What Can I Do With A Bachelor Of Computer Science Degree?

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As the information age continues to evolve, we will continue to see automation take over large sections of the job market. These jobs that have been the staples of the middle and working-class economy will be lost to computers, and that means that graduates with computer science degrees will become some of the most sought-after employees on the new job market. There are a number of different areas of study that a computer science major can specialize in, almost any of which will lead to a lucrative career. There are many graduate degrees in the field of computer science that can teach specific skill sets, like hardware or software development, network administration, or encryption security, but a bachelor’s degree typically provides students with the basic background knowledge that allows them to specialize later. Because the skills gap is continuing to widen between the amount of computer science jobs and the amount of computer science graduates, a bachelor’s degree in computer science will qualify students for immediate employment upon graduation.

This allows graduates to find their specialization in the field of computer science while they are getting paid a full-time salary, as opposed to paying the graduate school to specialize. Therefore, a bachelor in computer science is one of, if not the most lucrative bachelor’s degrees, as they allow students to recompense the investment in their education in a timely manner. For some of the best deals for bachelors in computer science, check out our list of the Top 10 Cheapest Online Bachelors of Computer Science Degrees. Let’s consider a few high-paying professions that a bachelors in computer science degree will qualify you for immediately upon graduation.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators are hired by every company that uses a computer network for daily operations. Smaller businesses will often hire freelance systems administrators to set up their network and then do maintenance when necessary. Larger companies and corporations hire full-time network administrators to make improvements and support their computer systems by using local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), intranets, and other information systems. Network and Computer Systems Administrators make an average of $79,700 per year, with the job outlook increasing by 6% between 2016 and 2026.

Information Security Analysts are hired by major companies and corporations to insure them against the threat of hacks and data breaches. Major institutions have to archive valuable data that needs to be accessible, but only by permitted parties. As cyber-attacks increase in strength and number every year, the job field is expected to grow by 28% between 2016 and 2026, which is much faster than the average career field. Information Security Analysts make an average of $92,600 per year.

Computer Programmers write code to develop software programs and allow them to run properly without glitches or bugs. Software developers and engineers typically provide them with the design that they have to go turn into a language that computers can follow. As mobile phone apps have increasingly become part of our daily lives, computer programmers are able to augment human life with useful technology. Computer programmers earn an average of $79,840 per year.


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