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For students looking for a cheap analytics degree to begin their career in business analytics, there are several strategies that might work. Perhaps the cheapest analytics degrees include colleges and universities with online degree programs. Whether a student is evaluating online or on-campus programs to find a cheap analytics degree with valuable content, it’s important to ensure that the schools they research align with their career path.

The real question is do cheaper schools provide the same level of education as more expensive ones. Lower costs do not necessarily equate to worsening quality. It’s more important to look into what the school has to offer and whether it aligns with a student’s aspirations to become a business analyst.

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Methodology: Ranking the Most Affordable Business Analytics Degrees

The editors at Bachelor’s Degree Center have ranked the most affordable online business analytics degrees, focusing on accredited colleges and universities known for value. Programs are presented according to current IPEDS tuition data.

1. Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College offers a BS in Data Analytics that ranks among the most affordable business analytics degrees in the southern United States. Miami Dade College’s business analytics degree requires 120-semester units, with an estimated completion time of four years. The featured coursework for Miami Dade College’s business analytics degree includes bid data mining algorithms, database concepts, and SQL, machine learning models for data classification, and statistical data analysis. Students find rewarding work as intelligence analysts or database architects, to name a few.

Miami Dade College was founded in the late 1950s on the farm of a Dade County, high school. Miami Dade College now operates with eight campuses and more than 20 academic outreach centers throughout the southern portion of the Sunshine State.

What We Like: With more than 100,000 students, Miami Dade College is the largest college in the United States.

Degree: Data Analytics, BS

2. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) offers a BS in Applied Data and Information Science (ADIS) that is considered as one of Indianapolis’ most affordable business analytics degrees. This undergraduate degree from IUPUI offers two academic specialties in applied information science or applied data science. Featured core classes include information infrastructure, natural language processing, and applied cloud computing for data-intensive sciences.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis operates as the core Indiana University campus, offering Purdue programs and degrees. This space-grant university maintains several campuses in Indianapolis, Fall Creek, and White River. Nearly 30,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students attend classes on-campus and online each year.

What We Like: The Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus was founded in the late 1960s and is located in downtown Indianapolis, a short walk to Indiana’s state capitol.

Degree: Applied Data and Information Science, BS

3. Florida Polytechnic Unversity

Florida Polytechnic University (FPU) offers one of Florida’s most affordable business analytics degrees with its Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Analytics program. Florida Polytechnic University’s business analytics degree is offered with these academic tracks – health systems engineering, qualitative economic & econometrics, logistics and supply chain management, and intelligent mobility. Featured classes for Florida Polytechnic University s undergraduate degree include Six Sigma, database research, data and text mining, lean operations management, and benefit-cost analysis, plus a capstone and practicum, to name a few.

Florida Polytechnic University (Florida Poly) is a member of the state university system of Florida, founded in 2012. Originally, Florida Poly was an academic facility of the nearby University of Central Florida. Florida Polytechnic University’s campus covers more than 150 acres and serves more than 1,200 students each year.

What We Like: Florida Polytechnic University’s suburban campus is home to a media and cyber gaming lab, a robotics lab, and a 3-D printing lab.

Degree: Business Analytics, BS

4. Indiana University – Bloomington

Indiana University – Bloomington offers a BS in Business – Business Analytics specalization that ranks among Indiana’s most affordable business analytics degrees. Sample required classes include game theory for business strategy, CRM & Digital Analytics, and business data programming. Potential careers for graduates of Indiana University – Bloomington’s business analytics degree include a corporate information technology specialist, business data analysis, or data consultant, to name a few.

Indiana University – Bloomington operates as a space-grant, research higher learning institution that was founded in 1820. The Bloomington campus is the flagship and largest campus of the state, with more than 39,000 students each year.

What We Like: Indiana University – Bloomington is organized into sixteen colleges and schools offering art, media, music, business, law education, public affairs, medicine, optometry, and social work programs.

Degree: Business: Business Analytics, BS

5. Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University (BYU) offers a BS in Statistics that offers an academic concentration in Applied Statistics & Analytics that ranks among Utah’s most affordable business analytics degrees. Featured coursework for Brigham Young University’s undergraduate program in data analytics and statistics include analysis of variance, introduction to reliability, experimental design, survival analysis, computational linear algebra, applied SAS programming, and big data science 1 & 2, to name a few.

Brigham Young University was established in the mid-1870s and is affiliated with the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS). Brigham Young University requires its enrolled students to adhere to a strict code of honor but offers affordable tuition rates. BYU’s Provo campus covers more than 500 acres and serves more than 33,250 undergraduate and postgraduate students each academic year.

What We Like: Brigham Young University teaches more than 60 languages each school year.

Statistics: Applied Statistics & Analytics, BS

6. Iowa State University

Iowa State University offers a BS in Business Analytics ranked among Iowa’s most affordable business analytics degrees in the Midwest and beyond. Students enrolled in Iowa State University’s business analytics degree complete these featured classes – supply chain analytics, database management systems, decision tools for logistics, analytical methods in finance, and business data streams, to name a few.

Iowa State University was founded in the 1850s under the Morrill Act (the first in the nation) as a land grant institution of higher education dedicated to agriculture and farming. The small city campus of ISU covers more than 1,800 acres and serves approximately 33,150 postgraduate & undergraduate students each year.

What We Like: ISU’s eight colleges/schools offer more than 350 academic programs at the bachelor, master’s, and doctorate levels.

Degree: Business Analytics, BS

7. Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University offers a BS or BA in Economics with a Business Analytics Emphasis that is considered among Utah’s most affordable business analytics degrees. This 120-semester credit undergraduate degree includes these classes – advanced econometrics, data analytics, statistical inference, quantitative methods for business & economics, database design and management, and macroeconomics for business decisions, to name a few.

Established in the late 1890s as the first teacher’s training college in the southern portion of Utah, Southern Utah University now operates as a member school of the system of higher education in Utah. The Cedar City campus and online platform serve more than 11,050 students each year.

What We Like: Each year, the Summer Games in Utah are held on Southern Utah University’s college-town campus.

Degree: Economics – Business Analytics Emphasis, BS/BA

8. Rutgers University

Rutgers University offers one of New Jersey’s most affordable business analytics degrees with its undergraduate BAIT degree – Business Analytics and Information Technology. Students graduating from Rutgers University’s bachelor’s degree in business analytics find rewarding careers as consultants, business analysts, applied statisticians, risk analysts, and computer design specialists, to name a few. Required core classes for this Business Analytics and Information Technology degree program include business data management and time series modeling for business, among others.

Rutgers University is among the nation’s oldest schools, with a charter date in the mid-1760s. Founded as a royal chartered school, Rutgers now operates as New Jersey’’ flagship school with nearly 70,000 students attending classes online and on its multiple campuses.

What We Like: In addition, Rutgers operates as a land, space, and sea-grant institution of higher education.

Degree: Business Analytics and Information Technology

9. Ohio State University

Ohio State University offers a campus-based BS in Data Analytics with an academic Business Analytics specialization that is one of Ohio’s most affordable business analytics degrees. Coursework for Ohio State University’s undergraduate degree in business analytics includes data mining and statistical learning, probability and statistical inference, calculus and linear algebra, cloud computing & database design, optimization, and visualization, to name a few.

Ohio State University is a land-grant university that was founded as a mechanical and agricultural college in 1870. Ohio State University is the flagship campus of the state’s university system, with multiple campuses that serve more than 61,350 students. Ohio State University’s campuses cover more than 16,000 acres.

What We Like: The university’s football team has a value of $1.5 billion – the largest valuation of any collegiate athletic program across the country.

Degree: Data Analytics, BS – Business Analytics specialization

10. Bethel Unversity – Saint Paul

Bethel University offers an ACBSP-accredited BA in Business with a Business Analysis and Analytics academic emphasis that ranks among Minnesota’s most affordable business analytics degrees in Minnesota and beyond. Core coursework for Bethel University’s business analytics degree includes managerial finance, business information systems, business calculus, and business law, to name a few. Graduates of Bethel University’s undergraduate degree enter the workforce as business analysts, IT project managers, marketing strategists, and data analyst consultants, to name a few.

Bethel University was founded in the 1870s as a seminary. Bethel University now operates as a private, space-grant school with an evangelical Christian affiliation. The suburban campus and online platform serve more than 6,450 students each year.

What We Like: Bethel University’s campus covers about 300 acres along the eastern portion of Lake Valentine in Arden Hills.

Degree: Business Analysis and Analytics

How Do I Save Money on a Business Analytics Degree?

Why are online programs among the cheapest analytics degrees? If learners consider all the costs, not just tuition, they’ll realize that they save money by studying from home. Students don’t need gas money to commute to school and won’t lose the time that it takes to get back and forth when they can log into lectures from their sofa.

Additionally, some universities focus on online education and do not have the overhead experienced by traditional campuses with buildings and huge swaths of land. Studying online can save students thousands of dollars on books and supplies. Online classes rely on digital resources, which costs much less to source than printed media.

Students who study online can also save money on expenses associated with living on a college campus. This includes buying new furniture, moving in and moving out each year and, typically, higher room and board than remaining in their current home

On the other hand, students who choose to study on a physical campus may find that tuition rates have skyrocketed since the pandemic and related economic downturn. That also means less money for scholarships, grants and other financial assistance that can help students reduce the amount of their debt.

Obtaining business analytics certifications can help graduates deepen their knowledge in a specific subject area.

Will a Business Analytics Certification Help My Career?

Certifications in business analytics have been slow to emerge, but there are still a number of exams that job hopefuls can take to assist with their employment search. Business analysts help organizations and corporations find patterns, trends and errors that would otherwise remain hidden.

Choosing a certification in the area they want to specialize in can help business analytics graduates get the attention of prospective employers. Successful business analysts need the acumen to understand both the technical and business sides of data issues. Adding certifications can help graduates certify their knowledge in particular areas. Communication is equally important as people outside the IT department need clear explanations of data issues.

Top picks for certification in business analytics include:

  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)
  • IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)
  • IQBBA Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst (CFLBA)
  • IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
  • IIBA Agile Analysis Certification (AAC)
  • SimpliLearn Business Analyst Masters Program
  • IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE)
  • PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PBA)

However, there are many other certifications in business analytics that graduates can look into. Finding a certification in business analytics that ties into students’ areas of expertise can further increase their value to future employers.

Learn how much business analytics majors can earn in different job roles.

How Much Can I Make with a Business Analytics Degree?

Many students choose degrees in business analytics due to the higher rate of pay. With a business analytics degree salary, students may find themselves able to pay their school loans off sooner than less lucrative fields. Keep reading to learn more about specific business analytics job salary ranges.

According to the 2022 Robert Half Salary Guide, business analytics salary ranges are some of the highest salaries in business or technology sectors. For example, a big data engineer can make over $163,000 and an AI architect may command $144,000. Meanwhile, the business analytics degree salary for a data scientist can exceed $125,000 and data modelers can earn $102,000. As a database manager, students might expect to make $134,000 or more and some database administrators make over $100,000 per year on average. As business intelligence analysts, many students will bring home $110,000 or more.

A business analytics job salary is just one reason that many students will enjoy a career in this field. Whether working on predictive analytics or historical analytics, those earning a business analytics degree salary have the opportunity to revolutionize the way their organizations do business.

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