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As a highly technical, challenging degree, most students will not think about getting a physics degree online. However, there are many strong reasons to consider an online physics degree. For one, an online bachelor’s in physics provides a person with a solid background in science. A person will gain in-depth knowledge that will help a person prepare for a career in physics. Moreover, a person will be able to choose from a variety of careers and have the opportunity to make a lucrative salary.

Besides the general benefits of a physics degree, you can benefit from a physics degree online specifically. For example, a person can choose to earn a physics degree online in his or her free time around his or her other responsibilities. This includes being able to go to school while working around family obligations, such as children, as well as a person’s job. Specifically, with a degree in physics online, a person can earn his or her degree while the kids are sleeping or after a person gets home from work. It’s even possible to complete all of a person’s coursework on the weekend, in some degree in physics online programs.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Online Physics Degrees

For prospective students who want a real value, the editors of Bachelor’s Degree Center feature only accredited, reputable colleges and universities. The best online ranking is based on factors including tuition rate, student reviews, and salary potential.

1. Michigan Tech

With both a BA and a BS option, Michigan Tech offers two of the best online Physics degrees in the US. These programs offer flexibility, and not just with the online format. The online BS in physics pathway provides a more traditional approach, and the BA pathway lets students choose their own physics-related career path without necessarily becoming scientists. Either way, the online bachelor’s degree physics program is challenging and exciting, and it gives students the opportunity to get involved in research.

Michigan Tech has always thrived in business, technology, and science, which makes it a prime choice for students who want to study physics. This school balances raw intelligence with intense curiosity, blending them together to create a more just and accessible world. In fact, community improvement is at the heart of Michigan Tech. Students here sharpen their skills so that they can think outside the box and make the world better for everyone.

What We Like: Many Michigan Tech Physics students have been recruited to national laboratories.

Program: Physics—BA, BS

Michigan Tech Physics

2. Arizona State University

Arizona State University’s online BA in Physics is one of the best online Physics programs for students who want to go into teaching. It also makes a good choice for those who want to learn about science without sacrificing liberal arts opportunities in the process. This program starts with a liberal arts foundation, but that foundation is rooted in science. From there, students learn about matter, energy, and other important physics concepts, and they learn how to apply those concepts to their career paths.

Arizona State is known for its research and innovation. ASU continues to expand its research budget, making new discoveries that have a positive impact all over the globe. As a result, a lot of science-focused students count ASU as their first choice of colleges. ASU’s interdisciplinary approach also appeals to many students. This school recognizes how the sciences relate to one another, and it takes advantage of those interrelations to help students make the most of their studies.

What We Like: ASU is ranked # in the US for innovation.

Program: Online Bachelor of Arts in Physics

Arizona State University BA in Physics

3. Texas State University

Texas State University offers a hybrid Physics degree program. Whether they pursue a BA or BS, students can take up to half of their courses online. These online physics degree programs rank among the best online Physics degrees for those who want to blend their time online and on campus. In many ways, these programs combine the best of both worlds. Both program options include core courses and specialized physics electives.

Texas State University is a well-established research school that thrives in the sciences. It has strong online programs, so students can get an excellent education whether they learn online or in the physical classroom. The degree programs here provide a strong liberal arts foundation, but they also help students prepare for their careers in a practical way.

What We Like: TSU has been named one of the “Best Colleges” by the Princeton Review.

Program: HYBRID — up to 50% online w/ either BA or BS

Texas State University Physics BA/BS

4. Western Governors University

Western Governors University offers an online BS in Science Education. Though it doesn’t focus on physics alone, it does have a lot of similarities with some of the best online Physics degrees. For one thing, it offers the kind of flexibility that online students need. More importantly, this program teaches important physics concepts for future science teachers. In addition to physics courses and other science classes, this program also covers skills for teaching secondary education.

WGU is an exclusively online university. Online students don’t need to fear missing out on in-classroom prep because all of their fellow students are also taking online classes. WGU boasts flexibility and affordability. Most importantly, WGU is dedicated to removing educational barriers. Whether students struggle with time, distance, or school affordability, WGU helps them overcome the obstacles that often come with a college education.

What We Like: The National Council on Teacher Quality ranked WGU in the top 1% of secondary teacher prep programs in 2017.

Program: BS Science Education

Western Governors University BS in Science Education

5. Liberty University

Liberty University offers its BS in Physics 100% online. This program is one of the best online Physics degrees for students who need a lot of flexibility but still want to challenge themselves academically. Students in this program learn a range of subjects, including math, electricity, mechanics, and more. Though the program is online, it coaches students through a hands-on approach to learning, so students get the best of all educational options.

Liberty University is one of the most well-known Christian universities in the United States. For many students, Liberty offers the perfect combination of faith and academics. Students learn humanities alongside natural sciences. In Liberty’s classes, students learn how to reach their fullest potential, whether they learn online or in the classroom. Liberty’s online programs are designed to provide a Christian community while still offering much-needed flexibility.

What We Like: Liberty University is one of the top military-friendly universities in the US.

Program: BS in Physics

Liberty University BS in Physics

Why Should I Get My Physics Degree Online?

If a person is a returning student, an online degree in physics may be beneficial because the person won’t have to attend classes with people who are much younger than him or her. He or she won’t have to earn a degree among people who have different interests and priorities either when a person chooses an online degree in physics.

Students don’t have to sit in traffic or have a commute time getting their physics degrees online. Therefore, a physics bachelor’s degree online can save a person time. If you have a degree from community college, a four-year degree may only take two years.

Additionally, online physics degrees are often less expensive than if a person would attend a physics degree in a standard on-campus degree program. Online physics degrees don’t require a person to have to pay for certain fees, such as with maintenance of the school, since a person is working in his or her home. This is also more comfortable for many people.

Are There a Lot of Jobs for a Physics Major?

Before a person decides to earn an online degree in physics, a person should know which jobs for physics majors are available. For example, one of the jobs for a physic majors is a physicist. This is a person who researches physics. A person can find jobs in different fields as a physicist.

so what are your career opportunities?

Where you studying quantum mechanics in high school? Like learning about thermodynamics or astrophysics for fun? Fooling around with differential equations? You’re on track to become a physicist.

When a person is thinking about the potential jobs for physics majors, a person should look into engineering. Certain types of engineering may allow a person to enter, as options for jobs for physics majors. Great problem-solving skills are a must. A person may find positions in cosmology.

Healthcare is another industry a person may want to consider when looking into jobs for a physics major. In this particular field, a person will notice that some aspects overlap. Particularly, when a person is in search of jobs for a physics major in health, a person should look into biomedical engineering. In this particular field, jobs with a physics major allow a person to work alongside other

If you love young people, you may consider becoming a physics teacher. High school teachers don’t make much, but college physics faculty members teaching graduate school can be well-paid.

If a person wants to find jobs with a physics major, it’s possible to find jobs in the energy field. People who want to find jobs with a physics major also include jobs in astronomy. Physics majors are also necessary for geophysics, meteorology, and technology.

Fortunately, most of these positions offer a person the opportunity to earn a decent salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says physicists and astronomers make $147,450 annually.

What If I Already Have a Degree?

A person who already has a degree in physics has the option to continue to progress academically. He or she may earn a master’s degree or a doctorate and even choose to specialize in certain areas of physics at that point.

However, if a person already has one of these degrees, there’s always the option of a graduate certificate in physics. These certificate programs allow a person to specialize in a specific area of physics. It could open an opportunity that wasn’t previously available to the person. A graduate certificate in physics can allow a person to earn more money than if he or she didn’t have a postgraduate certificate in physics.

A person should also take into consideration that he or she is more able to obtain a position if he or she has a post-graduate certificate in physics than someone who doesn’t have a particular credential. It can even open the doors to positions a person wouldn’t have been able to obtain without a certificate.

One example of a certificate program a person can complete is a graduate certification in applied physics. Besides a graduate certificate in applied physics, a person may want to consider a certificate in quantum electronics or laser physics and applications, among various others. Be sure the certificate comes from a school with accreditation, though.

For people who want to specialize in a particular area of physics but didn’t do so previously, a certificate is a possibility to do so. It’s also a way to specialize in other areas of physics besides the one he or she already has a specialization in.

You can also consider free online courses. Many modern physics schools offer courses in areas like:

  • electricity and magnetism (electromagnetism)
  • photonics
  • classical mechanics
  • mechanical engineering
  • nuclear physics
  • quantum physics
  • physical science
  • statistical mechanics

You may even take graduate-level courses online. Some will offer credit hours that count toward a bachelor of science, but free learning without needing financial aid is a win.

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