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Whether you own a business or work in an office setting, it’s beneficial to have the skills you need to effectively manage the day-to-day operations that keep things moving smoothly. Finding an entry-level position that you enjoy is the first step in building your career. When you are ready to move forward, the next step is to enroll in an online Bachelor in Business that will give you what you need to excel. Returning to school can be stressful. Enrolling in an online Bachelor’s in Business degree program offers the flexibility that most people need to earn and work at the same time.

Earning a BBA online not only offers flexibility, it also offers convenience. It gives you a chance to learn when and where it is easiest for you. An online learning platform offers students access to their course work anywhere there is a WiFi connection. Students can study anywhere at any time, even when they are traveling. Being able to earn a Bachelor’s in Business degree online is one of the best ways to further your career.

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Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Programs

For working adults and other nontraditional students, an online business administration degree is more than just a degree – it’s an investment that needs to pay off. That’s why the editors at Bachelor’s Degree Center focus on trusted, accredited schools. We rank programs according to tuition, student reviews, and potential salary, using verified data from IPEDS and Niche.

1. University of Florida

The University of Florida has an online bachelor’s in business designed for customization and flexibility. Students are encouraged to expand their academic goals. The business administration online degree includes the option of a BA or BS degree. Learners gain access to some of the top professors in the country in this unique program. Because classes are available completely online, students can complete their coursework when it’s convenient for them. The Warrington College of Business offers one of the most innovative online programs in the country, and the challenging classes provide students with the broad spectrum of experience they need to succeed in a wide range of corporate or private careers. Some courses students take include economics, business, accounting, marketing and management.

The University of Florida is a highly sought-after school, and that shows in its acceptance rate of 32%. That means that fewer than one out of three students who apply get into this large university. Prestigious projects come out of sea, land and space grants. The university uses its funding to advance knowledge in myriad fields and teach students how to research and develop theories of their own. Large grants fuel one-ofa-kind of experiences for learners who choose the University of Florida.

What We Like: The school advocates for a positive student experience and tries to make learning more affordable by facilitating financial aid. In fact, 90% of UF students receive some sort of financial aid.

Program: BSBA or BABA

University of Florida

2. Rutgers University

The online bachelor in business at Rutgers University is another great choice for students looking to complete their bachelor’s degree in business. With a business administration online degree from Rutgers, students benefit from the best of both worlds. They graduate with the name recognition of a major university while benefiting from being able to complete their studies from the comfort of home. Flexibility and convenience combined this program, featuring online business education from one of the most well-known schools in the country.

Rutgers commands immediate brand recognition and is known as a research powerhouse on a national level. With superstar faculty and highly engaged students, the school aims to create leaders devoted to the organizations they serve. The school has more than 100 majors and 500 student organizations.

What We Like: With its sterling reputation and research and development, it’s no wonder that Rutgers ranks as the top public university in New Jersey.

Program: BBA

Rutgers University

3. Northeastern University

Students come to Northeastern University to take advantage of its challenging business administration online degree. By pursuing the bachelor of science and management, learners go beyond theory to learn practical leadership skills that make them better managers. In this online bachelor’s in business, students master critical thinking skills and learn about ethical behavior. This real-world experience is available on campus are also available to online students who need the flexibility to navigate the complexities of modern living.

Northeastern University received an A+ grade for professors based on student reviews and faculty accomplishments. The school also offers evening degree programs for students who would rather attend in person. Additionally, nearly four out of five students survey thought that professors put a lot of time and attention into courses.

What We Like: The student-faculty ratio of 14 to one is relatively low and gives online students more opportunity to interact with their instructors.

Program: BS in Management

Northeastern University

4. University of Illinois at Chicago

Students can earn a bachelor’s of business administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago. This online bachelor’s in business gives students the freedom to study when they want where they want. The business administration online degree allows students to transfer credits and finish their education at a top-ranked business school. UIC is AACSB-accredited and students have the freedom to study online or on campus. This completion program allows students to complete a business degree through a 61-credit curriculum and it includes a comprehensive overview of business operations.

UIC came in second among the best online programs as ranked by U.S. News and World Report. The school ranks consistently well in comparison to other online bachelor’s programs and is widely recognized as one of the top universities in a country.

What We Like: UI’s consistently high-ranking status stands out among other business schools. The dedicated faculty and high caliber of students speaks volumes about the value of the degree.

Program: BBA

University of Illinois at Chicago

5. Arizona State University

Students seeking an online bachelor’s in business should consider Arizona State University. ASU’s business administration online degree helps students get ready for many roles in today’s fast-paced business world. Graduates emerge with mastery of how to lead departments as well as forecast demand.

ASU has a strong online program and has made it a mission to provide high-quality education in a digital format. That’s how the university has attracted world-class professors to instruct students learning from home. Widely considered the most innovative university in the 21st century, ASU has become the gold standard of online higher education.

What We Like: Arizona State is ranked the top college in the state.

Program: BABA

Arizona State University

6. Washington State University

Washington State University’s online bachelor’s in business degree culminates in a BABA program. This business administration online degree focuses on management and students can take their classes 100% online. The well-rounded curriculum includes theoretical and practical knowledge including how to lead and motivate professionals.

Washington State is open to the public, and anyone could take classes at the large institution. In fact, more than 23,000 undergraduate students are studying there right now. The competitive admissions process includes an acceptance rate of 76%, meaning that not everyone who wants to attend will get the opportunity. Those who do make the cut choose from hundreds of interesting majors such as social science and nursing. The school graduates a perspectival 60% of students.

What We Like: Graduates can take advantage of the school’s stature as the number two top public university in the state.

Program: BABA

Washington State University

7. Oklahoma State University

At Oklahoma State University, students can earn an online bachelor’s in business. As part of the business administration online degree curriculum, learners gain the ability to lead and inspire others. Oklahoma State allows remote learners to work with other students and faculty members to brainstorm creative solutions for ethical and legal problems. The program includes courses on how to manage human resources as well as financial ones.

Oklahoma State has over 17,000 undergraduate students and promises students an immersive academic experience. The competitive admission policy weeds out three out of 10 applicants, however, the rest are left to choose their majors such as marketing, business, and other degrees. The school’s graduation rate is 65%.

What We Like: Oklahoma State University has been ranked by niche.com as the second-best value college in Oklahoma.

Program: BSBA

Oklahoma State University

8. University of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst has a competitive online bachelor’s in business. Students who choose to study online can complete their business administration online degree. Many students decide to pursue or complete their degree to increase their career opportunities. The school has an AACSB accreditation recognized by employers and graduate schools around the world.

UMass is a very large school with more than 22,000 undergraduate students. The college accepts only 64% of those who apply, attracting the best and the brightest who will fit in well in the online programs. As a result, the school graduates 80% of incoming freshmen, which is a phenomenal rate.

What We Like: The University of Massachusetts Amherst is ranked #1 among the top universities in the state.

Program: BBA

University of Massachusetts Amherst

9. Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus provides another opportunity for students looking for an online bachelors in business. Employers look for business administration online degree graduates able to produce well in versatile business environment. Students take classes in finance, marketing, accounting and other options.

Penn State give students the opportunity to study online and graduate with a diploma from a respected program. This small school has fewer than 2,600 undergraduate students. The admissions team accepts over half of the students who apply. The digital format allows this -ranking university to expand its scope to students outside its campus in State College, PA.

What We Like: 80% of learners say that it’s relatively easy to get the coursework you need.

Program: BS in Business

Penn State World Campus

10. University of Arkansas

At the University of Arkansas, students can complete their degree with an online bachelor’s in business program. The business administration online degree provides the background needed to find entry-level jobs in business. The program focuses on business skills such as marketing, supply chain and management. Students can also transfer their earned college credit to help complete the degree more quickly.

Arkansas is a top public university with more than 21,000 undergraduate students. It has an acceptance rate of 77% and offer students dozens of majors such as finance, nursing and marketing. This illustrious university has educated students for more than 150 years. In that time, it has seen amazing progress in terms of technology. Now, students can attend classes at the beautiful campus or study online to complete their degrees.

What We Like: The University of Arkansas is the top public university in the state, giving students access to top-notch educational opportunities at home.

Program: BSBA

University of Arkansas

11. Kansas State University

At Kansas State University, students can earn an online bachelor’s in business. In this business administration online degree, students expand their knowledge through classes in accounting, finance, marketing and management. learners can also complete a concentration in business analytics that helps them kickstart their career.

Kansas State is a public university, and this Manhattan, Kansas-based university has 16,000 undergraduate students. Almost everyone who applies gains acceptance. With its 95% acceptance rate, thousands of incoming freshmen choose between animal sciences, marketing, business, and liberal arts majors. Kansas State graduates are a respectable 65% of students.

What We Like: Kansas State is the top college in the state, students who attend this university have access to a wide array of peers from around the world.

Program: BSBA

Kansas State University

12. University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming offers an online bachelor’s in business that’s ideal for working professionals hoping to change their career. The flexible business administration online degree allows students to complete their degree without commuting. The University of Wyoming is accredited by AACSB International. The program teaches students how to participate in the operation of businesses and graduates work for private and government entities.

With 8,000 undergraduate students, this highly-rated university can offer a small college feel two online students. The school accepts nearly everyone who applies. Its acceptance rate of 96% indicates that many students who wouldn’t otherwise get an opportunity to go to college get to do so at UW.

What We Like: With 96% of applicants gaining admittance, and 93% of students receiving some sort of financial aid, it’s no wonder that this school has made the top 15 list.

Program: BSAD

University of Wyoming

13. Florida International University

At Florida International University, students can complete their online bachelor’s in business. This business administration online degree is ideal for students who cannot make it to in-person classes due to their remote location, work obligations or family responsibilities. Anyone with a computer can further their education. Courses include human resource management, logistics, international business and finance. It also includes electives that help students further define their career goals.

Florida International has 20,000 students and is located in the Miami area. FIU has an acceptance rate of 58%, making it a challenging school to get into. However, those who do apply receive a top-notch education. The school graduates 63% of incoming freshmen and other new students.

What We Like: Florida International University ranks second among the nation’s top online colleges.

Program: BBA

Florida International University

14. Temple University

At Temple University, learners can work towards their online bachelor’s in business while pursuing other responsibilities. With a business administration online degree, students can become empowered professionals who create a positive impact on their coworkers and supervisors. There are different programs to choose from and students become immersed and looking and acting the part. Classes are available to teach students professionalism, etiquette and ethics.

Temple is one of the most prestigious public universities, not only in Philadelphia, but throughout the United States. It has 26,000 undergraduate students and accepts just three out of five of those who apply. Popular majors include marketing, finance and psychology. The school graduates a phenomenal 74% of students.

What We Like: Temple is rated the third top public university in the state.

Program: BBA

Temple University

15. Auburn University

Auburn University has an excellent online bachelor’s in business. Students who graduate with a business administration online degree go through the same academic exercises as those who take it on site. This means that graduates emerge with their diplomas ready to take on their new roles and responsibilities. The online degree in business puts the power into students’ hands, allowing them to study when they want and from the convenience of their bedroom or kitchen counter.

The school’s high ranking attracts numerous students who want to study a broad spectrum of majors. It offers majors that teach students diverse skills, such as how to fly an airplane, and offers programs to help treatment for head trauma. By offering an online program, Auburn University expands the access of students living in remote areas. it says all students a daily commute and

What We Like: Auburn University offers 72% of students some sort of financial aid to fund their education.

Program: BSBA

Auburn University

What Can I Do With an Online BBA?

For those who already have a solid career path, earning an online BBA will help them to advance into leadership positions. An online degree program gives them an opportunity to take their career to the next level without interfering with their current job. It also provides their employers with an employee who is committed to bettering themselves on every professional level. Students can explore new opportunities for advancement as they become available without ever missing a day of work or school.

After earning an online BBA, graduates can expect to find a wealth of opportunities in terms of possible career fields. Project management, marketing, human resources, sales, customer relations, and information systems are just a few of the more common jobs associated with a Bachelor’s in Business degree. Many students who choose to pursue an online degree program do so because they are already employed. By enrolling in an online program, students are able to pursue their career goals and earn an education that will allow them to advance in the long run.

Earning an online BBA degree opens the door to many new opportunities. Students who are already employed can choose to take their career in a new direction or they can continue to move forward in their current field. Bachelor’s in Business Administration jobs are available in almost every career field or industry. A business administration job description often includes being able to manage the day-to-day operations of a business or a specific department within a business structure.

Organization and communication skills are a must and can be earned through an online BBA degree. Earning this type of degree can make it possible for an employee to easily transition into a supervisory or managerial position. This type of degree and the skills it offers are beneficial in almost every line of work or industry. No matter what type of work is being performed, these skills are necessary at the managerial level to maintain productivity and keep things moving forward.

Will Employers Trust an Online Business Degree?

Online degree programs have been proven to be just as effective as a degree that was earned in a classroom. Employers are learning that students who enroll in an accredited online business management degree are often driven to succeed. Most maintain a full, 40-hour a week work schedule in an addition to attending school on a full-time basis. The flexibility of an online degree allows the student to achieve both their career and educational goals at the same time.

Students who are enrolled in an online degree program can take on more responsibility and explore new opportunities while working on their degrees. They can offer an employer more in terms of skills and abilities than ever before. Advanced technology offers students a chance to explore their educational options and still be able to provide their employers with an employee who is committed to their job.

While attending a classroom setting is important to some, it can be time-consuming and will dramatically limit a student’s ability to maintain a 40-hour a week work schedule. Employers often encourage their staff to enroll in a degree program that will allow them to succeed. In today’s world that is an online degree program that gives them a quality education. Both student and employer get the best of both worlds.

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