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Anyone who is considering applying to a psychology bachelor’s program may likely be focused on the overall cost. Those who are on a budget want to get the best education possible from an affordable psychology degree. They will probably need to do some research first before deciding which location to attend. In addition, there are also some other points of interest to consider when attempting to save money on college tuition.

There are several other options available. However, it is important to consider whether or not you plan to relocate to get the most savings. Although most colleges will offer some online education or combination courses, you’ll need to decide whether you can attend the college in person to get the most savings. Once you have narrowed down the possibility of relocating, you can use that information to narrow down your choices.

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Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Psychology Degree Programs

For students looking for the best return on investment, Bachelor’s Degree Center features accredited, reputable institutions focused on career impact. From the initial pool, BDC editors rank programs by their tuition rate, based on current IPEDS data.

1. University of Washington

Topping the list of the most affordable psychology degree programs is the BA or BS in Psychology from the University of Washington. These degrees are very similar, but the Bachelor of Science requires more math and statistics. It also requires three credits of undergraduate research. The BA is a less intensive degree that is intended to instill a wide foundation in understanding psychology. The BS degree prepares students for a graduate Ph.D. program, whereas the BA program prepares students for professional master’s programs in therapy and counseling.

The Department of Psychology at the University of Washington promotes a healthy society and healthy minds through psychology. The department uses insights into behavior, the brain, and the mind to promote social equality, optimize human potential, and understand how the mind works.

What We Like: The University of Washington offers both a BA and a BS in Psychology, so regardless of your plans, UW has the right psychology degree for you.

Degree: BA or BS in Psychology

BA or BS in Psychology – University of Washington

2. Indiana University-Bloomington

Indiana University Bloomington also offers both a BA and a BS in Psychology. They are among the most affordable psychology degree programs in the US. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology is meant for students who want a career in research or industry. While the program’s main focus is psychology, it also emphasizes computer skills, math, and science. The program requires laboratory work and advanced psychology courses that are not required for the BA program. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology covers tactics, strategies, theories, and concepts related to human behavior.

The College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington provides support for students who want to invent, create, explore, and make a difference in the world. The school produces innovative, inquisitive, and well-rounded graduates.

What We Like: Indiana University Bloomington offers three options for students interested in psychology: the BS or BA in Psychology, or the BS in Neuroscience.

Degree: BA in Psychology

Indiana University Bloomington BA and a BS in Psychology

3. University of Iowa

Next on the list of the most affordable psychology degree programs is the University of Iowa, which offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The BA program includes 34 hours of psychology courses and is meant for students who want a broad educational foundation with a focus on psychology. The BS in Psychology includes 41 hours of psychology courses and is intended for students who want to pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D. in psychology. The curriculum includes courses in data analysis, research methods, and neuroscience in addition to psychology courses.

The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at the University of Iowa has a long history of excellence and is dedicated to interdisciplinary research. The department is the seventh oldest of its kind in the US.

What We Like: At the University of Iowa, inclusion, equity, and diversity are core values. The school has an action plan to achieve these goals.

Degree: BA or BS in Psychology

University of Iowa BA or BS in Psychology

4. Newman University

The BS in Psychology from Newman University is one of the most affordable psychology degree programs in the country. The program provides a broad knowledge in human behavior and psychology. Students learn the scientific methods and theories that created the field of psychology while gaining an understanding of how psychology can be used today. The program takes both a clinical approach and an experimental one so students can choose the path that suits them best. There are opportunities for students to attend psychology conferences and present research.

Newman University is a Catholic school that respects all religions. The program, activities, and organizations available at Newman inspire the spirit and educate the mind. Newman has six outreach sites in addition to its main campus in Wichita. The school is sponsored by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ.

What We Like: Students learn the writing and research skills they need to continue on to graduate school and become psychologists.

Degree: BS in Psychology

BS in Psychology – Newman University

5. University of California, Los Angeles

Another of the most affordable psychology degree programs is the BA or BS in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles. These programs overlap a great deal but differ in focus. The student needs satisfied by each program also differ. Both programs embrace psychology as a scientific area of study that employs scientific research to explain and study animal and human behavior. Students learn about normal and abnormal psychology, cognitive processes, social influences, and developmental factors. They have the flexibility to dive deeper into the areas of psychology they are most interested in.

UCLA’s Department of Psychology is addressing many of today’s most pressing psychological questions in their research. These include questions about social behavior, our reactions to traumatic events, and how to prevent and treat anxiety and depression.

What We Like: UCLA offers a BS in Cognitive Science in addition to the BS and BA in Psychology.

Degree: BA or BS in Psychology

BA or BS in Psychology – University of California, Los Angeles

6. Oklahoma Baptist University

The BA in Psychology from Oklahoma Baptist University is also one of the most affordable psychology degree programs. In addition to the regular BA in Psychology, the school has a BA in Psychology: Pre-counseling and a BA in Forensic Psychology. The programs are designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the field of psychology. They also prepare students for graduate programs. Students learn to integrate their personal Christian faith into the field of psychology. OBU’s psychology students do well on standardized tests covering knowledge of psychology.

Oklahoma Baptist University is a small Christian school that has a liberal arts foundation. The school has 88 programs to choose from, and students have opportunities to participate in overseas work and study programs. There is a supportive Christian environment and students are able to interact closely with faculty members.

What We Like: The BA in Psychology prepares students for the school’s Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology

BA in Psychology – Oklahoma Baptist University

7. Kansas Wesleyan University

The BA in Psychology from Kansas Wesleyan University provides training and education for a variety of careers, including criminal justice work, substance abuse treatment, counseling, research, and teaching. As one of the most affordable psychology degree programs, it is a good choice for students who need to rely on financial aid to finance their education. The program is flexible and prepares students for three possible career paths: graduate studies in general psychology, counseling or clinical psychology, or experimental psychology.

Kansas Wesleyan University is a student-centered school on a small campus. The school offers an outstanding educational experience in a nurturing and friendly community-focused environment. KWU is over 130 years old and is located in a thriving arts community. Almost all of the school’s full-time students receive some sort of financial aid. KWU has an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

What We Like: Kansas Wesleyan University also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Services.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

BA in Psychology – Kansas Wesleyan University

8. Penn State Behrend

Penn State Behrend offers two of the most affordable psychology degree programs: a BS in Psychology and a BA in Psychology. The programs cover the full range of human behavior and prepare students for careers in a variety of fields, including research, law, business, medicine, social work, and education. Students learn how to help people with psychological disorders, how individual and group behaviors differ, how thoughts affect behavior, why people become aggressive, how we interact with each other, and how personality develops. The BA has a liberal arts foundation, and the BS is more quantitative.

Penn State Behrend combines the student-centeredness of a small college with the resources of a large research university. Graduates are prepared to succeed through out-of-class experiences, research, and engaging instruction. Penn State Behrend provides a rigorous education that is respected around the world.

What We Like: Penn State’s psychology programs prepare students for graduate work or to enter the workforce directly.

Degree: Psychology BA

Penn State Behrend Psychology BA

9. Johnson & Wales University – Providence

Johnson & Wales University offers a BS in Psychology that is one of the most affordable psychology degree programs in the US. The field of psychology deals with why human beings behave the way they do, which is knowledge that can be useful in a wide variety of industries. Psychology graduates work in criminalistics, human resources, sales, finance, business, and healthcare, to name a few. A BS in psychology provides a pathway to a graduate degree or directly into the workforce. There are plenty of electives in the degree plan, allowing students to customize their programs.

Johnson & Wales University has over 12,000 students and is an innovative leader in education. The school offers graduate and undergraduate programs in health and wellness, nutrition, hospitality, business, and the arts and sciences.

What We Like: JWU has small classes and faculty members get to know their students.

Degree: Psychology BS

Johnson & Wales University BS in Psychology

10. Curry College

The BS in Psychology from Curry College is another of the most affordable psychology degree programs in the country. This program gives students skills that will help them succeed in just about any profession, including childcare, advertising, law, public relations, education, business, crisis intervention, counseling, health care, and much more. Students develop strong critical thinking skills and learn how the brain influences mental processes and behavior. The programs explores the cultural, social, psychological, and biological factors that affect the reasons people act, feel, and think as they do.

Curry College places a special focus on experiential learning and personal attention. The school excels in these areas. According to the National Survey for Student Engagement, Curry College is rated higher than most schools for community, career focus, and personal attention.

What We Like: Curry College also has a continuing education version of this degree, with courses starting every eight weeks.

Degree: BS Psychology

BS in Psychology – Curry College

How Much Can I Make with a Bachelor’s in Psychology?

You may be wondering, what is the average psychologist salary? According to PayScale, the average yearly salary for someone with a bachelor’s degree in psychology is 61,373. However, that figure for a person with a bachelor degree in psychology salary can be as low as much as $34k per year for general positions with smaller companies or charitable organizations, and as much as approximately $154k per year for large companies requiring individuals with more experience later in their career.

This information may have you wondering what is the average psychologist salary for later in your career, or how much can you make with high-paying jobs with a bachelor’s in psychology? The bachelor’s in psychology salary for individuals who have a bachelor’s in psychology salary is, on average, between $67k and $154k per year and fluctuates according to the company and the sex of the individual. A bachelor in psychology salary is substantial for most people who remain in that field for most of their professional careers.

The bottom line is a bachelor’s degree in psychology salary can fluctuate between 34k to as much as 154k per year depending on the company you work for and the level of experience you have in the field. This particular degree is considered to be a lucrative choice for people who want to ensure they can secure a well-paying job in the future.

What are Some of the Most Common Psychology Jobs?

There are many different departments and careers you can choose from when you choose to pursue a bachelor’s psychology. For example, you can apply for educational psychology jobs, which can allow you to work in several different capacities, such as building a curriculum for teachers and classes according to the Psychology School Guide. These educational psychology jobs are more focused on implementing better learning environments and less on working directly with individuals.

Those who wish to work with students in a one-on-one setting to help them find a career path that works for them and helping them make the most out of their efforts in the field may be interested in career counselor jobs1600 according to Careers In Psychology. This position and career counselor jobs as a general field can have a lucrative salary. On average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career counselor salary is approximately $57k per year.

Those individuals who want to work with children in a school setting can research information about a school psychologist near me to understand better what jobs are currently available in the area. When doing an internet search for psychologist jobs near me, keep in mind that there are various fields to consider, so it is wise to have a general idea of which particular jobs are of interest. For example, if you search “school psychologist near me,” you will likely pull up job postings for a position in the area involving working at a school directly with children, teachers, and parents.

Likewise, if you search “career counselor jobs,” you will see positions requiring you to guide and assist people with their career direction. Still, if you search for “psychologist jobs near me,” you will get results covering all fields applicable to people who have a psychology degree and searching for work in the area in general.

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