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If you’re working in technology or manufacturing with an associate’s degree, you know that a bachelor’s in engineering management can help you make the next step forward in your career. But most working adults are also paying their way through school, so cost has to come into consideration. That’s why students seek out affordable engineering management programs, both online and on-campus.

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics reports no less than eighteen different jobs that fall under the engineering classification. This type of depth, demand, and wealth of opportunity is only the beginning of the benefits offered by earning an engineering management degree. And an engineering management salary means graduates can start making a return on their investment right away.

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Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Engineering Management Programs

Because the editors at Bachelor’s Degree Center want to see you succeed, we make sure that we feature only accredited, trustworthy institutions. Programs are presented in order of tuition rate, starting with the lowest, based on current IEPDS numbers.

1. California State University, Northridge

California State University, Northridge offers a BS in Engineering Management that is among California’s most innovative engineering management programs. Cal State Northridge’s affordable engineering management program has received accreditation from ABET. Sample classes include engineering economic analysis, facilities planning and design, product innovation, engineering statistical applications, and introduction to engineering and technology management, plus a senior design project, to name a few.

California State University, Northridge, founded as a state college in 1958, is a member school of the Golden State’s state university system 23 school system. With more than 38,750 students attending classes, CSUN is the 3rd largest school in the state system and considered among the most diverse.

What We Like: California State University, Northridge is home to the Nation’s Center of Deafness.

Program: BS in Engineering Management

California State University, Northridge

2. University of Washington

The University of Washington’s College of Engineering, established in 1899, offers an affordable engineering management program interdisciplinary baccalaureate degree that prepares students for rewarding engineering careers in the public or private sector or in academia. The University of Washington’s College of Engineering maintains a chapter of Engineers Without Borders, which offers students international and study-abroad opportunities.

Chartered in 1861, the University of Washington is among the oldest institution of higher education on the west coast and a space and sea-grant school. The University of Washington, as the state’s flagship school maintains several campuses in the greater Seattle area and beyond – include Bothell and Tacoma, among others.

What We Like: The University of Washington’s library system is among the largest academic libraries in the world, comprised of more than two dozen different library locations.

Program: Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies

University of Washington

3. Texas A&M University Commerce

Texas A&M University-Commerce offers a BS in Technology Management that is available on-campus or through a hybrid program. Students enrolled in Texas A&M University’s affordable engineering management program are required to complete 120 undergraduate credit units but have no foreign language or thesis requirement. Sample classes include principles of cost engineering, managing sustainability, legal environment of business, and technical communication, plus a capstone concluding project, to name a few.

Texas A&M University Commerce was founded as a state-funded normal school in 1889. The university’s campus is located near the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, with more than 12 250 students studying for an academic degree offered by Texas A&M’s five academic colleges/schools.

What We Like: The school owns an equine center on an 1,800-acre farm which is located near the Commerce campus, about an hour from Dallas.

Program: BS in Technology Management

Texas A&M University-Commerce

4. University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago offers a BS in Engineering Management that is among the Windy City’s most affordable engineering management program options. Degree candidates attending the University of Illinois at Chicago’s BS engineering management degree must complete a minimum of 128 credit units to meet graduate criteria. Classes for the baccalaureate degree program include financial engineering, the strength of materials, programming for engineers, Stochastic process, safety engineering, and design and analysis of experiments, plus a variety of electives.

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is a space-grant school that was established in 1982. The school operates two campuses that serve more than 33,350 students each.

What We Like: It is estimated that one in eight doctors in Illinois is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Medicine – the largest medical school in the country.

Program: BS in Engineering Management

University of Illinois at Chicago

5. Purdue University

Purdue University offers a BS in Integrated Business and Management that offers specialty coursework in supply chain operations, financial engineering, and data analytics. Purdue University’s affordable engineering management program requires degree candidates to complete 120 baccalaureate semester credits. Courses cover a wide variety of business, economics, and engineering topics through interdisciplinary study. Examples include data mining, computations for engineering systems, engineering economics, and thermodynamics, to name a few.

Purdue University (Purdue) was established under the Morrill Land Grant Act in the late 1860s. In addition, Purdue is a space and sea-grant institution of higher education with a student enrollment the nears 46,000 undergraduate and graduate students vying for academic and diploma programs from Purdue University’s ten colleges/schools.

What We Like: Purdue University’s student enrollment is the second largest in the state of Indiana.

Program: Integrated Business and Management

Purdue University

6. Lamar University

Lamar University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Industrial Engineering that is recognized to be among the Lone Star State’s affordable engineering management program and degrees. Students graduate from Lamar University’s engineering management degree to find rewarding careers as project management specialists, engineering managers, or business consultants, to name a few. Coursework for this undergraduate degree from Lamar University includes quality control applications, engineering economy, human factors engineering, and engineering materials and processes, to name a few.

Lamar University is a member school of the Texas state university system that was initially established as a junior college in 1923. Lamar University is also a space-grant school that serves more than 17,400 students online and on the Beaumont campus.

What We Like: Lamar University is named for the 2nd Republic of Texas president.

Program: BBA Industrial Engineering

Lamar University

7. Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University’s Fulton Engineering College offers a Bachelor of Science degree program (BS) in Construction and Facilities Management that is considered one of Utah’s most affordable engineering management program options. Several ranking sites list Brigham Young University’s construction and engineering management program among the most affordable in the state. Classes for BYU’s engineering management undergraduate degree include construction scheduling, economic principles and problems, pre-construction services, virtual design & construction, light structural systems, construction modeling, and real estate principles and development, to name a few.

Brigham Young University (Brigham Young) was established in 1875 and is recognized to be one of the largest LDS schools in the world. In addition, Brigham Young University operates as a space-grant institution of higher education with a student enrollment that exceeds 33,550 undergraduate and graduate students.

What We Like: Brigham Young University is home to a variety of museums in art, cultures, paleontology, and life science.

Program: Construction and Facilities Management

Brigham Young University

8. Arizona State University

Arizona State University’s Fulton Schools of Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science Engineering degree program (BSE) in Engineering Management that has received ABET accreditation that can be completed online or on-campus. Arizona State University’s affordable engineering management program includes classes like system dynamics and thinking, work analysis and design, probability and statistics for engineering problem-solving elements of intercultural communication, and risk management, plus an engineering practicum, plus a variety of elective classes.

Arizona State University (ASU) was chartered before it became a state in the mid-1880s and now operates as one of the largest institutions of higher education in the nation, with a student enrollment that exceeds 100,000. ASU’s seventeen colleges/schools offer more than 300 programs across its multiple academic campuses and facilities.

What We Like: Arizona State University is often ranked among the most affordable and ‘bests value’ schools.

Program: Engineering Management BSE

Arizona State University

9. Iowa State University

Iowa State University’s College of Engineering offers a bachelor’s degree in engineering with four academic concentrations – heavy construction, building construction, mechanical construction, and electrical construction. Iowa State University’s affordable engineering management program allows students to add a minor in Engineering Sales or Entrepreneurship. Many students participate in internships and practicums before graduation to feel confident in their first professional job. Iowa State University’s College of Engineering is host to the largest yearly career fair.

Iowa State University of Science & Technology (ISU) was established as an agricultural college in the 1850s. Iowa State University is also a land grant school and the state’s flagship research university, with a student enrollment that nears 33,400 students each year vying for programs and degrees offered by the university’s eight colleges/schools.

What We Like: Iowa State University is recognized to be the country’s first land-grant designated higher learning institution.

Program: Add minor in Engineering Sales or Entrepreneurship

Iowa State University

10. Missouri University of Science & Technology

Missouri University of Science & Technology offers a BS in Engineering Management and Systems that is one of Missouri’s most affordable engineering management program options. Classes for Missouri S&T’s engineering management degree include economic analysis for engineering projects, practical concepts for technical managers, managing engineering and technology, introduction to system engineering, operation, and production management, and general management design and integration, to name a few.

Missouri S&T was established as a school of mines in the 1870s. Missouri University of Science & Technology now operates as a space-grant school and a member of Missouri’s university system. The school’s campus in Rolla serves more than 8,000 students each year.

What We Like: Missouri University of Science & Technology holds the distinction of being the first tech school situation to the west of the Mississippi River.

Program: Engineering Management and Systems

Missouri University of Science & Technology

How Do I Save Money on an Engineering Management Degree?

There are many reasons to consider earning an engineering management degree, but there are also many considerations to weigh. These degrees take time to complete, effort, and tuition costs, along with other school-related expenses. That is also why many students seek out affordable online engineering management programs.
In addition to potentially lower tuition costs, online course options result in fewer class-related expenses. This includes expenses such as travel, lunches, and even needs like scheduling and paying for childcare. These are just a few considerations and schooling options that can help make earning that degree more affordable.

Although there may be no such thing as a cheap online engineering management degree, these online courses and degree options do offer more affordable solutions. In many cases, working students are the people seeking more affordable degree programs and other options to advance their careers and increase their salaries. These students must balance life, family, bills, in addition to tuition fees and expenses related to their educational pursuits.

These are just a few reasons why options such as online degree programs and accelerated course plans are so helpful and valuable. There are still situations, however, where it may be smarter or simply not feasible at the time, to pursue a four-year degree program. The good news is there are still programs and certifications that can also help.

Will a Certification Help My Career?

There are several reasons why students and working professionals choose to earn engineering management certifications. The benefits of completing an engineering management certification or engineering project management certification program are professional, personal, and financial.

Engineering management certifications will have considerable benefits in helping advance and succeed in an engineering career. These engineering management certifications are a common step towards becoming an engineering manager or an engineering project manager. These valuable certifications can lead to promotions and career advancement opportunities while establishing credibility and expertise for engineering professionals.

An engineering management certification will also do more than benefit your career, it will offer personal satisfaction and rewards. From recognition to titles, and even company perks, many personal rewards come along with success as an engineer. These engineering certification courses offer personal satisfaction and practical rewards, and that isn’t all.

Engineering management certifications can also result in increased earnings, either as part of one of those aforementioned promotions and advancement packages or as compensation for holding an engineering management certification. An increase in earnings is one more potential benefit of earning an engineering management certificate.

How Much Can I Make with an Engineering Management Degree?

A business engineering certification program is an excellent alternative or complement to an engineering management degree, but it isn’t an engineering management degree. The differences between the options, opportunities, and income available for those with only an engineering certificate versus those with an engineering management degree are considerable.

Based on data from the U.S. Department of Labor the median wage for ” architectural and engineering managers was $149,530 in May 2020.” While an engineering certificate is definitely a good move for your career, and although it will help engineers to earn more, it isn’t in the same category as an engineering management degree salary.

The good news is that those working to become engineering managers or engineering project managers will find it important and helpful to earn a bachelor’s in engineering management in addition to completing an engineering certificate program. An engineering certificate can avail new opportunities but it doesn’t compare with the types of opportunities and salaries made available with an engineering management degree.

Here is a look at a few of the positions classified under engineering and that require at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Agricultural Engineers
  • Nuclear Engineers

All of these positions offer above-average pay along with the prestige and many benefits that come with being an engineering manager.

Other factors that will determine how much you will make with an engineering degree include the type of industry or field of work, regional and cost of living considerations, and other considerations. The good news is that those who earn an engineering management degree and have a career in engineering earn a good living, a good job, and good life.

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