Are There Easy Majors That Make a Lot of Money?

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Does going back to school have to be hard? Not necessarily. For many people, the goal of higher education is to have better ability to provide for themselves and their families, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The modern economic landscape has forced people to make tough choices, and looking for fulfillment or challenge from a higher degree doesn’t often make the cut. That’s OK. Bachelor’s Degree Center strives to give prospective students access to information about education that is tangibly useful to their lives. That means sorting schools by their cost, by how long it takes to earn a degree, and potential earnings in the fields you consider. We’ll help you look through degrees that lead to careers in fields expected to see salary and opening increases, like in our ranking of the highest paying Bachelor’s degrees of the future.

That list was created after diligent inspection of a number of sources that included salary tracking outlets, the World Economic Forum, the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, and many others. We also took into consideration the different jobs that these degrees qualified graduates for in assigning each entry its position in the ranking.

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Your earning potential depends on a number of factors: education, experience, connections, and of course, effort. While some degrees are easier than others, that’s more of a subjective experience than a universal one. Use your intuition. Where have you been most successful, and found yourself lost in the flow of your success and enjoyment of effort? The easiest degrees are ones where you enjoy what you’re doing, so working hard in them doesn’t feel strenuous. Easy majors that make a lot of money sound great, right? Just make sure you’re compatible with the major you’re choosing. The better a fit you are within it, the more you’ll thrive.

Remember, compensation is on a scale that tips based on location, experience, aptitude, and effort. If you’ve ever looked at a bell curve, you know there are always outliers. The median or average income in a field that you’d excel in might not reflect your earning potential, the same way forcing yourself to get a degree in a major you’re not cut out for just because of the high pay associated with it won’t necessarily mean you’ll make as much as in the former situation. The search for a major is difficult, but when you do your homework and prepare for it, you have a much better shot at finding an easy major for you where you’ll be well compensated.

If you’re beginning your search now, carefully consider the the highest paying Bachelor’s degrees of the future to start shaping your choice. Remember that no matter how much pressure surrounds your choices of major, school, and career, you can always improve your situation through education and hard work. Good luck!


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