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One of the first questions a person may have when he or she wants to earn a public administration degree is whether he or she wants to earn one of the online degrees in public administration or if he’d rather opt for a brick-and-mortar school. Things have changed since the time when online education was considered disreputable; in fact, many of the best universities in the world have developed online degree programs that are just as respected as their traditional programs. Working adults who want to take their career to a new level can especially benefit from an online public administration degree.

Fortunately, online degrees in public administration have many benefits, especially for those who have a child, job, or other responsibilities that would make public administration degrees online more practical. For instance, if a person has a child or a job, he or she already has other responsibilities that take up his or her time. With one of the public administration degrees online, he or she can earn credits from his or her own home.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Public Administration Degrees

To ensure that prospective students are choosing programs that will really help their careers, Bachelor’s Degree Center features only legitimate, accredited colleges and universities. The best online bachelor’s in public administration ranking is based on data from IPEDS and Niche, including alumni salary, student reviews, and tuition costs.

1. University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts has a BS in public administration that is one of the best online public administration degrees, allowing students to study from the comfort of their own home. Students learn skills needed to act as managers and analysts at the federal state and local levels. The program covers quantitative policy as well as economic analysis in public administration. Successful graduates understand policy-making and display competence in fiscal analysis.

UMB offers students a high-value education at one of the largest public universities in Boston. Located in New Egland’s most dynamic city, The University of Massachusetts Boston sits on a waterfront campus and has 12,000 undergraduate students enrolled from all corners of the globe.

What We Like: With an acceptance rate of 78%, this program is extremely accessible.

Degree: Public Administration, BA/BS

2. University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma offers an administrative leadership BA that is one of the best online public administration degrees. Students become leaders in their workplace and the military. Graduates pursue advanced degrees or advance in their careers once they finish the program. Juggling school with other responsibilities can be a challenge. For those looking for a fast-paced program for working adults, this is a good option. Every student has an advisor to help them create a graduation plan and understand the courses needed to complete their degree.

The University of Oklahoma is a public university with over 19,000 students enrolled in undergraduate programs. With a 78% rate of acceptance, this is a fairly accessible school for students who wish to attend. Other popular majors include organizational behavior studies, finance, and liberal arts.

What We Like: The University of Oklahoma is the number 1 ranked university in Oklahoma.

Degree: Administrative Leadership, BA

3. University of Colorado

The University of Colorado has a public service BA that is widely considered to be one of the best online public administration degrees. Students can study from home and set their own schedule as they learn what it takes to serve their communities by leading nonprofit organizations. Other students work in various levels of government emergency services such as Homeland Security. The prestigious faculty prepares students to make a positive impact on public administration and policy.

This highly rated university is located in Boulder, Colorado. It has more than 20,000 students and undergraduate degrees. Other popular majors include Psychology, Economics and Business. The University graduates 72% of students and accepts 82%.

What We Like: The University of Colorado is the number 2 top public university in Colorado.

Degree: Public Service, BA

4. Villanova University

Villanova University has a public service and administration BA that is one of the best online public administration degrees for career advancement in nonprofit organizations and government jobs. In this program, students study philosophy, ethics, history, theology and public policy. This major falls under the Department of Public Administration and can be taken fully online.

A highly-rated University, Villanova is a private Catholic school located in the Philadelphia area. This midsize institution has approximately 6,500 students at the undergraduate level. A competitive admission policy means that fewer than one in three applicants get the green light to attend this prestigious college. Popular majors include nursing, communications and finance. Despite the tough entry policies, Villanova graduates an exceptionally high 91% of students.

Highlight: Villanova is the number four ranked Catholic college in America.

Degree: Public Service and Administration, BA

5. Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University has a management public administration BA that is one of the best online public administration degrees due to its small enrollment. GGU is one of the top schools for adult learners. The university focuses on educating people with real-world lies. On-campus and online courses taught by people working in the fields they are teaching. GGU learners receive unmatched support when it comes to planning their education and future careers.

Golden Gate is located in San Francisco and is a private school. Just over 200 students attend at the undergraduate level. Other popular majors include business humanities and human resources.

What We Like: This university doesn’t require SAT or ACT scores.

Degree: Management, Public Administration, BA

6. University of Maryland Global Campus

The University of Maryland’s Global Campus offers one of the best online public administration degrees available in a digital format. Students gain a strong foundation regarding Emergency Management Systems at every level of government. This fosters collaboration with various agencies that students go to work for. This program often suits those who work in public safety who want to advance their careers and learn critical thinking skills to improve public safety in their communities.

The University of Maryland is a highly respected school near Washington DC. With an enrollment of nearly 29,000 undergraduate students, this is a diverse university to attend. Fewer than half of the applicants who apply are accepted to this competitive school. However, those who do receive a welcoming letter from the admissions committee have a high chance of graduating. In fact, the school graduates 86% of its students.

What We Like: The University is Maryland’s top public university.

Degree: Public Safety, BS

7. University of La Verne

The University of La Verne has a public administration BS that is one of the best online public administration degrees available. The program focuses on applications, theory and practice of management techniques in the public sector. By participating in class and compiling research reports, students pick up real-world skills that help them land jobs when they graduate. This program is offered online and at several campuses in California.

Located in La Verne California this private university is near Los Angeles. Just under 3,800 students attend the school. Just 51% of those who apply are invited to study at the University of Laverne. Other popular majors include psychology and humanities. the highly competitive admissions process makes this degree recognized and valuable in the industry.

What We Like: 84% of students say professors come well-prepared to their classes.

Degree: Public Administration, BS

8. California Baptist University

California Baptist University is home to one of the best online public administration degrees in the country. Students study the fundamentals of public administration to ready themselves for jobs in local, state, and federal governments. Some graduates accept entry-level jobs, while others take mid-management positions based on program completion and former work experience. Successful graduates emerge with an understanding of social skills and the ability to think critically about public policy matters. Public administration graduates learn how to implement changes in government policies. They also learn how to shape and enforce programs for stronger communities. If you are interested in sustainability and economic development, this might be the right choice for you. Learners receive a comprehensive overview of public administration and can begin to think about their private careers early in their education.

Four out of five students who apply to CBU get an affirmative letter in the mail. The well-planned campus is among the top five in America, giving students many options for eating, meeting up with friends and enjoying well-landscaped grounds.

What We Like: CBU is the #15 in Best Online Colleges, according to Niche.com

Degree: Public Administration, BA

9. Franklin University

Service-oriented students may find the public administration BS at Franklin University to be among the best online public administration degrees. Those who are passionate about making a difference come to Franklin University to learn how to do meaningful work for the community. Most students who attend this program are not primarily motivated by bringing home a paycheck. This BS public administration degree prepares students to be servant leaders who can provide guidance for nonprofit organizations and governments.

This above-average private University lies in Columbus, Ohio. Less than 1,000 undergraduate students attend the small school. Franklin University opens its doors to all applicants. Its popular majors include accounting and health care management.

What We Like: With an acceptance rate of 100%, Franklin University provides access to education to all students.

Degree: Public Administration, BS

10. Liberty University

One of the best online public administration degrees can be found at Liberty University, which has a politics and public policy BS. Students benefit from coursework on comparative politics, economic ideals, American constitutional history and modern political trends. Public policymakers have the difficult job of constructing policies within the framework of ethical, legal and moral standards. Graduates emerge with a biblical worldview and the ability to lead numerous organizations within government agencies and departments.

Liberty University is located in Lynchburg, VA and is a private Christian university.

What We Like: In the 21st century, Liberty Online has grown to more than 100,000 students, making Liberty the largest Christian university in the world.

Degree: Government – Politics and Public Policy, BS

11. Point Park University

Students interested in pursuing a career in health care, the environment and energy industries may find Point Park University’s public administration BS to be one of the best online public administration degrees. This fully online program prepares working adults for a new career in nonprofit and public service organizations. Other graduates pursue specializations of their choice. City of Pittsburgh and Allegany County employees receive a discount as do EMS employees, making this an affordable option to further their educations.

Located in downtown Pittsburgh, Point Park University offers access to a vibrant city with ample opportunities to pursue jobs and internships during and after graduation. The cooperative program allows students to receive pay for full-time positions while getting college credit.

What We Like: Pointe Park University has 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees to choose from.

Degree: Public Administration, BS

12. Upper Iowa University

The public administration BS at Upper Iowa University has one of the best online public administration degrees in the Midwest. Students learn new skills to help them adapt to changing social conditions. They learn to function as moral citizens when it comes to public policy creation and enforcement. Students can take the program as a hybrid of online courses and on-site classes. UIU’s Public Administration is geared towards fire science, law enforcement, emergency management and other public policy roles. Students learn from faculty members who are experts in their fields and who truly care about students’ education and future careers. Elearners can also choose minors in pre-law or political science.

Upper Iowa has a good reputation and this private University can be found in Fayette Iowa. It’s considered a small institution and has less than 2,000 undergraduate students. Just half of the students who apply are accepted and many choose to go into human services, psychology and business.

What We Like: UIU accepts has one of the most rigorous admissions policies and accepts just half the students that apply.

Degree: Public Administration, BS

13. Ashford University

The best online public administration degrees include the bachelor’s in public administration degree at Ashford University. This program shows students how private and corporate organizations are different than public ones. Courses include a close look at public sector practices and processes that can run government and nonprofit organizations efficiently.  Students who wish to purse a life of public service may do well in this program.

This for-profit university offers courses online for the convenience of students. Over 28,000 undergraduate students plan for careers in fields such as early childhood education, psychology and business.

What We Like: Over 80% of students feel that professors prepare well for class, and 83% say they can get the classes they want to take.

Degree: Bachelor’s in Public Administration

14. Roger Williams University

Roger Williams University has a public administrations BS that prepares students to direct and coordinate services for private, government and nonprofit organizations. For those who wish to have a well-rounded education, this is one of the best online public administration degrees. Students study politics, finance, communications and numerous other subjects that will serve them well when they take on administrative rules in public administration.

Roger Williams University is located in Bristol, Rhode Island. This liberal arts university offers degrees in professional fields of study as well as liberal arts. Public administration specialties include marine biology, architecture and public administration.

What We Like: With 45 programs and a low student-faculty ratio, the university offers personalized attention as a hallmark of the RWU experience.

Degree: Public Administration, BS

15. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University has a public administration BSBA that is one of New England’s best online public administration degrees. Students who enroll in this online degree game business fundamentals that helped them better understand government structures. Fiscal budgeting, administrative management and community dynamics are all important factors when it comes to politics and public administration. After completing this program, students are prepared for entry-level careers or further study in public administration or a related field.

SNHU was founded more than 85 years ago. The school has a strong mission to provide quality education to students. Students can pursue graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs to keep up with trends and technology in the field. The university tends to appeal to students with a liberal bent who truly want to make a difference in the world.

What We Like: SNHU was called a “Most Innovative” university by U.S. News & World Report, giving weight to degree obtained from the university.

Degree: BSBA – Public Administration

Why Should I Get My Public Administration Degree Online?

Public administration degrees online let a person stay at home. Therefore, there’s no commute time when earning an online administration degree. A person doesn’t have to sit in traffic or drive a long distance after working all day to earn any of the public administration online degrees. Additionally, with public administration online degrees, a person can earn his or her degree at his or her own pace on a schedule that completely works for him her.

An online bachelors in public administration is convenient since a person can complete his or her degree on their own terms. The comfort aspect isn’t the only benefit of an online bachelors in public administration either. In fact, a person can benefit from an online bachelors in public administration since a person doesn’t have to go to school with other students. When a person chooses an online bachelors degree in public administration, he or she doesn’t have to feel self-conscious if he or she isn’t the typical college student.

Can I Get a Job with a Bachelor’s in Public Administration?

To simply answer the question as to whether there are jobs with a degree in public administration, the answer is yes. A person will find jobs with a degree in public administration. However, when a person asks what can I do with a public administration degree, he or she should understand that jobs with a public administration degree often require a person to earn a master’s degree.

However, one example of jobs with a public administration degree is a federal government worker. As one of these jobs with a public administration degree, a person can become a government distributor or a government manager. That isn’t the end of what can I do with a public administration degree in terms of federal government jobs. Another example is a human resources manager, financial manager, budget analyst, or tax examiner.

Additionally, if a person is asking what can I do with a degree in public administration, he or she could also work with the local government. For instance, one of the answers to what can I do with a degree in public administration in terms of the local government is a community health director. Another answer to what can I do with a bachelors in public administration is city director or a parks and recreation director.

When a person searches for what can I do with a degree in public administration, he or she will realize that he or she doesn’t have to work for the government. In fact, a person can become an education administrator. Another option for public administration degree jobs is to become a nonprofit director. An individual could also answer the question as to what can I do with a bachelors in public administration with a human resources director position.

What Is the Difference Between Public Policy and Public Administration?

Public administration vs public policy isn’t really a comparison. Instead, when a person wants to think about public administration vs public policy, a person should understand that public administration vs public policy is actually a question as to how they two relate to one another. For instance, when a person thinks about the difference between public administration and public policy, he or she should realize that public policies are guidelines that the government entities use. In fact, when a person compares the difference between public administration and public policy, he or she should understand that the public policies are what government workers use to coordinate initiatives and programs. Moreover, when a person compares public policy vs public administration, he or she should know that the policies are what government workers determine are beneficial to the community.

When an individual compares public policy vs public administration, a person also should also know what public administration is. For instance, when a person is learning the difference between public administration and public policy, a person should understand that the administration is the group of individuals who implement the public policy. Additionally, when a person compares the difference between public policy and public administration, he or she should also realize that the administration aspect entails creating the public policy. An individual should also know that public policy varies from place to place. In fact, public administration happens on a federal level, local level, and even an international level.

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