying when it’s most convenient for them. With a BBA in Management: Entrepreneurship degree, students have what they need to apply for higher-paying positions in upper management.

Fort Hays State University is one of the best schools in the Midwest for learning online. Graduates receive the same education over an online platform that they would in a classroom. Professional instructors have years of experience they can use to teach students everything they need to know to be competent leaders in their field. Success is at their fingertips once they graduate with their diploma.

Degree: Management: Entrepreneurship, BBA

Fort Hays State University BBA in Management

7. University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro offers an online BS in Entrepreneurship for students who wish to move forward with their education. The course includes 120 credit hours and offers multiple disciplines to help students learn all of the skills and abilities they will need over the course of their careers. By earning their BS in Entrepreneurship degree online, graduates can apply for advanced positions with confidence knowing they have everything they need to succeed.

The University of North Carolina – Greensboro takes great pride in being one of the top schools in the area. Faculty and staff work together with the students. Their years of experience allow them to offer sound advice and positive encouragement as students continue to strive for their diploma. Once they graduate from the University, they will be able to enter the workforce at a level they are comfortable with and begin to earn valuable hands-on experience.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, BS

University of North Carolina at Greensboro BS in Entrepreneurship

8. Lamar University

Lamar University offers many online degree programs including a BBA in Entrepreneurship that awards 120 credit hours to the graduate. Students who choose to pursue this degree learn many of the skills necessary to establish and build their own business. Management and leadership skills are just two of the topics that are covered heavily throughout the curriculum. Earning a BBA in Entrepreneurship online allows students the flexibility they need to work and go to school at the same time.

Lamar University is one of the most prominent schools in Texas when it comes to quality, online educational programs. Students can rely on the professional faculty and staff to assist them in achieving their goals and moving forward with their careers. The course material used is continually reviewed and updated so that students have the most accurate information possible. Once a student receives their degree, they can begin to build the career they have always wanted.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, BBA

Lamar University BBA in Entrepreneurship

9. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University includes an online BS in Entrepreneurship as one of their offerings for students who are ready to move forward with their education as well as their career. At 120 credit hours, the degree programs, the degree program gives business majors an opportunity to transform their existing skills and take them to the next level. Students are able to transition from an employee to a member of management. They may also choose to use what they have learned from the BS in Entrepreneurship to establish their own company.

Grand Canyon University is one of the most well-known universities in the area for online learning. Both curriculum and faculty come together to help students advance their education. By providing graduates with the skills and resources they need, the school lays the foundation for success on almost every level. Graduates are taught with confidence and guidance so they are able to rely on themselves as they begin to take steps to advance their careers.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, BS

Grand Canyon University BS in Entrepreneurship

10. Johnson and Wales University

Johnson and Wales University offers a BS in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship degree program online. (120 credit hours). This accelerated entrepreneurship degree provides each student with a customized learning curriculum that teaches the abilities they will need to organize, manage, and promote the advancement of their own company or the one they work for. Each graduate receives necessary skill sets that allow them to continue to advance long after they graduate with their BS in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship degree. The online aspect of the program allows students to continue to work and gain additional experience in their field.

Johnson and Wales University is one of Rhode Island’s most prominent and reputable schools when it comes to online degree programs. Students have access to faculty members who are proven professionals. The curriculum the school offers is one of the best in terms of quality educational tools and knowledgeable resources. When a student receives their diploma, they can begin to apply for jobs at almost any level of management and be successful.

Degree: Entrepreneurship, BS

Johnson and Wales University BS in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship

What are the Advantages of an Accelerated Entrepreneurship Degree?

An accelerated entrepreneurship degree program educates a person about possible risks of owning a business and how to avoid this. Unfortunately, without an education, a person may not realize the legal issues associated with business ownership. This can leave a person in a lurch and cause problems down the road for someone who owns a business. A degree program educates a person about these risks, so they may prevent them and take the appropriate action if they should arise.

How Fast Can I Get an Entrepreneurship Degree?

The answer to how long is an entrepreneurship degree program depends on the particular program a person enrolls in. For instance, someone who is just starting out in school and wants to earn an associate’s degree enters into an associate’s degree program. This particular option takes two years to complete. If a person already possesses an associate’s degree, he or she will need to enter into a bachelor’s degree program. This particular program lasts a total of two years. If someone is starting from scratch and wants to earn a bachelor’s, it’ll take him or her four years to complete.

To further answer how long is an entrepreneurship degree in terms of earning a master’s, a master’s degree program takes an average of two years after a person has a bachelor’s. If a person is starting from the beginning and possesses no degree, he or she will spend an average of six years total to complete that degree.
Another factor to consider in how long is an entrepreneurship degree is the fact that accelerated programs exist. These programs take less time to complete than a typical degree. Additionally, in some online programs, students have the option to schedule classes based on how much you can handle and can work at their own pace. Ultimately, this decreases the amount of time the program takes.

What If I Don’t Need a Bachelor’s Degree?

A person who already has a bachelor’s degree may wonder what his or her options are for continuing his or her education. Someone who already has a bachelor’s degree may opt to further his or her education in a master’s degree program. This, however, takes a minimum of two years to complete. A person may choose to earn a doctorate. These advanced degrees aren’t necessary for those looking to open a business, though. These degree options are those who are into researching or would like to educate others about entrepreneurship as a teacher or professor.

On the other hand, a person with a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship might want to consider earning one of the certificates in entrepreneurship. These options are ideal for someone who wants to open a business and wants to begin the process on a solid foundation. Entrepreneurship certificates further enhance the person’s knowledge base and can enhance his or her success.

Someone who has a degree in another field of study may earn one of the certificates in entrepreneurship. A certificate for entrepreneurship is ideal for people who either later change their minds and want to open a business or those who decide they want to earn a degree in another field to help them with their business but want the skills necessary to execute the idea.

To earn a certificate in entrepreneurship, a person only spends a matter of weeks in the course. He or she learns the skills necessary to run a business. A student who earns a certificate in entrepreneurship may have an opportunity to experience what it’s like as a consultant. He or she gets to conduct market research. The skills a person learns in a certificate in entrepreneurship program are skills that are applicable to the real world of business.

A person should look over the different options for entrepreneurship certificate programs. Each one of the entrepreneurship certificate programs is slightly different, and a person should choose based on his or her specific needs and desires.

Can I Get an Entrepreneurship Certificate Online?

A person can take online entrepreneurship courses with certificates. The person will have a designated amount of courses and hours for each course. The online entrepreneurship courses with certificates allow a person to complete the entire program online. However, not every program is the same. A prospective student can find the best online entrepreneurship certificate programs by performing a search for the best online entrepreneurship courses with certificates. Once a person finds the different options, he or she should compare each one and evaluate the reputation of the school.

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