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There are plenty of good reasons to get your agriculture degree online. More reputable, and even respected, universities are offering classes online. At the same time, more classes that are not so good are also being offered. Accredited online agriculture degrees are just as legitimate as degrees got on campus. Being accredited is the key. Most employers do not respect degrees from non-accredited institutions. Accredited online agriculture degrees can prepare you for a career in agriculture and offers you a lot more alternatives than physical campuses do.

An online degree in Agriculture is also less expensive, and you don’t have to leave home. It saves you money on both the cost of school and the cost of living. Online agriculture degrees could good for students who cannot afford regular college. Online bachelor degree programs in agriculture prepare students for many other kinds of jobs as well. Anything to do with food production, whether animal or plant, would benefit from an online bachelor’s degree in agriculture.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Agriculture Degree Programs

To rank the best online agriculture degree programs, Bachelor’s Degree Center editors researched accredited, respected institutions for fully online and hybrid offerings. We ranked programs according to data from IPEDS and Niche, including cost, reputation, and salary potential, so prospective students can trust their degree to pay off.

1. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University offers students the best online agriculture degrees in the state. The online degree programs offer students the knowledge and resources they need that will allow them to work in the field of agriculture. Agriculture and agribusiness have many career options for individuals who are dedicated to the industry. With an online BS in Plant and Soil Science, students can explore many opportunities both in the field and in the office.

Texas Tech University has earned a reputation for being one of the leading agricultural schools in the country. Faculty and staff alike have worked in the industry for several years gaining the experience they need to be able to assist their students in reaching their employment goals. As the student earns their degree, they can take full advantage of all the resources the university has to offer.

What We Like: Deep in the heart of Texas, the school offers degree programs for almost every area of agriculture.

Degree: BS in Plant and Soil Science

2. University of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst provides students with the best online agriculture degrees in the area. The school’s advanced degree programs teach concepts and sustainable farming methods that students will be able to use to restore balance in the environment as well as improve production methods. Students who earn an online BS in Sustainable Food and Farming can expect to enjoy a long and very productive career in the agricultural industry and business.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst offers students online learning opportunities that they can enjoy no matter where they are located. The state-of-the-art online learning platform provides all of the tools and resources a student needs to earn their degree. The online format of the degree program also gives them the freedom they need to find work before they graduate.

What We Like: Faculty members have experience the students can use to fully understands what they are being taught.

Degree: BS in Sustainable Food and Farming

3. University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas offers the best online agriculture degrees to students who are interested in finding work in the administrative sector of the industry. Students receive business skills in addition to the knowledge they need to understand the concepts used in the agriculture industry. Earning an online BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with an Agricultural Business Minor can open the door to many new opportunities long before a student graduates with their degree. It gives them many options to choose from.

The University of Arkansas offers online degree programs that are second to none in the state. With the introduction of the online learning platform, students are no longer limited to learning in a classroom. By signing up for an online degree program, they can study from any location and work while they learn. This gives the very best that both worlds have to offer and also offers them a wealth of new opportunities that they can explore as they begin to establish their career.

What We Like: The school boasts a 150-year history of providing the most advanced degree programs available to students.

Degree: BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with Agricultural Business minor

4. Kansas State University

Kansas State University gives students an opportunity to enroll in the best online agriculture degrees. Online degrees give students who are already working in the field, the information and skills they will need to advance their career and pursue the type of jobs where they feel most comfortable. Taking classes online allows them to continue working as they finish their degree program.

Kansas State University has earned many awards for its agricultural degree programs. When students enroll in the school’s online degree programs, they receive a quality education that is taught over an advanced online learning platform. Students and faculty members can share questions and concerns directly through the platform. Students have the opportunity to explore their education from any location and pursue their career before they receive their diplomas.

What We Like: Students who enroll in an online Bachelor’s in Animal Science and Industry receive an education that will open many doors for them.

Degree: Bachelor’s in Animal Science and Industry

5. University of Nebraska Lincoln

The University of Nebraska Lincoln offers the best online agriculture degrees in the plains states. Students receive all of the tools and resources they need to be successful in whatever career path they choose. As part of their online education, students have access to resources that will allow them to start working in their career field prior to their graduation. With an online BS in Applied Science with Specializations in Food, Animal, and Plant Science, graduates can explore career options that will take them in almost any direction.

The University of Nebraska Lincoln gives students the opportunity to take advantage of all its resources whether they are enrolled in online degree programs or attend classes in a classroom. Choose the online program that best suits your needs and take advantage of all the new opportunities you will receive along the way. The staff and faculty are always at your disposal to help you build your career and take the first steps toward finding the perfect job.

What We Like: As one of the most well-known research campuses in the world, the university offers over 400 certificate and degree programs.

Degree: BS in Applied Science – Food, Animal, and Plant Science

6. Colorado State University

Colorado State University provides students with a chance to enroll in the best online agriculture degrees in the Rockies. Students who enroll in the school’s online degree programs are able to complete their education and choose a career path they believe they will enjoy. Learning over an online platform gives them the freedom they need to get a job and begin to build a career they will enjoy for many years. Earning an online BS in Agriculture Business or a BS in Horticulture makes it possible for students to take advantage of every opportunity they can and still work a full-time job.

Colorado State University has a reputation for being one of the most academically advanced when it comes to online degree programs and valuable resources for its students. The university is well-known for providing its students with the best possible resources they can use to add depth and substance to their education.

What We Like: Experienced faculty and staff can give students the insight and guidance they need to make pivotal career choices both before and after graduation.

Degree: BS in Agricultural Business or BS in Horticulture

7. Oregon State University

Oregon State University offers the best online agriculture degrees in the Pacific Northwest. The degrees the school offers include state-of-the-art technology that allows faculty to teach students every tool they will need to succeed in the field of agriculture. When students enroll in an online BS in Agricultural Science, they will be able to pursue their education while they stay on the job. In the field of agriculture, workdays do not stick to a nine-to-five schedule. The freedom to study when you have spare time, allows students to succeed in reaching their goals.

Oregon State University is one of the best schools in the area for online learning opportunities. Their online learning platform is advanced and allows students to communicate with faculty and staff as well as provide access to class materials from any location.

What We Like: The ability to learn online gives students the freedom they need to pursue their education no matter where they live and what degree programs they are interested in. For agricultural students, this is a win-win situation.

Degree: BS in Agricultural Science

8. University of Minnesota Crookston

The University of Minnesota Crookston gives students an opportunity to enroll in the best online agriculture degrees. These online agricultural degree programs give students the chance to pursue their education in a format that will allow them to continue to work at the same time. The option to continue to working allows them to gain experience as they complete their BS in Agricultural Business degree. Each student has different goals to achieve. Being able to complete school while they are working makes reaching their goals much easier.

The University of Minnesota Crookston is dedicated to providing every student who enrolls in one of their courses the best education possible. Degree programs are developed by professionals who understand what tools and resources students will need as they begin to embark on their careers in the business side of the agriculture industry. Students can begin to move forward in their careers almost immediately.

What We Like: Faculty members are well-known for their professionalism and guidance.

Degree: BS in Agricultural Business

9. Texas A&M University – Commerce

Texas A&M University – Commerce gives students the best online agriculture degrees in the area. Online degree programs provide the same educational benefits as degree programs taught on campus. Taking classes over an online learning platform gives students the freedom to pursue their career and their education at the same time. They can begin to apply the skills they learn in their online BS in Agribusiness degree program while they are working at their job.

At Texas A&M University, students have access to state-of-the-art technology, professional faculty, and quality resources. As the students work to complete their degree programs, they also have the option to ask their instructors and faculty questions they have about career options and opportunities. With guidance from their instructors, students can move forward with their careers.

What We Like: TAMU is recognized for being one of the best universities in the country for agriculture and the business practices associated with it.

Degree: BS in Agribusiness

10. Murray State University

Murray State University has many of the best online agriculture degrees in the Ohio River Valley. Students who enroll in online courses can study at home and hold down a full or part-time job to help support their families. Online courses offer more than just freedom. It allows students to save time. There are no long commutes to and from the university and the student can spend more time studying. A BS in Agricultural Science will open many doors when it comes to finding the type of employment you want.

Murray State University has a reputation for being one of the more advanced schools when it comes to providing an online learning environment for students who choose that platform. The online learning platform provides many of the same resources that students have who attend class on campus.

What We Like: Professional faculty members offer leadership qualities and experience that students can draw from as they work towards earning their degrees.

Degree: BS in Agricultural Science

11. University of Tennessee at Martin

The University of Tennessee at Martin provides students with many of the best online agriculture degrees that are offered in the area. Each agricultural degree program offers a wide variety of skills that students can use to build a career in the field. Students who choose to pursue their education online are also able to work and support their families. An online BS in Agricultural Business has many benefits that will allow the student to take advantage of any new opportunities that may arise while they are in school.

The University of Tennessee at Martin is well-known for its quality degree programs and professional instructors. The school’s valuable resources are available for students who need them. As graduation day approaches, they feel as if they are fully prepared for anything that the future may hold. Students can continue to explore any new opportunities that arise.

What We Like: Faculty and staff work with students to find out if they are having a problem or if they need guidance in any way.

Degree: BS in Agricultural Business

12. North Carolina A&T University

North Carolina A&T University offers the best online agriculture degrees in the Carolinas. Degree programs that focus on agriculture include everything a student needs to begin to work in this incredibly diverse field. For students who are interested in earning an online BS in Agricultural Education, the university makes sure they have all the skills and knowledge they will need to be an effective educator and teacher. Students with a passion for teaching will do well at the university.

North Carolina A&T University is known for both academic excellence and providing each student with online degree programs that will allow them to work towards their career goals. In addition to the online resources, the school provides faculty members who are continually working to provide students with a learning environment they can thrive in.

What We Like: Students who want to remain on the job can enroll in online degree programs that give them the freedom to work and learn at the same time.

Degree: BS in Agricultural Education

13. Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University offers the very best online agriculture degrees in the state of Arkansas. Students who prefer an online learning platform do so for several reasons. Many don’t like crowded classrooms and have anxiety issues. Others study better where there are no distractions. Practical reasons for earning an online Agriculture Business Bachelor’s often include being able to work at their regular job so they can care for their family and take care of their financial obligations.

Arkansas Tech University offers unique hybrid programs that allow students the option to take both online and on-campus courses. This offers students the best of both worlds. They can attend on-campus classes in the beginning and transition to online courses when they land their first job.

What We Like: Faculty members can assist them in making the transition and offer them the guidance they need if they experience any difficulties when they move from the classroom to the computer.

Degree: Agriculture Business Bachelor’s

14. SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton offers many of the best online agriculture degrees in the northeastern states. Degree programs that focus on agribusiness provide all of the information and leadership skills that will allow them to be an effective manager or supervisor in whatever position they choose. Pursuing an online BBA in Agribusiness Management will make it possible for them to go after any type of opportunity that arises. This is the best way to reach their career goals in record time.

SUNY Canton has a reputation throughout the state of New York for providing top-notch agriculture degree programs. With the help of experienced faculty and teachers, students can begin to work toward their career goals knowing they have the support they need to succeed. By using the resources at their disposal, students are able to move forward with their careers.

What We Like: Each degree program is designed to provide students with the skills they require to perform specific duties associated with their job.

Degree: BBA in Agribusiness Management

15. Adams State University

Adams State University provides the best online agriculture degrees to students who expect the highest quality of education possible. Each degree offers information that covers agricultural and business concepts that allow the student to work in their chosen field and also take advantage of management opportunities if and when they arise. Students who enroll in an online BA in General Agriculture or Agricultural Business are able to succeed in reaching all of their educational goals.

Adams State University works hand in hand with Colorado State so that the number of resources available to students is doubled. With both universities coming together, students have an opportunity to learn everything they need to know in order to go after the job they want and excel in the position once they are hired. Agribusiness is a very lucrative field and graduates can establish a career that will serve them for many years to come.

What We Like: This degree program is offered in conjunction with Colorado State.

Degree: BA in General Agriculture or Agricultural Business (partnership with Colorado State)

Why Should I Get My Agriculture Degree Online?

One of the biggest advantages of an online degree in agriculture is that you can attend class whenever you want to. You set your own schedule so it is the ultimate in flexibility. Before the Covid-19 crisis, most online programs were used by older adults. That may change with the virus. Having all that flexibility can also be a negative, however. It requires self-discipline because there is no one there to make sure you are working.

Most teachers of online classes are working professionals. They have recent experience and can tell you how things really work. Sometimes professors in regular colleges have a lot of education but have not gotten their hands dirty in years. The perspective of someone who has worked in the field will be more beneficial to most students.

There are several kinds of degrees and an online agriculture degree is one of them. Agribusiness online degrees are good for people who are working other jobs and want to further their careers. Getting your agribusiness degree online makes sense for a lot of people. Agribusiness degrees online are also becoming more popular as are other degrees.

Is an Online Agriculture Degree Worth It?

A bachelor’s in agriculture online has become much better in recent years, and are often considered equal to a class at a traditional college. Kansas State University Advertises you get the same professors that students at the school get, and the same coursework. More respectable state schools like Kansas State are entering the online education world, which gives online education immediate credibility.

People often think of farming or farm management when agriculture comes up, but there is a lot more involved. Colorado State officials say the types of jobs you can get with a online bachelors degree in agriculture has increased dramatically, and they expect that trend to continue.

An Iowa State paper quoted a study from another university, saying the agriculture-food processing industry alone is increasing in jobs by 14 percent. Job growth is expected to continue as the science of food production becomes more important. An online bachelor’s degree in agriculture would put a person in a good position for those types of jobs.

Jobs should be in demand, so a bachelor’s in agriculture online would seem to be worth it for that reason.

There are several types of degrees, from a basic certificate to a masters a doctorate degree. A bachelor of science degree in agriculture online is a good place to start one’s education. For many people, the bachelor’s degree, which is the standard four-year college degree, is all that is needed.

Are Agriculture Degrees Accredited?

Most employers want students with degrees from accredited schools regardless of what the field is. Finding out about a school’s accreditation standing is an essential thing you should find out when investigating a school you may want to attend.

Accredited online agriculture degrees can lead to a lot of different kinds of jobs, just as a degree from a traditional college can.

Individual degrees are not accredited. The school itself – online or traditional – can be accredited. There are a couple of major national accreditations that are best. It is a good idea to make sure your school has that.

The point of accreditation is to ensure that the school meets basic levels of educational quality. Organizations examine school’s educational programs and give them a seal of approval. Being accredited shows the school is offering a quality education. It also makes it easy to transfer credits should you move to another school.

Many employers demand degrees from accredited schools, and many graduate programs will not admit students from schools that are not accredited.

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