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One of the most valuable aspects of an online degree program is the potential to get an accelerated degree. A person may wonder what’s the difference between a standard biology degree and an accelerated biology degree. Fortunately, an accelerated biology degree has many benefits. For one, a person can earn a degree in less time with an accelerated biology degree. An accelerated bachelor’s degree in biology can also give a person the ability to go to move on to complete a master’s degree in biology sooner. Ultimately, this means a person can start earning money sooner.

An accelerated bachelor’s degree in biology can allow a person to work in the field sooner than if he or she completed a traditional bachelor’s degree. An accelerated bachelor’s degree in biology can mean that a person can earn more money sooner than if he or she decided to complete a standard bachelor’s degree.

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Methodology: Ranking the Best Accelerated Biology Degree Programs

For prospective students who want an accelerated program, speed is important, but it’s not everything. Bachelor’s Degree Center editors have developed the ranking of the best accelerated biology bachelor’s programs, using factors like tuition cost, student reviews, and salary potential, featuring only accredited, trustworthy institutions.

1. University of Florida

The University of Florida’s Microbiology degree is one of the best accelerated biology degree options for those who want to study life on the smallest level. Students can choose between a BA and a BS, depending on their goals. This online program comes from two of UF’s colleges: the College of Agricultural and Life Science, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The program provides an in-depth study of life and prepares students to go into allied health, research, or education. Whether students go on to an immediate career or grad school, they get the acceleration and flexibility that they need.

At the University of Florida, students receive an excellent education. This land grant institution offers the same academic excellence with its online programs as it does with its on-campus programs. The online programs in particular are designed to help adult learners and other non-traditional students who may otherwise face barriers to their education. UF is focused on making a difference in the world, and it does so with its innovative research and top-tier student support.

What We Like: The University of Florida was ranked one of the best online programs by US News and World Report for 2020.

Degree: BS/BA in MicroBiology

University of Florida’s Microbiology BS

2. Arizona State University

With its BS in Biological Sciences, Arizona State University is one of the best places to earn an accelerated bachelor’s degree in Biology. This program takes a broad approach, studying everything from molecules all the way up to major ecosystems. Students can tailor their studies according to their career goals and areas of interest. Either way, learners get a deep look at various life processes. This program has the math, science, and other courses that pre-med students need as well.

Arizona State University is best known for its innovation. It’s a great school for research, and it uses the most up to date technologies for learning and discovery. Its lab spaces, for example, are top notch, and students get a firsthand look at all of the new and exciting discoveries that ASU puts into the world. Of course, online students at ASU get a great education, too, with lots of access to helpful resources, talented faculty members, and learning technology. ASU is home to students who want to change the world by making use of a relevant education.

What We Like: ASU has been ranked #1 in the US for innovation by US News and World Report.

Degree: BS in Biological Sciences

BS in Biological Sciences – Arizona State University

3. Florida International University

Florida International University offers an accelerated Biology degree. This BA in Biology covers an entire range of biology topics. Additionally, it covers critical thinking and communication skills. In this program, students learn how to look for solutions to the problems that we face in the natural world. Students can choose from five different educational tracks, depending on their career goals.

Florida International University has a reputation for strong research and driving innovation. This school explores and seeks solutions to the most pressing problems of today, and it encourages students to use their newfound skills and studies to do the same. As a result, FIU is a great place to study STEM topics. It has a prominent online program, including lots of support for online students. Each online undergraduate student is paired with a success coach, so online students can find the path to success that works for them.

What We Like: FIU is a top 50 Public Research University.

Degree: BA in Biology

Florida International University BA in Biology

4. American Public University

American Public University offers a BS in Natural Sciences. For a lot of students, APU is a great place to earn an accelerated bachelor’s degree in Biology. Not only does this program cover biology, it also covers chemistry, physics, math, and more. People often choose this program when they want to study a range of science topics. APU takes a hands-on approach, even with online courses. Students even get to perform at-home laboratory experiments. In addition to teaching strong science skills, this program also teaches strong research and communication skills. Though it’s not a teacher program, it does cover all of the science topics necessary to become a secondary science teacher.

APU is all about breaking educational barriers so that everyone can get an education, not just the privileged few. It’s a highly affordable university, and not just in terms of tuition. APU also provides no-cost textbooks, no application fees for undergraduate students, and no cost for transfer evaluations. Speaking of transfer evaluations, APU has a generous transfer policy. Overall, it’s a high-quality school with affordable prices, which is why many adult learners have found their home here.

What We Like: 83% of APU students have a military background.

Degree: BS in Natural Sciences

American Public University BS in Natural Sciences

5. Bellevue University

The BS in Biological Sciences from Bellevue University is a top choice for pre-med and health science students who want an accelerated biology degree. This program explores how the natural world functions and grows. Students get to learn from Bellevue’s newly-designed science labs. This program also offers an educational component for those who want to teach secondary science education. On-campus classes are offered at a flexible schedule, with evening class options for adult learners.

Bellevue University is a private university that offers career-focused fields of study. It’s an open-access university known for being affordable, especially compared to other private schools. Courses come with plenty of flexibility for working adults, and the school has a lot of accelerated degree program options. Most importantly, Bellevue uses a learning approach that helps students fully master their subjects, not just get a surface-level education.

What We Like: Bellevue University has been ranked as one of the Top 20 Most Valuable Online Colleges in America.

Degree: BS in Biological Sciences

BS in Biological Sciences – Bellevue University

6. St. Petersburg College

St Petersburg College’s BS in Biology is a great accelerated biology degree option, especially for those who need flexibility. This program prepares students for any number of biology careers, including research, education, or medicine. It covers biology, chemistry, and other sciences, as well as math. It also includes possible sub plans, or concentrations, so that students can tailor their degrees to their own goals. Saint Petersburg’s Biology program prepares students for high-salary careers in an area that has a lot of relevant careers to offer.

Saint Petersburg College emphasizes flexibility in learning, with face-to-face, online, and blended programs. It puts its students first and maintains a complete focus on helping students achieve success. Thanks to the school’s career-focused programs, more than 90% of SPC students find jobs in their field of study after graduation. This school is highly affordable, too, with tuition that costs less than half that of state universities in the area.

What We Like: Among state community college graduates in Florida, SPC alumni are ranked #1 for the highest entry-level wages.

Degree: BS in Biology

St Petersburg College BS in Biology

7. Columbia College

Columbia College has options for both a BA and a BS in Biology. These accelerated biology degree options help students step into a high-demand field. In these programs, students gain the background they’ll need for either a career in the natural sciences or graduate school. Either way, biology students at Columbia build familiarity with the scientific method. They develop science skills as well as advanced communication and research skills.

Columbia College is more than 160 years old. It’s a small school with a personalized feel, even for students who learn online. It has a traditional campus, online options, and several locations throughout the US. Columbia is a non-sectarian college, but it is affiliated with the Disciples of Christ. This school takes an individualized approach to education, helping students meet their goals on their own terms and find what they need to succeed.

What We Like: US News. and World Report has named Columbia’s online programs among the best in the nation.

Degree: BS in Biology

Columbia College BA/BS in Biology

8. Western Governors University

Western Governors University offers a BS in Science Education for Secondary Biological Science. For those who want to become science teachers, WGU is a great choice for an accelerated biology degree. In fact, this program is designed especially for future teachers. Students learn important biology topics and prepare for teaching licensure. They learn science courses from the general to the advanced. Core teaching courses include Social and Emotion Learning as well as Diversity in the Classroom.

WGU is a fully online university with several locations across the United States. It’s both flexible and affordable because it’s focused on expanding access to quality education. WGU is committed to removing the barriers that many people face when it comes to getting the education that they deserve. It’s a career-focused school that helps students reach career goals, earn higher salaries, and achieve overall success.

What We Like: WGU has been recognized both for distance learning achievements and for having a high ROI.

Degree: BS in Science Education Secondary Biological Science

Western Governors University BS in Science Education

9. University of New Orleans

The BS in Biology from the University of New Orleans is a great accelerated biology degree. At this school, students don’t have to wait to make discoveries in science. They get to make them on campus as they earn their degrees. This program gets learners ready for a diverse range of careers, including research, education, healthcare, and more. The accelerated program even lets students start working on their master’s degrees as they earn their bachelor’s degrees, helping them save time on the educational process.

The University of New Orleans is an excellent, diverse school where students can get a high-quality education. It’s also highly affordable, with most students on some form of financial aid. UNO has a great ROI, too, since most students are employed within two years of graduation. UNO puts its students first. It provides resources to help them live up to the challenge of a great education.

What We Like: UNO students have some of the lowest amounts of debt among college students in the US.

Degree: BS in Biology

BS in Biology – University of New Orleans

10. University of Alaska – Fairbanks

At the University of Alaska Fairbanks, students can earn a respected accelerated biology degree. Students can choose from a BA or a BS, though only the BA is available online. It’s a small program in which students can work closely with their professors and gain hands-on experiences in biology. The program culminates in a customizable capstone research project that can help students gain a head start on their careers.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a school designed to help students make the most of their opportunities. The backdrop of Alaska makes a great place to study biology, since it’s home to lots of unique forms of life. UAF provides an exceptional education for students who want to make a positive impact on the world around them. This school fosters the drive to succeed.

What We Like: Times Higher Education ranked UAF #1 in the US for quality education.

Degree: BA in Biology

University of Alaska Fairbanks BA in Biology

What Can I Do with a Biology Degree?

A person may want to know what types of jobs for a biology degree are available after he or she earns an accelerated biology degree. Fortunately, jobs for a biology degree are plentiful. A person isn’t limited to any type of jobs for a biology degree. One option for jobs with a biology degree is a biologist, but a person is limited. A person can continue to earn a master’s or doctorate and become more versatile in the field of biology.

Another options for jobs with a biology degree is a biological technician. A person gets to work in the lab and run labs. A person could also choose jobs with a degree in biology as a health communication specialist. The reason why this classifies as one of the jobs with a degree in biology is that a person develops knowledge about physiology and anatomy and various types of health conditions.

When a person thinks about what can I do with a biology degree, a person should consider that he or she could work in pharmaceutical sales. The reason this classifies as what can I do with a biology degree is that a person understands how the pharmaceutical products work as well as the body parts the products affect.

The best jobs with a biology degree could also be in education. A person can teach biology with a bachelor’s degree.

Fortunately, a person has the ability to make a lucrative salary what can I do with a degree in biology, no matter which career a person chooses. Additionally, a person can have a fulfilling career if a person opts for one of the options for what can I do with a degree in biology.

Any one of these careers could be one of the best jobs for biology degree if a person wants to research about science. Any could be the best jobs for a biology degree if a person enjoys science. The best jobs with a biology degree could be any of them if a person wants to make a difference in the field of science.

What if I Already Have a Degree?

If a person already has a bachelor’s degree and doesn’t want to earn a master’s, he or she may want to consider a biology certificate. With a biology certificate, a person can choose to specialize in a particular area of science.

The certificate in biology can also mean a person can earn a higher salary than someone without a certificate in biology. Biology certificates can also give a person the upper hand when he or she is looking for a job in biology. In other words, an employer may be more impressed with a prospective employee if he or she has a biology certificate. It shows that the person has gone the extra mile to further his or her career and gain more knowledge about the field. These are traits that employers are looking for when they’re hiring.

With a certificate in biology online, a person may be opening the doors to new opportunities. Some positions may only be available when a person has a certificate in biology. That’s because the employer wants an employee to have that particular knowledge or skillset and by making it a requirement, a person can know that a certificate in biology online will give that employee the knowledge that he or she desires from a professional.

The certificate can also allow a person to specialize in a specific area of science. Therefore, he or she may be able to work in a field that interests him or her more while earning a higher wage. Certain areas of biology are also more in demand than others. Therefore, a person can earn that certificate and be able to work in that particular field. That means he or she will have more opportunities, and if he or she would need to switch positions for any reason, the certificate would make it so a person can have more opportunities since he or she will be able to work in various areas of science.

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