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For working adults who want to get a degree in technology management, an accelerated online degree can be a great choice. The main advantages of accelerated technology management degrees start with the main benefits of pursuing an accelerated degree in general. Accelerated technology management degrees aren’t all built the same, but there are a few benefits to expect for those who choose these types of degree paths. The main benefit, as the name implies, comes from the speed of obtaining accelerated technology management degrees.

These programs can often slash about a quarter or more off of the time it takes to earn a 4-year degree. Some accelerated programs offer 2.5-year bachelor’s degrees and 15-month associate’s degrees. The best thing about these accelerated programs is that students will graduate with the same degree as if they took a full-time route. When looking at accelerated technology management degrees, applicants should pay close attention to the accreditation status of the program in question.

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Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Technology Management Degrees

Bust professionals looking for an accelerated technology management degree want speed, so Bachelor’s Degree Center editors have researched online programs offering ways to get to a degree faster. But students also want quality, so BDC features only accredited, reputable institutions, ranked according to their cost, potential salary, and student reviews. Data comes from Niche and IPEDS.

1. Embry-Riddle Worldwide

Embry-Riddle Worldwide offers accelerated technology management degrees that help students develop their managerial skills. This track is designed for working professionals who want to move into roles of greater responsibility. This program includes courses in organizing, planning, leading, staffing, and directing data used to make decisions. Students will emerge from this program with a degree and the ability to manage high-tech employees in diverse businesses.

Embry-Riddle University offers students a great deal of flexibility in achieving their professional and personal goals. The school’s online classes are affordably priced, and Embry-Riddle ranks fifth among the nation’s top colleges for veterans. The school has a very generous transfer policy.

What We Like: Embry-Riddle University placed #25 among Best Online Colleges in America, meaning that students who decide to attend the school will have a nationally recognized degree to help them find their first job after graduation.

Degree: BS in Technical Management

Embry-Riddle Worldwide BS in Technical Management

2. American Military University

American Military University offers online courses for students who wish to complete accelerated technology management degrees. The program accepts up to 90 transfer credits. AMU’s BAS in Technical Management is the ideal degree for those who wish to manage personnel in high-tech settings. It’s particularly well-matched for students who have already completed their associate’s degree. This multidisciplinary degree features management and technical courses such as budgeting, staffing, quality control, marketing, information systems, project management, and strategic management. Students who wish to strengthen their knowledge of human resources and motivation may enjoy their time at AMU.

American Military University opened its doors in 1991 and was founded by an officer in the marine corps. The University provides affordable education options for active military personnel and veterans. In concert with the university’s commitment to affordability, service members have an excellent chance of getting financial aid. All branches of the armed forces are welcome including the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard. Spouses are also eligible for admissions at The University.

What We Like: 100% of courses can be completed online, making this a very convenient degree for military families who often move around from base to base.

Degree: BAS in Technical Management

American Military University BAS in Technical Management

3. University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus’s accelerated technology management degrees accept up to 90 transfer credits. This policy makes the program a great choice for students who already hold an associate’s degree or significant credits from another university. The information systems management bachelor’s degree prepares students for jobs in information systems management. Data analysis and management form an integral part of strategic decision-making in the private and public sectors. Managers who can lead technology teams and understand business processes are in high demand. This program was developed by high-level IT professionals such as chief information officers. It is well matched for students who want to move into management positions and already have some work experience in technology or business fields.

UMGC is located in College Park, Maryland. This public University has nearly 10,000 undergraduate students and is located close to the nation’s capital. However, students can also take courses online. Popular majors include liberal arts and humanities, business, and information science.

What We Like: The school’s generous acceptance policy gives 100% of applicants an opportunity to start and finish their degree at UMGC.

Degree: Information Systems Management Bachelor’s

University of Maryland Global Campus Information Systems Management Bachelor’s

4. University of Mary

The University of Mary has a BS in information technology management. These accelerated technology management degrees allow students to complete their coursework in 15 months. This program provides students with practical knowledge regarding networks and computer systems. Learners get the chance to experience interactive labs that use simulations to demonstrate core technical concepts and information technology. Graduates emerge prepared to apply the principles of cyber defense and effectively use networking technology to secure networks for users. Graduates will seek jobs in system administration and learn the ethics that guide professionals in this field.

The University of Mary is a small institution with less than 4,000 undergraduate students. Founded in 1959 by the Benedictine order, the University of Mary has a proud heritage of service to the community and dedication to learning. Popular majors include English and liberal arts.

What We Like: The University of Mary, being a rural, service-oriented school, has always made adult and non-traditional education a priority, reflected today in its many online programs.

Degree: BS in Information Technology Management

University of Mary BS in Information Technology Management

5. Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University has accelerated technology management degrees, and graduates achieve a BSBA in Information Systems and Technology. Online students can transfer up to 90 credits from other universities or programs. This track teaches students the fundamentals of database management, software engineering, systems analysis and design, e-business, and network engineering. Graduates gain exposure to leading-edge technology.

Old Dominion is a large institution with more than 15,000 undergraduate students. It accepts 89% of students who apply and has a great reputation.

What We Like: 94% of students receive some form of financial aid.

Degree: BSBA in Information Systems and Technology

Old Dominion University BSBA in Information Systems and Technology

6. Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University’s accelerated technology management degrees offer graduates a BA or BS in technology management. The program emphasizes organizational and technical skills and produces driven experts who become leaders in the field. This multidisciplinary program integrates project management skills with a knowledge of technological systems. Students will improve their organizational skills and learn to incorporate and develop technology to meet business goals. The program teaches students to build technical skills and develop other competencies to become effective managers. These skills include communication, organization, problem-solving, and relationship building. This online program accepts experience credits for students who have already worked in a related field.

Lipscomb University is located in Nashville and has more than 4,600 students hailing from over 50 countries. Students choose from 145 majors and the low student-teacher ratio makes it easy for students to get one-on-one time with professors. The school incorporates a Christian framework into the college experience and has nationally ranked programs in business and nursing among its other achievements.

What We Like: This competitive school accepts just 62% of applicants and 97% of students qualify for financial aid.

Degree: BA/BS/BAS in Technology Management

Lipscomb University BA/BS/BAS in Technology Management

7. Colorado Tech

Colorado Tech offers accelerated technology management degrees, which result in a BS or BA in information technology management. This track provides students with a foundation in business knowledge and uses real-world concepts in an applied learning approach. With a concentration in IT, students can gain exposure to networking, programming, database administration, and other functions critical to technology leadership. Students can take fast-track exams to accelerate their learning.

CTU is based in Colorado Springs and this for-profit University has 15,000 undergraduate students. Popular majors include criminal justice, law enforcement, and information technology.

What We Like: The University has a generous acceptance rate of 100%. Additionally, 96% of students receive financial aid.

Degree: BSBA in Information Technology Management

Colorado Tech BSBA in Information Technology Management

8. Western Governors University

Accelerated technology management degrees at Western Governors University take 36 months to complete and end in a BS or BA in information technology management. Technology provides the foundation for almost every type of industry. Graduates go on to work in private and public spheres as technology managers. This flexible online degree prepares students to overcome system failures and software delays and improve the performance of technology elements.

Western Governors is an online university with 89,000 undergraduate students. All students who apply get a chance to pursue their dreams of higher education. The university has several popular majors including business, elementary education, and nursing.

What We Like: WGU is ranked #4 among Utah’s Best Value Colleges.

Degree: BSBA in Information Technology Management

Western Governors University BSBA in Information Technology Management

9. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University’s accelerated technology management degree is a BS in technical management. Students accepted into the program can transfer up to 90 credits from previous coursework. Learners with a gift for technical work who want to learn more about business may enjoy this program. The program also prepares students to run their own businesses in the lucrative field of industrial technology.

SNHU is a large university based in New Hampshire and operating on a nonprofit basis. More than 80,000 students attend courses in person or online in fields such as liberal Arts and Sciences.

What We Like: Southern New Hampshire University is a well-respected college and ranks number five among the best colleges in New Hampshire.

Degree: BS in Technical Management

Southern New Hampshire University BS in Technical Management

10. Excelsior College

Excelsior College offers accelerated technology management degrees that convey a BPS in technology management for successful graduates. Students can take all their classes online and this flexible program is designed for working professionals. Learners deep in their knowledge of the technical field and achieve new skills and values to help them meet the demands of prospective employers. The program accepts up to 113 credits for students transferring from other programs. This is ideal for students who want a broad professional foundation based on technology and management.

Excelsior is an online college that accepts all students who apply. Popular majors include liberal arts and humanities, business, and nursing.

What We Like: The school’s generous acceptance rate and flexibility provide an opportunity for students who cannot attend classes in person to complete their degree.

Degree: BPS in Technology Management

Excelsior College BPS in Technology Management

What Does a Technology Manager Do?

The job title of technology manager can seem a little all-encompassing which can often lead to people asking what does a technology manager does. The duties of a technology manager can vary widely depending on the industry the tech manager works in as well as the capacity at which the tech manager works. Ideally, a technology manager manages others, as management is the focus of the degree. However, technology manager isn’t always the title a tech management graduate will have.

Specializations and other factors can dictate what the tech manager does. For example, a health technology manager and an IT manager are both technology managers, but their duties can look very different. A technology manager’s overall job is to create value for a business or organization with technology. There are numerous ways to go about doing creating value through technology.

So, what does a technology manager do? He or she may find themselves involved in the creation of an IT plan, improving efficiencies in communications between different technology groups, being the central figure that connects the technology side of the house to the business side, and anything between. For a small company, a technology manager can work as a consultant that helps the business build its network infrastructure. For a larger company, a technology manager can work as a CIO, project manager, CTO, or IT director.

How Much Does a Technology Manager Make?

Technology manager salaries can vary depending on numerous factors, but there are many averages worth looking at under the title of technology manager. Potential applicants should also keep in mind that job titles can make a great deal of difference when it comes to technology manager salary. For example, an IT manager and a marketing technology manager may hold the same degree, but make far different amounts when it comes to technology manager salaries.

In addition to job titles, the demand for roles will also come into play when discussing technology manager salary. A technology manager who can work in the medical field as a hospital technology manager can typically demand more for filling a niche rather than a general role.

PayScale shows an average base salary for technology managers at ~$99k with more experienced technology manager salaries at ~$117k. Glassdoor lists an average base pay of ~$84k but shows that many employers, especially larger ones, pay average technology manager salaries that come in well over $100k. This all goes to show that technology manager salary can grow along with the employee, and demand for technology management continues to grow.

What if I Already Have a Bachelor’s?

For people who already have a bachelor’s degree, it’s possible to add technology management to their skillset by gaining a technology management certificate. A certificate in technology management can add a specialization that works in conjunction with someone’s degree.

People in management who want to make a switch to a more technology-focused career can seek a technology management certificate to augment their current degree and experience. This can also apply to people with technology-related degrees, such as computer engineering or information systems, but no formal management education. In some cases, technology management graduates may still need to obtain a certificate in technology management for a particular job, industry, or employer.

As with many technology-related fields, certification can become necessary to learn the specific practices or culture of a particular workplace. Many colleges and universities offer an undergraduate certificate in technology management programs. Just as with a degree program, it helps if these certification courses have accreditation or the backing of the industry.

A properly accredited degree is the same no matter how long it takes for someone to earn it. It’s also often advantageous to choose an accelerated technology management degree if the applicant seeks to advance quickly through a particular career field. In addition to all the benefits that come with an accelerated course of study, there’s also the possibility that a student may learn better in the faster-paced, condensed courses associated with an accelerated degree.

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