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The primary advantage of getting an accelerated history degree is the fact a student graduates and enters the workforce more quickly than their peers. Someone who is interested in working as a historian or in related roles has the option to get into an accelerated BA/MA program and earn their bachelor’s and master’s in about five years. Another advantage of an accelerated history degree is the ability to get through undergraduate studies more quickly and enter into a master’s degree program that is to be the main focus of a student’s career.

The view that there are no jobs with a history degree is an antiquated one and overlooks the fact that there are many kinds of jobs you can get with a history degree. It is not a “throwaway” degree as some may claim. Instead, it’s a degree that’s held by many professionals who go on to earn advanced degrees and use the history major for their undergraduate. Many people with history degrees go on to work for the government, in law offices, work as policy analysts, work on political campaigns, find employment in museums, and even work as writers. And last, but not least, the world of academia is one of the most reliable places to find jobs with a history degree.

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Accelerated Online History Degree Programs

Speed is the essential factor that makes an accelerated degree program, but not all accelerated degrees are the same. That’s why Bachelor’s Degree Center editors feature only accredited, legitimate institutions. Programs are ranked according to data from Niche and IPEDS, including tuition cost, student reviews, and potential salary.

1. University of Louisiana at Monroe

For those looking for an accelerated online history degree, the University of Louisiana at Monroe offers an undergraduate BA in history. This accelerated history degree provides the foundation for Arts and Sciences education and includes US and non-US history. Students learn historical research and analysis skills and how to tease factual knowledge from historical records. A history major prepares students for further studies and public relations, journalism and law. Many graduates go on to whole careers in education, foreign affairs and civil service. 90% of history graduates have a job waiting for them when they graduate.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is located in Monroe, Louisiana. This public university has 5,000 undergraduate students enrolled. Just over seven out of 10 students who apply are accepted by the university. Other popular majors at this competitive school include psychology, nursing and liberal arts.

What We Like: The university is #43 on the list best online colleges at Niche.com.

Degree: B.A. in History

University of Louisiana at Monroe B.A. in History

2. American Public University

American Public University has an accelerated online history degree that provides graduates with a BA in history. This accelerated history degree gives students broad flexibility with a range of electives and concentrations. Students delve into topics regarding ancient and classical history, Colonial America, diplomatic history, and the Middle East. This fully online bachelor’s degree challenges students to think critically and conduct research effectively. Many faculty members are published historians and bring their unique perspectives to the classroom.

APUS is the small school with just over 2,300 undergraduate students. Everyone who applies is accepted to the university. Other popular majors include liberal arts and humanities and disaster management.

What We Like: American Public University does not require ACT or SAT scores and is number four among Best Value Colleges in West Virginia.

Degree: B.A. in History

American Public University B.A. in History

3. University of Maine Presque Isle

This accelerated online history degree Results in a BA in history from the University of Maine Presque Isle. This accelerated history degree leaves students with comprehensive understanding of the complex elements responsible for the modern error. Prestigious faculty members include nationally recognized researchers and committed scholars with a range of experience that includes European, American and nonwestern history specialties.

Maine at Presque Isle Has just 700 undergraduate students. This small school has a high acceptance rate of 92%, making it widely available to students who wish to study here. Popular majors include business, criminal justice and liberal arts.

What We Like: 93% of students receive some kind of financial aid.

Degree: B.A. in History

BA in History – University of Maine Presque Isle

4. University of Illinois at Springfield

Students who wish to pursue an accelerated online history degree in Illinois should consider the University of Illinois at Springfield’s BA in history. This accelerated history degree can also be taken on campus. Students explore the past and learn to interpret its meaning for modern society. Concentrations include European and world history, public history an American history.

Illinois at Springfield has 1,800 undergraduate students and this large public university is located in Springfield, Illinois. Just 53% of students who apply make it through the door as freshman due to a competitive application process. Besides history, students choose majors in business, psychology and computer science.

What We Like: The University of Illinois at Springfield ranks #22 among the best online colleges.

Degree: B.A. in History

University of Illinois at Springfield BA in history

5. Nicholls State University

Nicholls State University has an accelerated online history degree. This BA in history is tailored to students interested in studying modern American, European and Asian history. This accelerated history degree is taught by experienced faculty members, and students enhance their understanding of history and learn critical thinking, academic writing and other skills necessary to analyze the modern world.

Nicholls State is based in Thibodaux, Louisiana. This midsize institution has approximately 5,000 undergraduate students and accepts 94% of those who apply. This is one of the most accessible programs thanks to its flexible online format. Some students choose to study liberal arts and humanities, engineering technicians and other majors.

What We Like: The school ranks #10 in Best Value Colleges in Louisiana, promising a valuable academic experience to students.

Degree: B.A. in History

Nicholls State University B.A. in History

6. Arizona State University

Students interested in an accelerated online history degree in Arizona should consider the BA in history program at Arizona State University. This accelerated history degree program is one of the most comprehensive and strongest history programs in America. The curriculum is steeped in humanities and offers students the chance to examine historical records and develop critical and comparative research skills. Students also gain a firm foundation in natural and social sciences. Students will learn to interpret diaries, guns, bones and other artfacts for their historical importance.

Arizona State accepts a majority of the students that apply. With an 85% acceptance rate, however, it’s still fairly competitive. Located in Tempe, Arizona, this large institution has over 39,000 undergraduate enrollees. 69% of students graduate from the University.

What We Like: Arizona State University is #1 among the Best Colleges in Arizona, offering students a high-quality education.

Degree: B.A. in History

BA in History – Arizona State University

7. Valley City State University

Valley City State University has an accelerated online history degree that confers a BS in history education degree. This accelerated history degree is designed for those who wish to teach in a public school. It also opens up opportunities for related careers due to a rigorous pedagogy and comprehensive course curricula, which includes European, American, nonwestern and world history. This program is a great foundation for those wishing to go to graduate school or who wish to pursue careers in government, business, media or publishing.

Valley City State is found in Valley City, North Dakota. This small school has just 862 students. Three out of four students who apply are accepted by the university, and some choose majors such as elementary education, physical education and coaching.

What We Like: 94% of students receive financial aid of some form, making it one of the most affordable programs available.

Degree: B.S. in History Education

Valley City State University B.S. in History Education

8. University of Central Florida

Florida students may wish to consider the accelerated online history degree offered by the University of Central Florida. This accelerated history degree consists of 18 semester hours and students compile a portfolio of written work for their classes if they wish to take a departmental residency. Successful graduates complete 36 hours of history education.

This highly rated university is located in Central Florida, and the university has nearly 42,000 undergraduate students enrolled. Just over four out of 10 or 43% of those who apply receive a letter of acceptance from the university. Those who make the cut study history, tourism, hospitality and other majors.

What We Like: An overall A rating from students includes great value for money, campus life and diversity. A diverse student body and faculty can be found on campus and in online courses.

Degree: B.A. in History

University of Central Florida B.A. in History

9. University of Memphis

Students in Tennessee often choose the University of Memphis’ BA in history for an accelerated online history degree. This accelerated history degree offers students a broad education and prepares them for graduate programs or careers in related fields. The university also offers a minor in history. Once completing the BA program, students will be able to describe historical events including key figures, ideas, movements and transitions through various times and places. Successful candidates for this degree learn to analyze historical sources in the context of their own time. The program includes different historical methodologies and interpretations. It’s necessary to research topics using primary or secondary sources. Therefore, students learn how to base historical arguments on real artifacts.

This above-average university is open to the public and has more than 12,000 undergraduate students. With an acceptance rate of 84%, the University of Memphis is widely available to most students. Many other majors are available to students including nursing, exercise science, and liberal arts and humanities.

What We Like: Students who desire a comprehensive education may be excited to find that the University of Memphis is ranked #3 in Top Public Universities in Tennessee, according to niche.com.

Degree: B.A. in History

University of Memphis BA in History

10. University of North Alabama

The University of Northern Alabama has an accelerated online history degree. This accelerated history degree results in a BA/BS in history. This is a four-year degree that combines a full range of courses for a well-balanced undergraduate education. Students can schedule their classes without having to attend classes or commute on campus. The highly qualified faculty includes noted historians and those with field experience. Small class sizes promise individual attention and a chance to participate more fully in class discussions.

North Alabama is a well-respected school located in Florence, Alabama. there are more than 5,000 undergraduate students who study majors ranging from business to nursing to communications to history. This is a highly competitive school. Of those who apply, just 64% receive a letter of acceptance. This makes the degree that much more valuable to those who attend the university.

What We Like: 80% of students surveyed said that professors put much effort into teaching their courses. This helps students stay engaged and retain more knowledge from their classes.

Degree: History BA/BS

University of Northern Alabama History BA/BS

What are the Advantages of an Accelerated History Degree?

Depending on a student’s goals, higher education can take six to seven years to complete. An accelerated history degree program can shave years off the time needed to graduate and begin a career. It should be noted that an accelerated history degree program is study and time-intensive. A prospective student who’s looking at an accelerated degree program needs to have the time and focus to be successful. Accelerated history degree programs require attending spring, summer and fall semesters in order to graduate early. Students may find that they have a hard time keeping up with the pace that’s set by an accelerated history degree program. However, the ability to graduate with a degree in less time can be advantageous.

What if I Don’t Need a Bachelor’s?

History certificate programs offer the core classes you’re looking to take and give you the education you’re seeking without going through a degree program. Getting a history certificate also has the effect of stacking more education onto your existing degree and makes your resume look even better. Employers tend to appreciate the fact that an employee has put in the effort to continue their education and find ways to set them apart from their peers. The overall perception of someone who’s earned certifications that go beyond their bachelor’s or master’s degree is one of an individual who is a go-getter and engaged in advancing their career.

Online history certificate programs give students the opportunity to earn their certificate at their own pace. The online nature of the certificate program is also advantageous to working professionals who want to add history studies to their existing education and improve their career path. Working professionals often benefit from earning educational certificates as it can give them the opportunity to advance their career in their current position, or shift to another career where having a certificate in history is advantageous.

Make sure that the online history certificate programs you’re looking at are of a post-graduate nature. The post-graduate certificates are designed for students who have earned a BA or MA and are looking for additional education without the need for core curriculum classes. An undergraduate certificate is designed for students who have not finished a degree program, but want to earn credit hours in a field of study that’s not part of their major. A post-graduate certificate in history carries more weight for someone who has earned their degree and is looking to expand their career options.

What Can I Do with a History Degree?

You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a lot of job prospects with a history degree. The history degree sounds like a general degree that qualifies graduates to work as educators in school systems, but it’s actually a versatile degree. The kind of jobs with a history degree that are available to you are interesting and varied. When asking the question of “what jobs can you get with a degree in history?”, the answer is: plenty.

One of the reasons why there are plenty of jobs you can get with a degree in history comes down to the fact that the study of history is also the study of humanity. The education behind a history degree is one of learning about human nature and the consequences of their actions. History classes are a strong component of primary and secondary education and can be a good career option for those who enjoy teaching.

Jobs that you can get with a history degree are ones that recognize the fact that the degree has a strong analytical component. The ability to predict how people behave based on historical patterns is an invaluable skill in professions that seek an edge over the competition.

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