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Students interested in a career in mathematics may worry about the price of earning a mathematics degree. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the expense with an affordable math degree. For one, a person should look for the cheapest online math degree. Finding the cheapest online math degree is as simple as doing a search. Students look at the tuition rates for each one of the schools and compare to find the cheapest online math degree. Smaller, regional public universities and colleges often offer the best tuition rates, while many small private colleges, especially Christian colleges, are making affordability at priority.

Once a person chooses, a person can further reduce the cost by applying for state and federal grants. This is free money toward a degree as long as a person completes his or her degree. Someone may also look into scholarships through the school and private organizations. It’s also possible to apply for grants through private organizations as well. Another option is to look into tuition reimbursement through a person’s employer.

Methodology: How We Ranked the Most Affordable Mathematics Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Center takes pride in featuring reputable institutions, and for the ranking of the most affordable degrees, only accredited, trusted colleges and universities were considered. For the actual ranking, though, one factor is key – cost, as reported by IPEDS.

1. University of Missouri-St. Louis

University of Missouri St. Louis offers one of the most affordable math degree options in undergraduate studies paired with a high-quality education. College Faction rates UMSL in the #14 slots of Best Colleges for the Money in Missouri. UMSL’s Bachelor’s in Mathematics is not only affordable but it is also offered as one of the few accelerated classes in the metro St. Louis’ area for mathematics. When students start to take the upper-class credits, they can modify their degree to include their particular interests whether it be statistics, computer science or mathematics.

UMSL was founded in 1963 in the Northside of St. Louis. UMSL ranks as the #281 Best National University in US News & World Reports. St. Louis is located on the banks of the Mississippi, bordering Illinois. In-state tuition is considered a high value, while out-of-state tuition doubles unless you are from Illinois where you get a 1.65% discount per credit hour, due to the proximity to St. Louis. Deadline to apply to UMSL is simple and done on a semester basis. Next deadline for 2020 is August 19th.

Degree: Mathematics, BS

2. Arizona State University

Arizona State University School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences is located in Tempe, AZ where they offer one of the most affordable BA degrees in mathematics. ASU is #1 university in innovation according to US News & World Reports, and their affordable math degree shows that with their options for students interested in careers in global business, requiring a good understanding of engineering, life sciences, economics, and a foreign language.

ASU is a public metropolitan research university with five campuses located across Phoenix that was founded in 1885. In 2019, ASU was estimated to have over 90,000 campus students and 38,000 online students, making it one of the largest universities in the US. The school is organized into 17 colleges with 350 degree options. They rank high in several areas with US News & World Reports: #117 National Universities, #145 Best Value, #1 Most Innovative, #53 Top Public Schools, and #147 Top Performers in Social Mobility.

Degree: Mathematics BA, BS

Arizona State University Mathematics BA, BS

3. West Virginia University

West Virginia University offers both a BA and BS in Mathematics as an affordable math degree on campus. They take a STEM pathway with an area of emphasis in Actuarial Sciences. Their approach is very strategic in making a well-rounded undergrad degree in math with a year of foreign language, electives, and calculus. Second year introduces probability and statistics with concepts in mathematics. In your third and fourth year, while you start your independent study in an area that matches your career, you will be introduced to mathematical concepts as they apply to the global world and diversity. This makes it an ideal degree to enter every sector of the world.

West Virginia University was founded in 1867 as a public institution and now has an enrollment of close to 30,000 students total. It is in a small suburban setting with a semester-based calendar along the Monongahela River in the northern part of the state. The tuition is one of the lowest in-state tuitions that you can find while still attending one of the Best National Universities, ranking at #228 with US New & World Reports.

Degree: Mathematics,BS & BA

4. North Carolina A&T University

North Carolina A&T University offers a BS in Mathematics that is one of the most affordable mathematics degree options in the US. The BS in Pure Mathematics is built from thousands of years in traditional mathematics and insight to new methods and formulas. The affordable math degree is designed specifically for those that want a challenging math degree that studies theories and the works of math. Students interested in seeking graduate degrees in mathematics are ideal for this program. The degree includes 60 hours in math, with computer programming and a semester of science. Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.3.

North Carolina A&T is a public research university founded in 1890. It is the first college for African Americans in North Carolina, originally offering agriculture, horticulture, and mathematics as majors. With a student population of close to 13,000+ students, it is the largest historically black university in America. US News & World Report recognizes the university as the 7th best HBCU and the 1st among public universities. College Factual ranks it as the #11 Most Affordable College in North Carolina.

Degree: Mathematics, BS

North Carolina A&T University Mathematics, BS

5. Ferris State University

Ferris State University offers one of Michigan’s most affordable mathematics degree paths available. Students choose from five different concentrations, including Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics, Computer Science, and Actuarial Science. The affordable math degree offered on campus at Ferris is known for its overall application in a career of your choice because of how well-rounded it is for most businesses and industries.

Ferris State University was founded in Big Rapids, MI in 1884 as a public research university. Big Rapids is a smaller college town known for its liberal college environment and being just an hour away from Grand Rapids’ larger metropolitan area. Student/faculty ratio is low at 16:1 and close to 15,000 students at all campus locations and online. The teachers are known for being highly-qualified professional instructors rather than graduate students and many have graduated with a doctorate in education from FSU. FSU is rated the #209th Best Colleges for Your Money in the US. Fun Fact: their ice hockey team is in the NCAA Division I and is one of the biggest sporting events in the area.

Degree: Applied Mathematics, BS

Ferris State University Applied Mathematics, BS

6. Oakland University

Oakland University offers an affordable mathematics degree in one of their largest departments of study: Mathematics & Statistical Skills. Oakland offers concentrations in operations research, applied mathematics, applied statistics, secondary education, and elementary education. Students may choose between an affordable math degree on-campus program for a BA or BS in math, which is easily combined with a secondary teaching certificate.

Oakland University is a public research university located in the suburban town of Rochester, MI just 30 miles northwest of Detroit. The university was founded in 1957 by Dodge heiress Matilda Dodge Wilson. Dodge also donated the 4th largest mansion in the US, which is a National Historic Landmark and one of America’s most popular castles. Oakland’s athletic teams all complete in Divsion I of the NCAA as the Golden Grizzlies.

Degree: Mathematics, BS/BA

Oakland University Mathematics, BS/BA

7. Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University offers an affordable mathematics degree in Pure Mathematics through their BS on campus. The degree is intended to lead to graduate school or jobs in major industries and government organizations. Students may choose concentrations in algebra, geometry, discrete math, or probability & statistics. The faculty provides plenty of opportunities to do research work with them and interact in study groups. All Math majors are encouraged to join the Math Club and compete in the Missouri Collegiate Mathematics Competition or the Putnam Exam.

SEMO is a public institution that was founded in 1873 as a normal school in Cape Girardeau, MO. Cape Girardeau is located between Memphis and St. Louis in a suburban setting along the Mississippi River. First Lady Laura Bush named it a Preserve America Community. SEMO is known for both being a great party college that is safe and being a conservative college at the same time. Student enrollment is at 11,000 students. It is one of the most affordable math degree values on the list with plenty of career opportunities to stem from the degree both in town and nearby. It is ranked #16 in Top Public Schools and #290 out of 1500 universities as Best Nationwide Colleges for Your Money.

Degree: Pure Mathematics, BS

Southeast Missouri State University Pure Mathematics, BS

8. Florida International University

Florida International University School of Integrated Science and Humanities in Miami, FL offers one of the most affordable mathematics degrees in the US. The on-campus degree offers several tracks for deeper studies and graduate school, including comprehensive math, applied math, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, and physics. Upon admittance, students are accepted into their choice of majors.

FIU is a public space-grant research university that was founded in Miami, FL in 1965. The campus is the largest in South Florida and 2nd largest in Florida, and the 4th largest in enrollment in the US. The research university has a Very High Research by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching classification. It is considered the 105th Best University in the US by US News and ranked in the top 500 of Most Affordable Universities in the US with a high return of value in career advancement.

Degree: Mathematics, BS

Florida International University Mathematics, BS

9. Stephen F. Austin State University

Stephen F. Austin State University offers affordable mathematics degree options known for leading to careers in science, engineering, social science, and finance. SFA’s Math Department prizes analytical thinking skills in all fields of human endeavor. Students must complete 45 college credits with a 2.0 GPA to be admitted into the College of Sciences and Mathematics degree plan for a BS in Mathematics on campus. SFU’s undergraduate mathematics degree is considered Top 400 of Best Colleges for Your Money by College Faction.

SFU is an independent public institution founded in 1923 in the oldest town in Texas–Nacogdoches. They operate on a semester-based calendar with above-average support and free tutoring for all students. Student population is 11,500+ and is considered an extremely good value for the quality of education and tuition.

Degree: Mathematics, BS

Stephen F. Austin State University Mathematics, BS

10. Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University is known for offering one of the most complete and affordable degrees in mathematics on campus in a BS or BA. Students exploring a degree in mathematics must include a suggested minor such as biology, physics, computer science, music, statistical theory, statistical methods, chemistry, or economics. Internships opportunities are with some top research projects in the world, including NASA, National Security Agency, and the oil industry. Student retention is good with a high percentage of students seeking graduate degrees.

SHSU or Sam is a public university founded in 1879. It is rated in the Top 200 of Best Colleges for Your Money by College Faction and top 300 Public Universities in US News & World Reports. They offer over 80 undergraduate degrees, 59 masters, and 10 doctoral programs. Student population is around 20,500 and has a student/teacher ratio of 20:1. Their acceptance rate is 74%.

Degree: Mathematics, BS, BA

Sam Houston State University Mathematics BS or BA

Is Mathematics a Good Career?

A person may wonder if mathematics is a good degree choice. Fortunately, there are various careers for a math major. Some careers for a math major may include an actuary, financial planner, statistician, investment analyst, or a mathematician. Besides careers for math majors in finance, people may also find careers for a math major in the education field. Individuals can find careers for math majors teaching math at a primary or secondary education level, or a person may even be able to find teaching jobs in colleges and universities if they obtain a master’s.

Many of these careers are growing in number, so people will easily be able to find a career after school. Plus, some of them have a high pay rate, and a person can obtain a high salary with only having a bachelor’s degree. Furthering a person’s education in mathematics can mean even higher paying jobs, and the potential to teach mathematics in a college or university.

When comparing the different careers in mathematics, a person should understand that many of the careers in mathematics are expected to grow over the course of the next eight years. This means there’s more potential to find jobs with a mathematics degree. Ultimately, this means job stability for individuals who choose to earn a master’s degree in mathematics.

How Much Can I Make with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics?

Before completing school, a person may wonder about the average math majors salary. A math major salary varies greatly depending on the field a person chooses as well as if a person decides to earn a graduate degree after obtaining his or her master’s.

An actuary, for example, only requires a person to have a bachelor’s. The math majors salary for this career is an average of $102,880 per year, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This the same as $49.46 per hour.
The math major salary for a financial advisor is $88,890 per year, which is the same as $42.73 per hour. This math majors salary is possible with only having a bachelor’s degree.

As mentioned above, a person may become an economist with a math degree. However, a person needs to obtain a master’s degree to find jobs as an economist. The math major salary for this degree is $104,345 per year, which is equal to $50.16 per hour.

Math major salaries for statisticians and mathematicians are usually around $88,190 annually or $42.40 per hour. To earn these math major salaries though, a person usually needs to have at least a master’s degree.

A math major may go into teaching, as noted above. The math major salaries for a primary school teacher is $57,980 per year. A math major jobs salary is higher for those who teach in schools as professors. Post-secondary teachers’ math major jobs salary is much higher. A person earns an average of $78,470 per year in one of these positions.

Will a Certification in Mathematics Help My Career?

A person may wonder if a certification in mathematics will help their career. Fortunately, it’s possible to earn a mathematics certification online. Often, a mathematics certification online isn’t very expensive, especially when considering the price of a degree.

First and foremost, there are various options to choose from when looking into a certification in mathematics. A person can choose a certification in mathematics to specialize in a particular area, which can open certain career paths.
Sometimes, a mathematics certification is necessary to obtain a certain job.

Besides getting a mathematics certification, a person can chose to earn a teaching certificate. This qualifies a person to teach mathematics. Middle school and high school teaching jobs are available with a teaching certificate and a mathematics degree. Even positions teaching fourth and fifth grade are possible with a teaching certificate and a mathematics degree.

To work as a professor, a person doesn’t need a teaching certificate. However, a person does need to undergo specialized training to teach mathematics at that level.

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