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When you are looking for a cheap analytics degree program to help you cut costs and focus on your long-term goals, you will want to evaluate your situation and make appropriate decisions based on your needs. The cheapest analytics degrees differ based on the school program, your state of residence, and any scholarships that may apply to your degree.

An alternative method to help cut back on the costs is to take your general education courses at a community college, and then transfer into a university or four-year bachelor’s program. A community college may have lower costs when compared to a university, so it helps with lowering the total expense of your degree.

A simple way to save money on an analytics degree is to seek out financial assistance. Colleges and universities may offer a variety of scholarships and grants to help students with the costs of their degrees. You can also consider government grants or private scholarships to help bring down the costs of your degree.

In some cases, an online program may help with the costs of obtaining your degree. Online programs may offer accelerated courses or lower costs for courses when compared to traditional classroom options. Make sure you compare the costs of the traditional degree program and the online program to ensure that it does help reduce the costs, since colleges and universities may have different expenses and factors involved in pricing.

Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Analytics Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Center is committed to guiding prospective students to accredited, reputable programs that will help them fulfill their goals in education and career. All of the institutions featured in our most affordable ranking are known for quality and job market reputation, but for the purpose of ranking, schools are presented in order from lowest to highest tuition, according to IPEDS data.

1. Bellevue University

When you are looking for the most affordable business analytics degrees to help with your career objectives, the BS in Business Analytics from Bellevue University is a good choice to help with your plans. The degree program teaches students the processes to use and analyze big data for improvements to business decisions. It gives students the foundation they need in business as well as the critical skills they need in technology to help a business grow and thrive.

Bellevue University emphasizes the use of technology as it applies to the business sector. That focus on technology ensures that students are able to keep up with the changing market conditions and can make positive changes to help a company improve by evaluating data. It also gives students the skills they need to address concerns that may arise when using computer systems.

Highlight: Bellevue University offers a discount for active-duty members of the military and their spouses who take the business analytics degree online.

Degree: BS in Business Analytics

2. Western Governors University

The BS in Data Management/Analytics from Western Governors University is one of the most affordable analytics degree programs for students who want to work in a challenging business career. The degree program combines technical skills with analytical skills to help students evaluate information before summarizing the details to fit with the goals of a company. It ensures that students know how to turn the raw data into a useable form for a company.

Western Governors University stands out by allowing students to obtain certifications as part of their degree program. The IT certifications available in the program are part of the degree, so students are not taking on extra classes or engaging in extracurricular activities while working on their degrees to obtain the certifications. It gives students an advantage when developing their resumes.

Highlight: Western Governors University is NWCCU-accredited and meets the standards of the accrediting body for student education.

Degree: BS in Data Management/Analytics

3. Texas A&M University Commerce

Texas A&M University in Commerce offers a BBA in Business Analytics that prepares students for the challenges of working in big data analytical roles. The degree program emphasizes experiential learning and encourages students to take a hands-on approach to their educations. That allows students to grow and improve their skills over time.

Texas A&M University in Commerce teaches students the quantitative, analytical, and business skills they need for a marketable resume. It gives students a well-rounded view of the use of big data in different situations and ensures that students are prepared to handle the challenges that may arise as they gain experience in their fields. The degree program also emphasizes technical skills to ensure that students can take on technologically difficult tasks for a company.

Highlight: Texas A&M University in Commerce is AACSB-accredited for its degree in business analytics.

Degree: BBA in Business Analytics

4. Purdue University Global

The BS in Analytics from Purdue University Global is one of the most affordable analytics degree programs for students who want to focus on developing solutions for big data analysis. The degree program recognizes that students may face challenges when it comes to evaluating the myriad of information available to companies through the Internet and other sources. By learning the analytical tools that help sort and evaluate information, students are able to keep up with current trends and help a business grow over time.

Purdue University Global offers a flexible online degree that helps students work around complicated scheduling concerns. It allows students to work at their own pace with 10-week long courses and ensures that students can work on a degree when it fits their schedules. When students are working or have personal obligations that limit their ability to work on a degree, the online system allows for greater flexibility when studying.

Highlight: Purdue Unversity Global offers multiple starting dates throughout the year, so students are able to start working on a degree when it fits their situation.

Degree: BS in Analytics

5. Rutgers University Camden

The BABA in Data Analytics from Rutgers University Camden is one of the most affordable business analytics degrees for students who want to focus on the use of big data in company growth. The degree program is fully online and allows students to work on their degree as it fits their schedules. It emphasizes the tools and technology used for analytical goals within a company to help businesses grow and thrive.

Rutgers University in Camden provides a cutting-edge education for students in the online program. It allows students to use innovative online classes to keep up with modern tools and learn about the methods used to analyze information in an effective way. Students learn from the same quality faculty in the online program as students who attend the traditional classes on-campus.

Highlight: Rutgers University in Camden offers scholarships to first-year students and transfer students who decide to take the online bachelor’s degree program.

Degree: BABA in Data Analytics

6. Arizona State University

Arizona State University offers a BS in Business Data Analytics that prepares students for the challenges of working on big data analysis for a large corporation or company. The degree program emphasizes big data initiatives as well as business acumen for students who plan to apply their technical skills to a business setting. It ensures that students are able to handle the tools that help with organizing and evaluating information to summarize the details in a shorter format.

Arizona State University offers a fully online program for students who want to study business data analytics. The online format ensures that students have a flexible schedule that allows them to work around complex obligations or personal situations. It also allows students to keep up with any jobs or work that may limit their hours for study.

Highlight: Arizona State University offers accelerated courses with 7.5-week classes.

Degree: BS in Business Data Analytics

7. Wilmington University

The BS in Business Analytics from Wilmington University is an affordable option that helps students gain the skills they need to work in a business setting. The degree program emphasizes big data analysis and technical skills as it applies to a business setting. It helps students identify trends that may arise on the Internet and to keep track of customer data in a safe and secure way. It allows students to catch potential problems before it causes complications for the company.

Wilmington University recognizes that business skills play a critical role in the growth of an analytics company. That is why it emphasizes the business skills that apply to data analytics and the growth of businesses. It also teaches students the technical skills they need to keep up in a modern work environment and to address concerns associated with technological tools in big data analysis.

Highlight: Wilmington University does not have a GPA or SAT minimum for students in the online program.

Degree: BS in Business Analytics

8. University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota offers a BS in Data Science that prepares students for a challenging career in data analytics. The degree program emphasizes the use of technology to gather information and to sort details within a company. It also prepares students to handle the challenges of using big data in a corporate or business environment. It recognizes that companies are using big data to identify consumer trends or interests, and it prepares students to keep up with customer interests.

The way the University of North Dakota stands apart is the emphasis on computer science as it relates to business and data analytics. The degree program recognizes that computer science plays a role in the development of modern businesses and it prepares students to take on the challenges of keeping up with company goals.

Highlight: The University of North Dakota allows students to take the data science degree online or on-campus.

Degree: BS in Data Science

9. Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University offers a BSB in Data Analytics for students who want to learn technical skills related to business and technology. The degree program teaches students how to analyze big data and organize the information, so they can apply it to different situations and goals. The degree program also emphasizes business skills to prepare students to work in a modern career.

Golden Gate University recognizes that students need a variety of skills to work in many modern businesses. That is why it allows students to select data analytics as a concentration within its business degree program. The specialized training ensures that students are ready to handle challenges in their careers when they graduate and complete their degrees.

Highlight: Golden Gate University has small class sizes with an average of 14 students, which offers an opportunity for students to connect with faculty when they have questions or concerns.

Degree: BSB in Data Analytics

10. CSU Global

CSU Global offers a BS in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics degree program that prepares students for the technical difficulties involved in big data analysis. The degree emphasizes the use of information technology and the effective management of an information system to maintain company data and goals. It also provides analytical skills related to business development to ensure that students are able to keep up with the needs of a corporation or a business.

The way CSU Global stands out from other programs is the recognition that information systems play a critical role in business decisions. An information system must maintain and gather information from customers and other sources. It must then evaluate the information to generate reports and statistical data. By learning to manage the system and analyze the data, students are able to handle challenges in a variety of work environments.

Highlight: CSU Global is a military-friendly school that works with veterans and active-duty members of the military to assist with their education goals and finding financial aid that applies to their needs.

Degree: BS in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics

What is Data Analytics?

What is data analytics? The term refers to the process of analyzing the raw data on a network or system in order to identify patterns and come to conclusions about a topic. What is big data analytics? In the case of big data analytics, it is a process of looking at large data sets and analyzing the information before making decisions and drawing conclusions.

The data analytics job description varies based on the needs of the company. In most cases, the job description for data analytics focuses on using technical tools to evaluate raw data and organize the information into a form that is possible for you to break down and evaluate. Data analytics job descriptions may also include topics related to computer science and data maintenance to ensure that information is secure. The exact details for any position will vary based on the company and the needs of the business.

What Kinds of Jobs Can I Get with a Data Analytics Degree?

Jobs in data analytics focus on the science behind the process of evaluating raw data. In many cases, the jobs for data analytics emphasize specific skills sets and goals within the company.

When it comes to data analytics entry level jobs, you can find options in computer science positions, IT positions, or direct analytical roles. You may also find data analytics jobs entry level opportunities in quantitative analysis or business analysis. Data analysis jobs give you a flexible option to focus on different areas of the IT industry and computer science industry.

What can I do with a degree in data analytics? It depends on your personal interests and goals. Jobs with a data analytics degree can range from working under a computer scientist, working in data management, or working in a business environment to analyze data for marketing goals. The exact roles depend on your interests and your plans.

How Much Can I Make with a Data Analytics Degree?

When you are looking into big data analytics salary potential, you will want to remember that many factors contribute to actual salary potential. The data analytics job salary may vary based on your location, the position, your education level, and your work experience. As a general rule, the data analytics specialist salary you can expect is around $67,000 per year.

Although the average is around $67,000 per year, you can expect the data analytics starting salary to be lower than the average in most locations. The data analytics major salary may also depend on your level of education. If you have a graduate certificate or complete a master’s degree, then you may earn more than the average salary. Locations may also impact your income potential, so some areas may exceed the average due to a higher cost of living while other areas have a lower salary when compared to the average.

The data analytics degree salary will have some variation. You may also expect to see that some industries, such as the financial services industry, may offer a higher income due to the risks and the concerns that may arise within the industry. The exact details for salary potential differ based on the details of your situation and your education. You can earn a high wage as you gain experience in your field and become an expert in specific skills, so you will want to evaluate the best options to help you reach your income goals when you are looking into job opportunities.

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